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"Destination Arcterra"
Patch 03/30/2016
Release Date (US) 30 March 2016
API Version 11
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Patch 03/16/2016 Patch 04/13/2016

Destination Arcterra is the seventh drop for WildStar. This update features a new zone.

Vault of the Archon

  • The Vault of the Archon is the ultimate goal of the Caretaker's expedition into the frozen wasteland of Arcterra. Adventurers will need to work with the forward exploration teams to help uncover its location, and the Vault's secrets will be revealed in a future update.

Daily Login Bonus

  • Additional login rewards have been added.
  • Several Daily Login Rewards have had their rarity adjusted from blue to purple.


  • Fixed an issue with character death animation end poses not matching.
  • Changed Slippery Ground toy to be PVE restricted.
  • Fixed a gap between the terrain and an osun structure in Whitevale.
  • Stealthed units no longer draw stealth effects when the camera is zoomed in to first person camera view.
  • Adjusted the base value of non-core stats on gear and adjusted the rate it increases per level. This will increase player power in the early game, but make sure player power post level 49 remains the same.
  • Fixed a display issue that would cause weekly elder points to be shown after the weekly reset until the next time elder points are earned; now weekly elder points will correctly display as 0 after the weekly reset.
  • Fixed a display issue which could cause an incorrect amount of rested experience to be displayed upon login.
  • The Options button has been restyled to look more like a bag to reflect it's settings.



  • Fixed a bug that would cause some equipment when used as a costume to not properly show up on the character selection screen.


  • Reduced clipping on Pentoculus Helm.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Breaker's Assailing Faceplate to not show up properly in the Costumes Window.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing parts of helms to turn off on certain Chua Faces.
  • Fixed a bug on the Osun Slave armor that cause the elbows of Aurin Females to disappear.
  • Mercurial Breastplate of Brutality no longer has a hole in the neck on the Humans, Chua, or Granoks.


  • Fixed the boosters on bottom of Ringer Hoverboard.
  • Adjusted several mount flairs to reduce clipping and standardize placement. Fixed an issue with Eldan mount flair not displaying Glass properly.

Holo Wardrobe

  • The Fringer's Oxian-Sticker no longer has selectable dye channels.



  • Improved NPC movement & combat on platforms.
  • Fixed issue with certain NPC's losing hate towards their most hated target during holdout situations.
  • Cleanse abilities now prioritize allies under the effects of a dispellable debuff.
  • Changed the tooltip for the spell Bloodthirsty Rampage to better reflect what the spell does
  • The Primal Deflection Matrix damage reflect no longer affects enemy players in PvP combat.
  • Glance will no longer include deflects in the glance roll. Units will glance more on regular hits/crits.
  • Players can no longer bypass the replacement action bar set by right clicking.
  • Reflect will no longer be mitigated by the mitigation stats of the unit which reflected



  • Unstable Anomaly
    • The Visual effects on impact will no longer linger on the target.
  • Unsteady Miasma
    • Reduced Volatility cost to 25, down from 30. Reduced damage to 2.2*lvl + 6.92% SP + 0.52% SP*tier, down from 2.42*lvl + 7.6% SP + 0.53% SP*tier.



  • Mending Banner
    • Now heals the lowest health ally (or self) within 35m.
  • Mind Over Body
    • Cast time reduced to 1.25s
    • GCD reduced to 1s, from 1.25s.
  • Mirage
    • T4: Now heals 4 additional allies within 15m when triggered.
    • Base: Instant cast. GCD reduced to 0.75s, from 1.25s.
  • Telekinetic Storm
    • Tooltip now properly reflects the target count and telegraph radius.
  • Telekinetic Strike
    • GCD reduced to 1s, from 1.25s.
  • Warden
    • The Warden is now conjured at mouse location. The initial heal now applies to the lowest health ally within 12m of the Warden.



  • Rejuvenator
    • Adjusted the ability so that Rejuvenator can only be triggered by party members.
    • Rejuvenator will no longer show the incorrect duration for the HoT applied by the aura.
  • Restrictor
    • T4: Added a 0.5s cooldown to prevent unintentional spamming of both charges.
  • Triage
    • Fixed a bug that caused Tier 5 to incur a cooldown.


  • Chemical Burn
    • Multiple players can now apply simultaneous stacks.



  • Arcane Missiles
    • Telegraph wave now draws inward, as per channeled spells.
  • Purify
    • T4: Root and Snare removal now occurs before the 2 debuff cleanse.
  • Rapid Fire
    • Base: Ability is now mobile and deals damage in a 5m radius around the target.
    • T4: Landing a Critical Hit grants an Empower: Increases Damage Dealt by 6% for 6s.
    • T8: Can cast Rapid Fire an additional time. This attack has a 100% chance to Critically Hit.
    • Surged: Ability no longer triggers a cooldown.
  • Trigger Fingers
    • Rapid Fire now triggers Trigger Fingers.
  • Wild Barrage
    • Telegraph wave now draws inward, as per channeled spells.



  • Clone
    • Improved interaction between Clone and Stealth in combat.


  • Regeneration
    • Now properly displays buff icon in the buff window.



