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Dominion.png The Mechari are a race of 9 foot tall robots, highly-efficient killing machines that make it their business to eliminate traitors and spies on Nexus. Originally engineered by the Eldan themselves, they have fallen into the hands of the Dominion. They are not known for their keen sense of humor.[1][2]


Long ago, the Eldan on planet Nexus found themselves in need of a servant race that could communicate with the other races of the galaxy, and watch for developments in culture and technology that might be of interest to them. With this in mind, the Eldan created a race of sentient mechanical beings known as the Mechari.

These Mechari were sent out to observe the various inhabited planets in the galaxy, studying their individual strengths and weaknesses, and reporting the information back to Nexus. The Mechari always kept the intentions of their masters ambiguously vague - and indeed, the Mechari themselves were not aware of the true scope of the Eldan's machinations. As the centuries passed, the legend of the Eldan grew, and wild conjecture became well-worn tales about their origins, their technology, and the location of their secret homeworld.

During this time, the Mechari were instrumental in helping the humans of planet Cassus establish the Dominion, and presided over the coronation of the first Luminai emperor. Through a series of brilliantly executed maneuvers, the Mechari helped the Dominion to quickly expand, assimilating races like the Draken of planet Mikros. They also established the Imperial Corps of Intelligence to protect the empire from spies and traitors, and took it upon themselves to oversee its operations.

The discovery of Nexus was a momentous occasion for the Mechari, and they hoped to finally be reunited with their creators. But the Eldan were no longer there, their fate one of the galaxy's darkest and most enduring mysteries. Despite this disappointment, the Mechari continue their eternal vigil over the empire, ensuring its continued dominance on planet Nexus.[3]


Exanite Core AKA Head Crystal

Mechari "head crystals" are made out of Exanite, a rare and powerful substance composed of all six primal energies. The unique properties of this material along with Eldan engineering give the Mechari their unique traits such as sentience and advanced intelligence.

The colour of the crystal is determined by the impurities of the crystal; pure Exanite--a perfect balance of all elements--is pure white, while even the slightest imbalance will drastically ruin the quality and change the colour. Orange, for example, would be a crystal that has a dominant ratio of primal fire.

Contrary to popular belief, these imbalances do not affect the Mechari's personality, as the amounts are too minute to have any effect.

The Exanite core can be as small as the slot on the back of their head, to more elaborate, grand designs. Where they get the crystals and why they spare such a large amount for aesthetics is unknown, though there may be practical reasons to it.

Metal coating

The Mechari's metal coating is made of a fascinating, as yet unnamed substance; it has much the same sheen as light and is as durable as metals like titanium, but can deform and stretch to allow the Mechari facial expressions.


Mechari have extremely exaggerated body proportions, measurements deemed efficient and aesthetically pleasing (to other organics) by the Eldan. They have very long, elegant limbs, with the arms oftentimes bisected with a space in the middle, and joints little more than thin connecting pipes.

Males have extremely broad, muscular chests, and usually stand up straight. Females have thin hour-glass figures with large "breasts," their assets highlighted by their posture of leaning slightly back, pushing the chest upwards and outwards. Both have absurdly thin waists.

Facial accessories

All Mechari have robotic mandibles or other attachments on the sides of their face. They often twitch and help with facial expressions. Any practical purpose they serve is unknown.


Mechari have hooves for feet, with the females having a rear spike that makes them look like they're wearing high-heels constantly. Armour models will wrap around their ankles but always expose the hoof; there are, however, some NPCs with their boots covering the entire foot.