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The Osun are a race of giant, barbaric, warlike humanoids found throughout Nexus. Believed to have been created by the Eldan for reasons since lost to history, the Osun remember almost nothing of their past, but appear to despise other races and believe Nexus is theirs and theirs alone. Osun view any encroachment on their territory as an act of aggression, and are often in conflict with the various factions that have come to Nexus. They care very little for things that do not involve combat, and are generally hostile to anyone outside of the tribe, including other Osun. They are a menace to Exile and Dominion settlers alike.

Physical description

The Osun are large, powerfully built, with well-defined musculature. Males are significantly taller than females, though both tower over other tall races like the Granok or the Mechari. Both sexes have small ears, thick jaws, and braid-like appendages that grow from the tops of their heads. They are usually heavily armored, brandishing various weapons of war.

Blinded, The

The Blinded are female Osun who submit themselves to the torturous process of having their eyes seared closed by the village forger. This is a symbolic gesture that ensures that these witches can "better see in the realms of the Great Dark, and guide their warriors away from it."

There are usually a number of Blinded in every village, including a darkwitch (see below) who serves and an advisor to the warlord.


Warlords are the leaders of Osun tribes, and are almost always the most powerful, battle-tested warriors within the community. Warlords are chosen through rites of battle and cannot refuse any challenge to their leadership. Osun feel only a coward would refuse a challenge, and want no part of a leader who shows that kind of fear.


Every Osun warlord is served by an elder female knows as a darkwitch, who will read omens and signs and advise him how to lead the tribe - including suggestions on when to go to war. Each Osun village only has one darkwitch. Darkwitches also possess the ability to brew elixirs and potions with abilities to affect the mind and body, including the dreaded Soulrot Elixir which irrevocably turns its victim into a mindless slave for the Osun. The secrets of this dark art are jealously guarded by the darkwitches, passed down as their sacred lore.

Soulrot Elixir

In their quest to dominate all of Nexus, the Osun attempt to enslave all other sentient species they encounter. To this end, darkwitches brew a terrible potion called the Soulrot Elixir which erodes the mind and spirit of its victim. Those who drink the Soulrot Elixir turn into savage, mindless brutes bound to the will of the Osun. Osun forgers then craft oppressive helms for the slaves to wear, so that all may recognize the thralls of the Osun.

The effects of the Soulrot Elixir cannot be reversed. Those afflicted by it are turned into thralls completely subservient to the Osun, or worse, degenerate into rabid savages who attack on sight anyone or anything that crosses their paths.