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Mordechai Redmoon
Mordechai Redmoon
Level 35 Prime
Health 354,700
Location Skullcano

Mordechai Redmoon is the fourth and final encounter in the dungeon Skullcano.


Mordechai Redmoon is an objective of the event quest No Merrier Place than Hell.


  • Big Bang -
  • Terraformer Overload -
  • Turret Grenade -
  • Vicious Barrage -



Starting combat

  • Mordechai Redmoon: Lady Laveka! Yer foes have arrived - and a scurvy lot they be, no mistake.
  • Mordechai Redmoon: Take the Mask o' Mog-Mog to me flagship, m'lady. I'll make short work o' these lubbers.
  • Mordechai Redmoon: With a terraformer under me control, no power on Nexus can stop me!
  • Laveka the Dark-Hearted: Don't underestimate them, Redmoon! Of course with the Mask of Mog-Mog in my hands, this battle's outcome hardly matters.
  • Laveka the Dark-Hearted: Kill them, Mordechai. Their golden corpses will be fine additions to your collection.
  • Mordechai Redmoon: Ha! Ye barnacles ain't even worth me time.
  • Mordechai Redmoon: Let's see how much ye like me Terraformer!

Terraformer Overload

  • Mordechai Redmoon: Blasted machinery! I can't bloody see!
  • Mordechai Redmoon: Where'd ya go? I won't be blinded forever, y'scurvy lubbers!
  • Mordechai Redmoon: Think y'can hide? I may be blinded, but I can smell lubbers on the wind!
  • Mordechai Redmoon: Gyarr! What the - an overload?!
  • Mordechai Redmoon: The bloody terraformer overloaded? Hell and damnation, I'm blinded!

Big Bang

  • Mordechai Redmoon: Stand still, and I'll be makin' yer death a quick one!


  • Mordechai Redmoon: Yer quick! But are y'really quicker'n me, lubber?
  • Mordechai Redmoon: Don't know how ye got away from that, but ye'll ne'er get away from ME!
  • Mordechai Redmoon: Think yer smarter'n Mordechai Redmoon? Then find a way outta THIS!
  • Mordechai Redmoon: Bah! Ye want t'kill a lubber right, y'gotta do it yerself!
  • Mordechai Redmoon: Facin' me was the last mistake ye'll make, lubber!



Normal mode

Veteran mode