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A mount allows players to travel quicker than walking but slower than a Taxi or recall. Mounts can be provisional, ground, or hoverboard mounts. A player can purchase a ground mount at level 15 and a hoverboard at 25, though some reward mounts can be used at level 1. Mounts can be used by clicking on the mount icon in the lower left corner of the screen above the menu or by pressing the "Z" key. Clicking on the dropdown next to the icon brings up a list of all unlocked mounts to choose from.

Mount customization[]

Mounts can be customized with flair that can be attached to the front, rear and sides. Flair is specifically designed for either ground mounts or hoverboards. To customize a mount, open the Collectibles window and select the desired mount from the left, then select the desired flair options from the right. Unlocked side flair can be applied to either or both sides. Some mounts, like Hoverboard [Hoverboard (Flux)] cannot be customized.

Provisional mounts[]

A provisional mount lasts for two hours and is usable at any level. To use, right-click the license in the inventory. Then, click the mount icon in the lower left corner of the screen or press ("Z") to ride it. Additional provisionary licenses can be purchased from vendors.

Ground mounts[]



Hoverboard mounts[]

Data: "Hey McFly you bojo! Those boards don't work on water!" Whitey: "Unless you got POWAH! Hahahah..."

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Hoverboards are a type of mount that are able to travel over water.



Mount vendors[]

Riding skill upgrades[]

Increase riding speed can be purchased from mount vendors in each faction's capital city.