Huge ungulates native to Nexus, the mammodin are a widely distrubted species often serving as a prey animal for tribal cultures such as the Moodies and Skeech. They are not easy prey, however, as many hunters have painfully learned. Equipped with bone-armored snouts, powerful musculature, and an unstoppable charge, mammodin are far more capable of protecting themselves than the average herbivore. Some efforts has been made to tame the beasts, who would presumably be useful on the battlefield as living tanks and battering rams. So far, success has been limited.


Similarities between mammodin and extinct Cassian ungulates has led some xenobiologists to hypothesize that mammodin are related to the ancient Cassian aurox. It is unknown how those beasts might have traversed the stars to Nexus, but the Eldan are generally identified as the most likely means.

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