WildStar Wiki
Faction Type Mission Name Description Zone completion rewards
Dominion Cache CACHE: Commandeering Contraband Locate and appropriate Contraband from in and around Hycrest UI Item Bag 001.png [Auroria Construction Materials]
Cache CACHE: Fort Glory Reclamation Mark areas for recovering battle salvage
Cache CACHE: Gildgrass Manor Recovery Operation Find Settlement Authority supplies (build scaffolding to reach high areas)
Cache CACHE: Protostar Holdings Backlog Use a Lock-Bot on Settler Supply Capsules
Civil Service CIVIL SERVICE: Fort Glory Assist Dominion operations on two fronts in this area
Civil Service CIVIL SERVICE: Gildgrass Under Siege Protect the vital Gildgrass Province and surroundings from various threats
Civil Service CIVIL SERVICE: High Living Further Dominion goals by building amenities in Hycrest and its surroundings
Civil Service CIVIL SERVICE: Protostar Holdings Joint Venture Protect Dominion interests in the Protostar Holdings
Expansion EXPANSION: Fort Glory Fortification Strengthen the Dominion hold on Kel Voreth lands
Expansion EXPANSION: Gildgrass Province Improve the state of Gildgrass Province and its surroundings
Expansion EXPANSION: Hycrest Improve the state of Hycrest and its surroundings
Expansion EXPANSION: Protostar Auroria Holdings Improve the state of of the Protostar Auroria Holdings and their surroundings
Project PROJECT: Battlefront Farm Help Builder Tramos round up some Stray Rowsdowers to start up the farm
Project PROJECT: Hycrest Hospital Assist the construction of a field hospital in the Hycrest farms
Project PROJECT: Protostar Holdings Exchange Turn in Protostar Paperwork to the Project Builder to build an exchange
Project PROJECT: Windfall Dig Site Deliver Undamaged Eldan Parts to the Royal Collegium to build up the dig site
Public Safety PUBLIC SAFETY: Gildgrass High-Value Target Visit the Bounty Board, gather a coterie, and destroy De'Kar the Summoner
Public Safety PUBLIC SAFETY: Hycrest Creepy Crawler Visit the Bounty Board, then gather a coterie to take out that spider
Public Safety PUBLIC SAFETY: Protostar Holdings River Monster Visit the Bounty Board, gather a coterie and destroy Deathroll
Public Safety PUBLIC SAFETY: Vicious Vulcarrion near Fort Glory Visit the Outpost Dawn Bounty Board, gather a posse, and destroy Deathcaw