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Patch 03/31/2015
Release Date (US) 31 March 2015
API Version 9
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Patch 03/20/2015 Patch 04/14/2015



  • All items provided from challenges will now be of the correct tier and item level.


  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Shield Towers from correctly applying their Protective Aura to players when the auras were stacked.
  • The Final Showdown boss challenge achievement and loot should now be awarded correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing more than ten players to enter the Excessive Force Protocol and Infinite Logic Loop simulations.

Elemental Pairs

  • Hydroflux and Aileron
    • Completing the Whiteout challenge will no longer award the Heat Transfer achievement.
    • Twirl now correctly destroys Ice Tombs on contact.
  • Hydroflux and Pyrobane
    • Completing the Heat Transfer challenge will no longer award the Whiteout achievement.

Genetic Archives

Dreadphage Ohmna

  • Fixed an issue that was causing two sets of Tentacles to spawn at a time.



Daggerstone Pass

  • Defending a bomb when it drops now awards experience and prestige.


  • Corrected the stats on the Warplot Stalker Assault Shields and Subjugator's Invasive Flexipants to provide the proper assault stats.


The Malgrave Trail

  • The ship from Area 77 to Seaview Plateau will now leave after 30 seconds. Any players not aboard will be left behind and have to walk. Several hungry Chompacabra have also recently made their home in Seaview Plateau.
  • The Caravan should no longer get stuck when trying to camp at a campsite that was camped at previously.



  • The Imbuements for Battlemaster's Assailing Grasps and Vexillari's Wristwraps now update properly.
  • Fixed the internal cooldown for the 'Money is Power' item special proc 'Time is Money'


  • Fixed an issue that caused some crafted items to become soulbound after logging out or transferring worlds.

User Interface

  • Resolved a bug that in very rare cases could cause corruption of certain character data.