List of Deradune settler missions

Faction Type Mission Name Description Zone completion rewards
Dominion.png Settler Scout.png CACHE: Bloodfire Village Locate a Hidden Stash of settler resources UI Item Bag 001.png  [Deradune Construction Materials]
Settler Scout.png CACHE: Feralplain Recover or appropriate Settlement Authority supplies from the Feralplain area
Settler Scout.png CACHE: Leviathan Datachrons Recover Datachrons the Royal Collegium lost in a recent shipwreck
Settler DepotImprovements.png EXPANSION: Bloodfire Village Expand the holdings of Bloodfire Village by building improvements
Settler DepotImprovements.png EXPANSION: Endless Vigil Improve Endless Vigil and its surroundings in the south side of Deradune
Settler DepotImprovements.png EXPANSION: Feralplain Collective Improve Feralplain Collective by building improvements
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