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Marauders are loose-knit groups of space-faring smugglers and pirates that have come to Nexus to plunder the planet of its treasure and other valuable resources. Three races make up most marauder crews: the tech-sawy Oghra, the thick-headed Grund, and the cunning Eeklu. Marauders generally adhere to what is known as the Marauders‘ Concord - a criminal code that guides their nefarious activities and helps establish what passes for honor among these thieves. Most of the marauder captains hide their ships among the asteroids of the Halon Ring, a convenient hiding place from which they can send raiding parties to loot and pillage on the planets surface.

Deadstar Marauders

The Deadstar Marauders are based on the homeship Deadstar, as their name implies. They're one of the most well-equipped marauder gangs in lhe Halon Ring, since theirs was among the first homeships to arrive on Nexus, and also one of the best-financed - they specialize in raids on mining communities, where valuable raw materials are often haphazardly guarded and local law enforcement is easily overwhelmed. Infamous Deadstars include Captain Thokov, an Oghra in command of the raider Skull's Eye, and his fearsome lieutenant a cruel and murderous Grund named Pragg.

Marauder Electro-Scanners

Data indicates the Maurauders' electro-scanners are especially sensistive to the scan frequencies employed by typical scientific scanbots. The static loop triggered by such a scan could conceivably build to such a level that causes a feedback wave stunning anyone in the immediate vicinity.