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Moodies are a species of primitive sentients native to Nexus. Their culture is dedicated to the creation and wearing of large decorative masks which appear to represent iconic emotional states. Though not highly developed technologically, Moodies are deeply connected to primal life energy and their shamans are capable of simple but powerful necromancy. They are fiercely protective of their homes on Nexus, and can be quite dangerous to anyone who stumbles across their territory. Like the Skeech, Moodies have also been known to eat sentient outsiders such as humans.


Moodies have difficulty communicating with offworld species, though they can speak and understand a few basic words. Their own language consists of grunts, tweets, and other sounds that xenoanthropologists believe represent feelings and concepts more than specific words or phrases.


Moodie shamans are talented necromancers, gifted at restoring life to the dead. Though their aggressive behavior means no Moodies have shared the secrets of this practice, scientists believe they channel a form of primal life energy that permanently reactivates life functions in dead tissue. This is not without its side effects - usually related to memory and tissue loss - and violent madness is often the result. Some witnesses claim to have seen Moodie shamans even resurrect themselves upon death.

Moodie voodoo

The Moodies' ability to manipulate primal energy is powerful but extremely primitive and simple in nature. There is little variation on the various chants, dances, and totems used by Moodies to attack others or defend themselves. By interpreting and cataloging these factors, predictive defenses against Moodies should work much more effectively.


OBSERVATION: Scanbot would note as well that the Moodies, for all their power, appear to have little in the way of that unquantifiable "style" so many sentients appreciate. Moodie style seems to be reserved primarily for their gruesome cookpots.

Physical description

The Moodies have gangly legs and stick-like arms that hang down to the ground, terminating in claw-like hands. They typically wear brightly colored knee pads and arm bands and have small, rotund bodies. Their bodies are feathered and partially covered by their distinctive masks - oversized elaborate ritual masks that reflect their personality, character, and emotional states. A Moodie has never been seen without its mask, even in death.