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Lost Science of the Eldan is a journal Zone Lore entry found in Ellevar.

Lore entry

Can the Vigilant Church explain the true mysteries of Eldan technology? Can platitudes and parables reveal the secrets of long-range matter transmission, planet-wide All. constructs, or the workings of genetically optimized omni-plasm? Of course not! This does not mean the Vigilant themselves have no place in our work, merely that theirs should not be the only voice guiding this research. Without science, faith is founded on ghosts and memories, nothing more.

Most egregiously, I cannot stand idly by while functioning Eldan artifacts we barely understand - technology which could provide unlimited power, talismans surging with infinite sources of primal energy, and records which could contain the secrets of creation itself - are seized by clerics so devoted to the gods that they dare not regard their divine gifts too closely lest their simple faith face any kind of complex test.

Who am I to question the sacred order of things? Someone practical enough not to want to die for my statements. Someone to value the shadows as I work to free the true scientific knowledge of the gods from the church that would claim to speak for them.

Dr. Anonymous


This journal can be found in Excavation Site Alpha next to Scientist Hrezz at (-2949.48 -2822.16).