List of Ellevar challenges

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Type Name Region Location Description
Ability Challenge Near Enough Counts Larallen Highlands Larallen Highlands Use the "Near Enough Rocket Finisher" against stealthed Shadowblade Spies
General Challenge Dig Site Security Bio-Mech Facility 498 Turn on the Dominion Security Lights inside the Bio-Mech Facility 498 in southern Ellevar
General Challenge Kickin' It Kick the ball through each waypoint
Combat Challenge Rootbrute Rumble Ellevar Sterling Forest and Sterling Reach Kill Creepers and Rootlings in Sterling Forest and Sterling Reach
Combat Challenge Shadowstalked Ellevar Darkspire Wilds Kill the Shadowstalkers in the Darkspire Wilds
Combat Challenge Ikthian-timidation Diluvian Depths Diluvian Depths Kill Ikthians in the Diluvian Depths
Combat Challenge Augmented Menaces Bio-Mech Complex AH47 Level One Recombination Complex Kill Augmented Creatures within Bio-Mech Facility AH47
Combat Challenge On the Prowl Ellevar The Burning Wood Slay Longsnout dagun
Item Challenge Necrobloomin' Fun Darkspire Wilds Darkspire Wilds Gather Darkspire Necroblooms
General Challenge Ravenok Racer Mistymurk Road Mistymurk Camp Defeat Goldy, Coco & Fluffy in the Ravenok Races
General Challenge Can You Dig It? Southern Ledges Find the location of the buried treasure on the Southtech Ledges
General Challenge Shock to Your Systems Bio-Mech Complex AH47 Level Two Recombination Complex Level 2 Disarm Eldan Security Mines without getting shocked
General Challenge Tunnel Vision Riverstone Caverns Collect Tunnelweb Shinies while under the effects of the Tunnelweb Hallucinogen
Ability Challenge Hear Ye, Hear Ye Lightreach Mission Use the Vigilant Bell on Lightreach Commoners around town
General Challenge Contents Under Pressure Ellevar Vigilant Heart Outpost Deliver the volatile concoction to Science Officer Wingo before it explodes
Combat Challenge Wrecking the Bio-Mech Ellevar Bio-Mech Facility 498 Destroy Bio-Mech constructs in the Bio-Mech Facility 498 in southern Ellevar
Combat Challenge Snoglug Squasher Ellevar Eastern Highlands Kill as many Marshpond Snoglugs as you can
Combat Challenge Drowning in Pell Ellevar Stormseeker Commune Kill as many Stormseeker Pell as you can in Ellevar's Stormseeker Commune
Combat Challenge A Quick Snog(lug) Ellevar Mistymurk Shore Kill Mistymurk Snoglugs
Item Challenge Shiny Snacks Larallen Highlands Collect eaten Glitterfur Trinkets from Highland Dagun or Marshpond Snoglugs
General Challenge Splashin' Dash Ellevar Stormseeker Commune Run from geyser to geyser as the erupt
General Challenge Lowland Lavender Eggs Southern Ellevar Larallen Lowlands Collect Lowland Lavender Eggs in the Larallen Lowlands in southern Ellevar
General Challenge Getting into the Flow Ellevar Vein of the Flow Jump through Flow Energy Crystals from the top of the Vein of the Flow in Ellevar
General Challenge Larallen Lake Currents Lake Larallen Swim through Larallen lake currents in Lake Larallen in the middle of Ellevar
General Challenge Webwood Cocktail Party Webwood Webwood Forest Use Molotov Cocktails to destroy webs and nests in Webwood
General Challenge What's on Tap? Lightreach Mission The Emperor's Crown Tavern Serve the patrons their drinks as quickly as possible