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"Power of the Primal Matrix"
Patch 03/08/2017
Power of the Primal Matrix
Release Date (US) 08 Mar 2017
API Version 15
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Patch 12/07/2016 Patch 03/22/2017

New Feature: Primal Matrix

  • This updates' namesake, the Primal Matrix system allows level 50 players the ability to continue progressing their characters by collecting Essences, and unlocking more character power and even new class abilities.

New Feature: Prime Difficulty

  • In addition to progressing your character past level 50 with the Primal Matrix, you can also continue to challenge your ever-growing power by scaling content difficulty up with the new Prime difficulty options. Increase the challenge—and your rewards—by challenging yourself in a new Prime difficulty.

New Dungeon: Coldblood Citadel

  • Harizog Coldblood is dead, but you can't keep this bloodthirsty Osun warlord down for long. It's up to you to ensure that Harizog's resurrection is violently interrupted, and save Nexus from the meanest warlord north of the equator.
  • Head into Coldblood Citadel and be the space-champion we always knew you could be.

New Expedition: Evil from the Ether

  • A Mordesh cruiser—the Zarkhov's Shade—is drifting towards Nexus following the vessel's mysterious disappearance from Grismaran space. Now the Shade has been found by an ambitious Ekose captain named Biron Weir and it must be investigated. What mysteries are hidden within the hull of the enigmatic vessel?
  • One thing is probably certain, there's evil inside, and it's probably from the ether.

Scaling Content

  • We have made changes to the way players interact with creatures that scale their difficulty based on the number of attackers. Previously, we would scale player damage as it is applied to the creature, which caused players to see varied damage results from client to client. We have changed it so that when new players are added or subtracted from the fight, the creature max health is adjusted to compensate while the percentage of health missing remains the same. The end result is the health increases or decreases to compensate for changes to the attacker count, while the percentage of health missing remains consistent. This will fix the issue of players seeing different damage results across multiple clients.



  • Analyze Weakness
    • Analyze Weakness has been redesigned as a personal DPS cooldown that is usable from Stealth (now requires Stealth to be cast).
    • Now increases all damage the Stalker deals against up to 3 targets by 20% for 8 seconds (+0.5s per tier).
    • Killing a target affected by Analyze Weakness resets its cooldown.
    • Tier 4 Bonus: When you reset the cooldown of Analyze Weakness by killing a target, you are healed for 30% of your max health over 4 seconds.
    • Tier 8 Bonus: Casting Analyze Weakness regenerates 2 Suit Power per second for 12 seconds.
    • Cooldown is now 60 seconds.
  • Concussive Kicks
    • We've effectively swapped the Tier 4 and 8 Bonuses on Concussive Kicks and cleaned up the implementation of the skill to use the Ability Charge system.
    • Tier 4 Bonus: Reduces the active cooldowns of Assault Abilities (other than Concussive Kicks) by 2 seconds.
    • Tier 8 Bonus: Charge count increased to 2—recharges 2 charges every 8 seconds.
    • Cost removed from all ranks.
  • Decimate
    • Decimate has received some design adjustments to improve its consistency and reliability and address how required Tier 8 Decimate feels. We've reduced the potency of the tiers (both Major and Minor) while bringing up the power of the base ability to compensate.
    • No longer requires a deflect.
    • Cooldown will reset on deflecting an attack—this can occur once every 3 seconds.
    • Defense damage reduction base increased to 10% (up from 8%) and tier scaling reduced to 0.25% (down from 1%)
    • Tier 8 Bonus Support Power buff reduced to 10% (down from 20%).
    • Cooldown increased to 8 seconds (up from 5 seconds)
    • Tier 4 Bonus Suit Power gain reduced to 15 (down from 20)
  • Frenzy
    • Cost reduced to 10 per tick (down from 12 per tick).
    • Stealth bonus absorption shield no longer scales with Tiers.
  • Impale
    • Clarified the ability description tooltip and tier scaling tooltip to say that damage is increased by 10% when attacking from behind—this is not a functional change to the damage of Impale.
    • No longer requires being behind the target to trigger the Punish charge refund.
    • Now reduces the cooldown of Punish by 1.5 to 2.5 seconds (was 35% chance to refund 1 charge of Punish).
    • Now reduces the cooldown of Punish by 1.5 to 2.5 seconds.
  • Neutralize
    • Each cast of Neutralize now reduces the cooldown of Punish by 2 seconds.
  • Punish
    • Damage from Assault Power gained per tier is 7.23% (up from 6.95%).
    • 2 charges with a 15s recharge time.
    • No longer requires a critical hit to be usable.
    • No longer ignores global cooldowns and triggers a 0.75s global cooldown.
    • Damage from Assault Power is 70.2% (up from 54.55%).
    • Damage gained per player level is 30.57 (up from 23.74).