  • Expulsion
    • Fixed a grammatical error in the tooltip.
  • Jolt
    • Fixed an issue where Jolt would generate inconsistent and unexpected amounts of Kinetic Energy
    • T4: Reduced threat buff to 20% for 3s, down from 25% for 6s.
  • Menacing Strike
    • Reduced damage to 4.27*lvl + 13.46% SP + 3.16% SP*tier, down from 4.9*lvl + 15.47% SP + 3.16% SP*tier.


Alpha Sanctum

  • The Alpha Sanctum quests are now a part of the Secrets of Nexus episode.


  • Crazy Gideon is back and crazier than ever! He now sells a Cup of Tea (décor item)! He's Crazy! Players may find him at the Nursery Trading Post in Blighthaven.


  • The Magnificent Casque being awarded through the PvP track will now appropriately indicate the quality of attainable gear.


  • The Settler Taxi node in Feralplain Collective, Deradune now displays an appropriate recommended level range.
  • The terminites now display their quest symbols correctly for the quest Venom Sacs in Deradune.
  • Fixed some spelling errors in the objective text for the quest Venom Sacs in Dereaune


  • Updated the Content Finder entry for The Dustrunner's Deal episode so that the hub name is accurate and the first quest is offered as players approach the hub location.
  • Cerebral Enhancement datacube in Farside is now visible to Exile players.


  • Corrected location link used during the quest 'We Built This Sentry.'


  • The "Hit 'Em Where They Live" quest will no longer offer duplicate rewards for Medics and Stalkers.
  • Added location links to the quest 'Electro-Games' for Hellrose Bowl.

Public Event

  • Public events that have priority will be shown on top of the public event tracker.
  • Public event objectives will now be sorted based on display order.


  • The quest 'Guarding the Front' has updated locations.
  • Fixed contextual issue in 'Four Deadly Sins' quest descriptions.
  • Clarified the objectives and summary of the Heart of the Swamp quest
  • The quest to acquire the Genesis Key now only looks for the completion of the last quest of the Crimson Badlands or Northern Wastes episodes.
  • Upon reaching level 50 and traveling to the capital city, players will receive a quest called 'Just the Beginning' from Drusera. This quest begins a chain that gives players the Genesis Key.
  • The quest description for 'Beyond the Breach of Memory' now references the correct quests.
  • Fixed contextual issues in data logs during Scientist 'ANALYSIS: Ikthian Data Terminals' mission.


  • Experience gains for all adventures has been adjusted significantly.

Riot in the Void

  • The Caretaker's words now match his tone upon completing the simulation.
  • Adjusted damage on several fights in the adventure.

The Hycrest Insurrection


  • Dungeon Lockboxes have had their loot tables updated.
  • Fixed an issue with line of sight blockers (usually boss walls) in dungeons.

Protogames Academy

  • Phineas T. Rotostar should no longer get overzealous in his announcements during the Wrathbone fight.
  • Invulnotron has decided to be a slightly more forgiving teacher, and will give players more than one chance before eliminating them.
  • Invulnotron now requires only 4 interrupts, down from 5

The Ruins of Kel Voreth

  • Darkwitch Gurka is now stationary while in combat.

Ultimate Protogames

  • Fixed a tooltip issue with the Burning debuff during the Elemental Master encounter.


  • With the exception of They Came From Fragment Zero! (which requires that you be level 6), queueing for an Expedition in the Content Finder will now require you to be one level below the recommended level for the instance.
  • Expeditions now grant more XP in Normal upon completion.


  • The Journal "Captain Lairdell's Log" should no longer be under a cardboard box.

Outpost M-13

  • Players should no longer get stuck on the "Search the Mine" objective if they ran forward prematurely.

Rage Logic

  • The quest "Expedition: Rage Logic" can now be turned in via communicator.

They Came From Fragment Zero!

  • Increased experience rewarded from running the instance.


  • Technologists can now purchase the Daggerstone Draught formulas from the General Goods PvP vendors in the capital cities.
  • Updated the SFX for the PvP Forcefield in the main waiting area before a match begins.



  • Players will no longer spawn under the world when the match begins.
  • Fixed exploit in Cryoplex arena that allowed players to get outside the play area.


Halls of the Bloodsworn

  • Fixed an issue that caused dead players to count for control points in Halls of the Bloodsworn: Reloaded.

Walatiki Temple'

  • Fixed a issue where a mask icon would sometimes be incorrectly removed from the status window.


  • The "Moodie Molded Might Pistols" have been renamed to better coincide with the fact that they are claws


Genetic Archives

  • Minor and Major Set Foci should now drop more frequently from bosses and minibosses.

Initialization Core Y-83

  • The intro sequence with Nurton is now paced differently to allow German players to hear the full VO.

World Bosses

Grendelus the Guardian

  • Fixed an issue that was causing Impact vFX and animations to play late on Scorching Beam.




  • The imbuement quest 'Time to Duel' has been updated to progress consistently.



  • PvP Gladiator's Stimulants of Aggression and Defense now increase PvP Power and Defense by a flat percentage, rather than modifying rating.

