WildStar Wiki
Icon Name Unlock Description
Kick.png Kick 3 Deal 6 physical damage and Knockdown 5 foes.

Knockdown: Prevents any action, except Dash, for 3s. Destroys 1 Interrupt Armor.
UI wr grenade.png Flash Bang 11 Deal 14 technology damage and Blind 5 foes.

Blind: Hinders vision and increaes chance to be Deflected by 20% for 3.75s. Destroys 1 Interrupt Armor.
Grapple.png Grapple 13 Deal 8 technology damage, Pull 2 foes and apply Root for 1.2s. Destroys 1 Interrupt Armor.

Root: Prevents movement.
Emergency Reserves.png Emergency Reserves 15 Restore 20 shield, increase Shield Mitigation by 100%, and gain 1 Interrupt Armor for 5.0s.

Additionally, while Emergency Reserves is active your Shield absorbs 100% damage.
Sentinel.png Sentinel 18 Grant Guard to your lowest health party member for 18s.

Guard: Increases Armor by 10% and deals 3 physical damage to attacking foes.
Power Link.png Power Link 18 (AMPs) Toggle: While active, you and nearby friendly players deal 8% increased damage and you gain Kinetic Drain.

Kinetic Drain: Drains 65 Kinetic Energy every 0.25s.
Defense Grid.png Defense Grid 21 Create a field that lasts 10.0s, granting a Defense to party members inside the field.

Defense: Reduces Damage Taken by 21%.
Unstoppable Force.png Unstoppable Force 24 Break free from all CC effects and grant a Freedom.

Freedom: Immune to CC effects for 3.2s.
Tether Bolt.png Tether Bolt 31 Deal 8 technology damage and Tether 1 foe.

Tether: Prevents moving more than 5m from the Tether unit for 7.0s.
Plasma Blast.png Plasma Blast 9 Deal 8 technology damage and Taunt 5 foes.

Taunt: Reduces damage dealt to all targets, except Taunter, by 25% for 5.0s. NPCs are forced to attack Taunter.