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Momma's Family is a journal Zone Lore entry found in Auroria.

Lore entry

[A brief history of the lowborn Kestus clan.]

It isn't easy being Momma Kestus. All my children, stars above! I declare, however do I keep track of them all? It's hard enough to keep track of the ones who are mine. I suppose that's why I went to set down the story of the Kestus family. How we came to be.

It was in the late years of the Ghost Emperor's reign that Martha Trivvers joined in holy matrimony with one Bartholomic Winslor Kestus, a lowborn Cassian with highborn ambitions and an inherited highborn last name. That's before they called me "Momma" of course. That came later. But not much later! Before we knew it, we had five youngsters in the home and a sixth on the way. By then, people didn't even remember Martha Trivvers. I was Momma now.

Then all those wonderful children started to grow up, right about the time Bartholomic Winslo Kestus decided to take a flight on his personal orbital shuttle in the middle of a meteor storm... without taking out meteor insurance. I tell you, what was I supposed to do but put all those wonderful children of mine to work?


This journal can be found on top of Momma Kestus' house at (-2508, -1683).