List of Medic Assault abilities

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Icon Name Unlock Description
Discharge.png Discharge 1 Deal 9 technology damage to 5 foes and grant 1 stack of Power Charge every 0.41s.

Power Charge: Build 1 Actuator at 3 stacks.
Gamma Rays.png Gamma Rays 1 Deal 31 technology damage with 3 beams. Each beam can hit 2 foes, and foes can be hit by each beam.
Nullifyfield.png Nullifier 8 Create a field, lasting 6s, and apply an Affliction to foes inside the field every 1s.

Affliction: Deal 21 technology damage every 1s for 2s.
Fissure.png Fissure 4 Deal 48 technology damage every 0.25s for 0.5s and apply an Expose to 5 foes for 8s.

Expose: Increases Technology Damage Taken by 10%.
Quantum Cascade.png Quantum Cascade 12 Deal 47 technology damage to 5 foes every 0.5s.

Can cast other abilities while channeling.
Collider.png Collider 20 Deal 49 technology damage twice to 5 foes.
Annihilation.png Annihilation 16 (AMPs) Create 2 fields, lasting 3s, and apply an Affliction to foes inside the fields every 0.5s.

Affliction: Deal 33 technology damage every 0.5s for 1s.
Atomize.png Atomize 5 Deal 84 technology damage to 5 foes and build 1 Actuator.

Usable after landing a Multi-Hit.
Dematerialize.png Dematerialize 22 Deal 48 technology damage and purge 2 buffs from 5 foes.
Devastator Probes.png Devastator Probes 9 Attach probes to 5 foes that deal 33 technology damage every 2s for 12s.