  • The deprecated achievement, "Geist Muster," will no longer appear in the Achievements list.
  • The "Triple-Scoop Special" achievement now includes a description of how to unlock it.


  • The bounds of the Arcterra map have been slightly adjusted to include the location of Coldblood Citadel.
  • Mounts are no longer allowed to be used within the Tower-Engineer's Grotto.

Crimson Badlands

  • Moved the Crimson Bonecrusher into his cave—he didn't enjoy the nearby water very much.



  • High Sentinel Varonia Cazalon now gives her sermon three times daily and will allow the player to complete the achievement "Courtesy for Cazalon."


  • The quest "Chosen of the Eldan" should not be offered again once you've completed it.


  • You can now queue for Random Normal Dungeons.
  • The Dungeon Medal system has been revised. The per-second time bonus has been removed, objective medal points have been adjusted, and the points for not dying have been removed and redistributed (though there remains an achievement for not dying). A certain number of base population kills are now calculated into the medal points and displayed as a bar objective. Additionally, in Prime dungeons, groups lose 100 medal points with each player death. Gold medals are set to allow no more than approximately two deaths.
  • Base population fights will no longer cause the instance to become busy.

Ultimate Protogames

  • Hut Hut now appropriately provides a chance to receive Eldan Gauntlets.


Redmoon Terror

  • Class armor sets have had their base item levels adjusted to better coincide with the scaling drops within the raid. Imbuements have been adjusted accordingly and will now serve to bring these items up to the maximum item level.
  • Loot will now drop upon completion of certain boss challenges (excludes Immortal challenges).
  • Cursed Coins have had their drop rates increased and are now available for purchase from the Triploon Vendor.



  • Fixed the "Takin' a Breather" buff to properly go away after a Settler's Campfire has despawned.




Rune Sets

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Assassin rune set to reduce the cooldown of Maelstrom.
  • 4 Power Bonus now causes Cripple and Shred to reduce the cooldown of Punish, Analyze Weakness, and Clone by 2 seconds (up from 1 second).
  • Changed tooltip of 8 Power Bonus to more accurately indicate the spells that trigger it.


  • Superb, Pure, and Divine set foci are now available for direct purchase on the Glory vendor.


  • The "Risen Basher Rune: Vigor" crafting schematic now appropriately requires signs of Logic.


  • Fixed a possible client crash when crafting an item with a color shift.
  • Fixed an issue where some clients running DX9 would only get black textures from color shifting.



  • All raid zones can now drop Prime, Eldan Prime, and Ancient Eldan Prime items.
  • Fixed an issue causing existing items from Genetic Archives and Datascape to lose Rune slots.


Eldan Gauntlets

  • If players had the old, non-cross-faction version of the Weathered Eldan Gauntlets in their inventory, they should now be able to pursue the Eldan Gauntlets questline.
  • Increased the drop rate of Eldan Gauntlets.

User Interface

  • Tooltip for Signature bonus towards challenge points now displays correctly.



  • The tooltip for the current character level will now indicate actual level when the character is rallied or mentoring.

Chat Log

  • Currency gains in the Chat Log will now include the amount gained from the Signature bonus.


  • Added play session Signature bonus information to Exit window.

Group Frames

  • The group member tooltips have been updated to indicate the member's actual level when rallied or mentoring.


  • Added a window for notifications when Party members loot a high-quality item.


  • Added Random Expedition and Random Dungeon queue options.


  • Disabled the QuestLog details button if there are no quest log details.

Apollo API


  • Fixed interrupted Combat Log messages from processing strings incorrectly.

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a rare disconnect issue that could occur when transferring to a new instance.
  • Fixed an issue where grass would not show up in chunks.
  • Fixed an issue where the client would crash when closing with multiple sets of Communicator VO queued to play.
  • Fixed a visual issue where certain AoE spells would sometimes not play missile visuals on the target that was hit, but instead at the AoE radius distance.
  • Fixed an issue where the graphics card is reset while setting up for a frame to render, causing a client crash.