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Lusk's Report: Vol. 1 is a Zone Lore entry found in the Northern Wilds.

Lore entry

Northern Wilds Expedition X-Minus 37 Minutes

Got time to jot down some notes while that big... Whatever-It-Is lumbers on past Hope I ain't gotta deal with one of them long-haired giants anytime soon.

So Brightland's got the survivors at the crash site under control, much as anyone can. Callin‘ his little crash site camp "Settler's Reach." Funny, true, and pretty damned sad. That may be as far as them settlers reached this time, but me and my team of science-types aim to see them on to Tremor Ridge, or Gallow, or wherever the hell they aim to go. So while Brightiand keeps his one good eye on the flock we aim to check out our surroundings, see whatwe can find out.

Saw some funny-lookin' tracks up near the ridgeline. Somethin' light-footed, on two legs, what ain't Yetis. And there's a lot of ‘em. Could swear I hear some kind of shoutin' going on up in the hills. Yappin' like heynar, but communicatin' like Aurin hunters on the stalk.

Gonna see if I can't geta closer look and send the others on ahead. Almost regretting leaving without a weapon, but it's more important to document my findin's and these here voice-to-text data tablels are heavier lhan I'd like. Speaking of which, I need to shed some baggage, so I'm stashing these initial notes here. I'll pick ‘em up on the way back. If you're readin' this, and you ain't me, leave it here, would you?


Found in Coldburrow Cavern at (4638.33 -5711.91).

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