Manaweave Pants

Manaweave Pants
Pants 0002.png
Cloth Salvageables
Max Stack: 100
There is nothing special about these pants, but it can be salvaged for cloth.

Sell for: 76 UI CRB Coin Silver.png  81 UI CRB Coin Copper.png

Manaweave Pants is a salvageable item that yields cloth. Even though it is pants, it can not be equipped.


The following items have been found when salvaging:


Manaweave Pants can be obtained from...


  • Patch 7/01/2014 (1 Jul 2014): The salvageable apparel items (Canvas Gloves, Silk Shoes, Whimfiber Hat, Manaweave Pants, and Starloom Shirt) will no longer grant Power Cores or Thread items, and drop less Cloth. However, Tailors now have a chance to earn bonus Cloth as well as Herbs.

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