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Ground Mounts
Item Level: 3
Required Level: 1
Bind on pickup
Use: Unlock Orbitron: Adds the Orbitron to your mount list.
You must be level 15 to purchase a ground mount.

Buy for: 10 UI CRB Coin Gold.png
Sell for: 3 UI CRB Coin Silver.png 14 UI CRB Coin Copper.png

Orbitron is a ground mount.


Orbitrons are purchased from Velocitus in Illium for 10 UI CRB Coin Gold.png.



The orbitron is a shining example of Chua ingenuity, and ranks as the most common type of vehicle to be seen on the streets and highways of Bezgelor[1]. Consisting of a central saddle connected to a power module, handlebars, and pair of shield generators, the vehicle provides excellent visibility for the driver in addition to unfettered off-road capability. Though the most common orbitron on Nexus is a single-seat unit designed for exploration, versions capable of carrying additional passengers are common on Bezgelor.

Orbitrons of the past lacked the energy shields of current models and instead employed durable “cages” crafted from metal or clear alloy to provide the vehicle’s basic shape. Such orbitrons had a tendency to explode, and were slower than modern examples due to their weight. The fact that these “classic” orbitrons can still be found rolling their passengers from place to place is a testament to the strength of the design.

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