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Non-Combat Abilities is a user interface window where players can access non-combat abilities. This window is divided up into three sections: Commands, Mounts, and Miscellaneous. These abilities can be dragged to the secondary action bars for quicker access.


This section contains commands.

Movement Action Path
  • Follow
  • Sprint
  • Toggle Walk
  • Dash Forward
  • Dash Backward
  • Dash Left
  • Dash Right
  • Cast Gadget Ability
  • Start Auto Attack
  • Cast Innate Ability
  • Activate Target
  • Dismount
  • Vacuum Loot
  • Interact
  • Scientist Scan
  • Start Scanbot


Mounts unlocked by the character can be found in this section.


Abilities like the Riding Skill can be found in this section.