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The dreaded malverine is an abomination of unknown origin that combines both animal and humanoid life forms. Resembling large, werewolf like, bipedal canines, they are feared and frequently misunderstood by newcomers to Nexus. Neither completely animal nor truly sentient, these cunning and deadly predators move in packs that display tactics and intelligence.


Many settlers claim the bite of a malverine can slowly turn one into a malverine as well. Others believe that hair from the back of a malerine can act as a potent aphrodisiac, or that carrying a malverine ear in one's pocket brings good fortune. Thus far, scientific testing has failed to prove any of these myths, but experiments continue.

Physical Description

The bestial bipeds called malverines are quite intelligent, but fall short of true sentience. They appear somewhat humanoid, but with long, almost simian arms and canine heads filled with sharp teeth. Their fur comes in a variety of hues, and they tower over all but the tallest sapient beings.