WildStar Wiki
Faction Type Mission Name Description Zone completion rewards
Dominion Cache CACHE: Bio-Dome Supply Recovery Recover scattered Settler Supply Caches UI Item Bag 001.png [Farside Construction Materials]
Cache CACHE: Protostar Salvage Operation Help Protostar recover lost materials
Civil Service CIVIL SERVICE: Bio-Domes 3 and 4 Build construction projects to help the Dominion control the bio-domes
Civil Service CIVIL SERVICE: Farside of the Moon Aid Dominion efforts dealing with the Ikthians, Exiles, and worse
Expansion EXPANSION: Farside Bio-Domes Improve the state of Farside's Dominion presence in the bio-domes
Expansion EXPANSION: Farside Surface Improve the state of Farside's surface by building improvements
Project PROJECT: Cello's Desert Oasis Help Cello and Bello gather water to create an oasis
Project PROJECT: Protostar Food Ship Telemetry Help a food ship land in the Fatalis Fields by collecting Farside Triangulation Parts
Public Safety PUBLIC SAFETY: Angry Aliens Visit a Bounty Board, gather a posse, and destroy Deathcalw and Grimstone beasts
Public Safety PUBLIC SAFETY: Bio-Dome Barbarians Visit the Bounty Boards in the Cascade Cliffs and Camp Flameward then destroy the menaces of Bio-Domes 3 and 4