Mental Overflow

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Mental Overflow
When your Psi Points are full and you would gain another one, you gain a Mental Overflow instead.

Mental Overflow: For the next 8s, casting a Finisher will consume Mental Overflow and grant 1 Psi Point per stack. Stacks 2 times.
Power Cost: 4 Utility Rank 2

Mental Overflow is a rank 2 Utility Esper AMP.


  • Patch 10/21/2015 (21 Oct 2015): Fixed a bug where Mental Overflow would erroneously grant a stack.
  • WildStar: Reloaded (29 Sep 2015): If at 4 Psi Points with 2 Psi Charges from the T8 bonus of Psychic Frenzy or Telekinetic Strike the next cast of either should now properly generate a stack of Mental Overflow.
  • Invasion: Nexus (5 May 2015): Reworked to now grant 1 stack of Mental Overflow when gaining a Psi Point while at full Psi Points. When casting a Finisher the Mental Overflow stacks are consumed and the Esper gains Psi Points equal to the Mental Overflow stacks that were consumed. This buff can stack twice.

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