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Patch 01/20/2015
Release Date (US) 20 January 2015
API Version 9
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Patch 01/13/2015 Patch 02/03/2015

Datascape Raid - Avatus

  • Danger Room
    • Fixed a number of rare edge case issues with players being transported in and out of the Danger Room™.
    • Spinning Trip Lasers in the Danger Room are now jumpable.
    • Fixed an issue with Reality Dissolution and player position updates.
  • Phase Punch
    • Phase Punch cast time increased to 3.3 seconds, up from 1.8 seconds. In addition, the telegraph no longer grows in, but instead has an appropriate cast time wave.
    • Phase Punch now has a visible debuff during the cast.
    • Fixed an issue that was allowing tanks to be eligible targets for Phase Punch when they should not be.
  • Unstoppable Force Simulation
    • The Unstoppable Force Simulation should be much less likely to stop pathing, and should always resume pathing when in combat.
    • Supply Probes now drop Tower Parts at their location, this should alleviate some issues with players being unable to pick up Tower Parts.
  • Holo Hands health reduced by ~9% (6m -> 5.5m).
  • Holo Cannons health reduced by ~7.5% (2m -> 1.85m).
  • Holo Hands and Fragmented Data Chunks now have a brief grace period before they begin auto-attacking.