Mondo Zax

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Mondo Zax
Mondo Zax.png
Title <DRED>
Gender Male
Species Chua
Level Superior
Health 99.0m
Shield 85.0m
IAR 18
Group Size 40-man
Affiliation DRED, Royal Collegium
Occupation Inventor
Location Various
Status Alive

Mondo Zax is a Chua inventor and the director of DRED.


Mondo Zax is the most brilliant Chua inventor in the Royal Collegium. He has repeatedly refused to lead that organization, preferring to remain director of DRED - the Dominion Research and Experimentation Division that's responsible for advanced technology development. His most infamous creations are the Planet Reapers - giant machines that efficiently strip a planet of all useful biological matter for industrial uses (whether that biological matter agrees or not).

Director of DRED

Mondo Zax is in charge of the Dominion Research and Experimentation Division of the Royal Collegium, also known as DRED. He has refused several offers to sin on the director's board of the Collegium, preferring to rule over this own domain - creating weapons and other ingenious technology without the oversight of the more conservative heads of the Dominion's leading scientific society.

Zax's assistants

Mondo Zax is never short of assistants, most of whom are eager to volunteer to learn under the famed director of DRED. Very few have survived the experience of learning from "the Zax," but those who do often go on to their own prestigious research projects for the Dominion Research and Experimentation Division - usually after an extended stay in a Dominion medical facility.



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