Medbay Mayhem

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Medbay Mayhem
Location: The Gambler's Ruin
Part of: A Rude Awakening
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Quest Progression
Previous: Cryo Crisis
Next: Have a Drink on Me

Medbay Mayhem is an Exile quest. It is obtained The Gambler's Ruin by speaking with Victor Lazarin in the Medbay.


If Sadie Brightland is to be saved from her cryosickness, Victor Lazarin needs you to collect Cryosickness Serum from the Malfunctioning Medbots that have taken over the Medbay.


  • Talk to Sergeant Kara in the Medbay to receive your weapon
  • Equip the weapon you just received by clicking on your inventory icon in the top menu and right-clicking on your new weapon
  • Damage a Malfunctioning Medbot using your abilities in the Medbay
  • Collect Cryosickness Serum from Malfunctioning Medbots in the Medbay
  • Heal Sadie Brightland in the Medbay
  • Talk to Deadeye Brightland in the Medbay

More info

What's cryosickness?
Cryogenics are a delicate process. When a frozen subject is prematurely exposed to elevated temperatures, the results can be... liquefying.

Are you a doctor?
In short, yes. You might say that my actions have saved, and condemned, more souls than you shall ever know in your lamentably short lifetime.

What's that supposed to mean?
It is a story for another day. For now, Mrs. Brightland's life is suspended by a thread and you are her only hope.

Episode progression

  1. Cryo Crisis
  2. Medbay Mayhem
  3. Have a Drink on Me
  4. A Little Friendly Carousal