Rune Sets

  • Assassin T4 Is now: Max Suit Power increased by 10. Cripple reduces the cooldown of Punish, Analyze Weakness, and Clone by 1s when used.

Madame Fay's Fortunes

  • Yetiny Abominabuddy can now be traded
  • Added a system log when a player unlocks a mount, vanity pet, or a mount flair.
  • The Snowscape Lopp from the Snowscape Guest Bag is now of green rarity instead of blue, matching the rest of the items from the bag.
  • All the critters available from the item "Winter Critter Adoption Papers" are now all of green rarity rather than blue.
  • Fixed an issue where UI elements would appear above the curtain.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented icons for some crafted heavy boots from displaying.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the icons for some crafted medium glove from displaying properly
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some crafted light chest pieces from displaying their icons.
  • Clicking a work order objective in the Quest Tracker will now properly open the Tradeskill Schematic List to the proper schematic if it is known. If it is not known it will continue to open the Tech Tree to the node which teaches the schematic.
  • Old and unused items related to tradeskills have been deprecated and will no longer be available in game.


  • Increased elder tier consumables iLvl (from i55 to i60, i60 to i80, i80 to i120)
  • Replaced Datascape Dinner recipe with Data Bytes
  • Replaced Seared Spikehorde recipe with Grilled Spikehorde


  • After taking a crafted item with a maker's mark from a mail attachment, the maker's mark would not show until the player logged out completely and logged back in.


  • The inhabitants of Nexus will no longer choose to sit in (most) chairs in highly unconventional manners.
  • Renamed Simulated Jolt to Simulated Menacing Strike and fixed the tooltip.
  • The 'Phageform Augmentation' buff's tooltip now properly displays an increase in attack and support rating by 50.
  • Players can no longer die from falling damage on the Shardspire Canyon housing plug.
  • Players no longer fall through the floor of the Black-Hole House when entering it.


  • Chairs are now usable at larger ranges of scale.
  • We now highlight chairs you can sit in.
  • "Snow Covered Fern" decor item is no longer considered junk to vendors.
  • The Falkrin Bloodmaven décor piece has been renamed to Falkrin Broodmaven.
  • Lopp Marshal, Lopp Vendor, and Lamppost decor item names have been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where NPC decor wouldn't revert to their previous position when cancelling an edit.


  • Weapon attachments, Support Systems, Shoulders, and Head slot items will now be available through world and challenge loot at all level ranges.
  • A number of items have had their tooltips adjusted to better indicate their special effects.
  • All resonator drops from Ultimate Protogames and Veteran Protogames Academy now have their correct appearances.
  • The Genesis Key will no longer be available for purchase from the Elder Gems vendors. The Genesis Key will now be acquired through a quest line. Runecrafting bags have been added to the Elder Gem vendor as an alternate purchasing option.
  • Corrected a spelling error in the tooltip for the Duffel Bag of Distinguished Dyes.
  • Adjusted the sell price of the Bulldog Hoverboard.


  • Volatile Shield
    • Fixed a language issue that claimed to reduce enemies defense by a negative amount

User Interface



  • Sorting options have been added.

Challenge Log

  • The time required to earn gold, silver, and bronze for races will now match what is shown in the Challenge UI


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Chat Line Fade option from loading correctly.

Circuitboard Crafting

  • Fixed an error that occured when changing stats slider during a craft.
  • Crafting costs have been reduced by 50%

Content Finder

  • Players can now queue for World Story instances from the Content Finder.
  • Placing the Substation SR29 Navpoint now displays the correct text when using the Content Finder.
  • Content Finder will no longer suggest holiday content that is not active.
  • Enabled the buttons for every zone in the Content Finder's Quest tab.
  • Modified Content Finder to avoid suggesting quest hubs that are too high level for the player.


  • Fixed an issue where the daily influence bonus was being incorrectly displayed.

Holo Wardrobe

  • Forgetting a costume item will no longer display a brief error message when it succeeds.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Costume weapons to display incorrectly in the preview window.


  • Fixed an issue where Left/Right mouse clicks would not be recognized while rotating the camera with mouse look mode enabled.

Marketplace Listings

  • The Marketplace Listings addon now supports tabs to better organize various types of listings.
  • Removed text that was not localized.


  • The Master Loot window now shows the stack count of the items that can be distributed.

Match Tracker

  • Fixed an error that occurred when leaving a match.


  • "Invert Mouse" has been moved from the Interface Options, to the Options Controls menu. The option to remove holdout flashes from the UI has been deprecated and removed.
  • Added ability to keep automatic mouse look mode on while placing a positional AOE ability


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Cosmic Reward progress bar to not update correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Cosmic Rewards window would appear transparent.

Target Frame

  • Updated the PvP icon so its color changes based on the target's disposition towards the player.


  • All large sized tutorials have had their scale reduced to be less invasive to the user's view.

Zone Map

  • Tracking icons on the zone map in Arcterra will now retain their last position when the map's zoom level changes.


  • Music is now affected when player's camera goes under water.
  • The correct audio now plays when the player jumps up and down on moving platforms.
  • Should no longer play dirt sounds when splashing about in shallow water.