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Mondo Zax
Mondo Zax.png
Title <DRED>
Gender Male
Species Chua
Level Superior
Health 99.0m
Shield 85.0m
IAR 18
Group Size 40-man
Affiliation DRED, Royal Collegium
Occupation Inventor
Location Various
Status Alive

Frequently hailed as the most inventive Chua born on Bezgelor in ten generations, Mondo Zax is also the director of DRED—the Dominion Research and Experimentation Division. The youngest of more than a dozen siblings, he is a textbook example of Chua competitiveness in early life leading to success in adulthood. It’s no coincidence that Mondo is the sole surviving member of the Zax family line.

As the last remaining member of his family, Mondo is the only Zax left. Other Chua, both out of respect and fear, refer to him as “the Zax” while Mondo typically refers to himself in the third person as "Mondo."[1]

Physical Description

Like other Chua, Mondo is a furry, bipedal rodent roughly two-thirds the height of the average human. He pierces his ears in the Chua tradition and wears the sigil of the Zax family (of whom he is the last) on his trusty tool belt. That belt frequently carries any number of strange weapons or devices depending on what he's currently working on. Unlike other members of his species, he dislikes the company of other Chua and is usually seen alone.


Hyperactive, hyper-intelligent, and just plain hyper, Zax is constantly concocting new plans, schemes, and devices. He rarely leaves his "lair" within the Gadgetopolis, employing agents and minions to bring him new discoveries or technology. When he does leave his base of operations, it's because of either a major discovery of Eldan technology or some other equally significant reason—such as the opportunity to "do science" in the field.

Mondo Zax is an amoral creature who lives only to invent. He sees the Eldan as the ultimate achievers of what he aspires to, and believes if he can understand what they left behind he can ultimately surpass them. He does not create or invent for power or wealth. He has those things already. He strives simply because he must—something in his brilliant brain compels him to constantly improve upon his prior successes.


Born the runt of the litter to the rather unimpressive Zax family, Mondo had to constantly battle his siblings for food and clothing. In addition, he was forced to defend himself against constant physical and mental abuse, though he somehow managed to survive his siblings’ worst attempts to be rid of him. When his brothers and sisters began to vanish under mysterious circumstances, his situation improved dramatically. Eventually he had the distinction of being the Zax family’s only surviving child.

With no one to compete with him for his father’s attention, Mondo hoped their relationship would improve. However, his father, a vacu-bot repairman with a passion for machines and mechanics, never saw eye to eye with his estranged runt of a child. A heated argument over engineering principles led to a serious schism between the two, and ended when Mondo’s father was vaporized during a routine bot calibration procedure.

With no legal guardians remaining, Mondo was sent to an orphanage. Once again he found himself in an overcrowded environment, surrounded by hostile strangers. Rumors about his family’s demise began to circulate among his peers, who bullied him mercilessly. Of these antagonists, Finkle Blurg was perhaps the worst. The thuggish alpha terrorized and injured Mondo at every opportunity, but his reign of terror was suddenly cut short when Mondo disintegrated Finkle using a home-made particle destabilizer.

Word of Mondo’s mechanical ingenuity attracted the attention of the Dominion. Within weeks of Finkle Blurg’s death, the empire had recruited Mondo and installed him aboard a DRED research vessel. A short time (and a handful of mysterious disappearances) later, Mondo assumed the position of DRED’s director. Since then, Mondo’s name has become synonymous with mechanical genius, and DRED has been responsible for developing the Dominion’s most advanced and destructive technology, such as the Planet Reapers that continue to ravage the Aurin home world of Arboria.

Mondo’s engineering enthusiasm has only grown since the discovery of Nexus. His headquarters in Illium, known as the Gadgetopolis, serves as a central depository for all DRED research on the planet. He is constantly astounded by the level of technical ability possessed by the Eldan, especially in regards to weapons and destructive systems. In time, he expects his inventions to single-handedly win the war against the Exiles and claim Nexus for the Dominion.[1]


Mondo Zax is the most brilliant Chua inventor in the Royal Collegium. He has repeatedly refused to lead that organization, preferring to remain director of DRED - the Dominion Research and Experimentation Division that's responsible for advanced technology development. His most infamous creations are the Planet Reapers - giant machines that efficiently strip a planet of all useful biological matter for industrial uses (whether that biological matter agrees or not).[1]

Director of DRED

Mondo Zax is in charge of the Dominion Research and Experimentation Division of the Royal Collegium, also known as DRED. He has refused several offers to sin on the director's board of the Collegium, preferring to rule over this own domain - creating weapons and other ingenious technology without the oversight of the more conservative heads of the Dominion's leading scientific society.

Zax's assistants

Mondo Zax is never short of assistants, most of whom are eager to volunteer to learn under the famed director of DRED. Very few have survived the experience of learning from "the Zax," but those who do often go on to their own prestigious research projects for the Dominion Research and Experimentation Division - usually after an extended stay in a Dominion medical facility.



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