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Patch 04/13/2016
Release Date (US) 13 April 2016
API Version 11
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Patch 03/30/2016 Patch 04/20/2016

World Events

Boss Hunter

  • The drop rates for the Lucky Lopp Lockbox have been improved


  • Fixed an issue where certain objects would appear white when running the game in DirectX9 mode.
  • Players can no longer get stuck underneath the platform in the Combat Training Room.




  • Corrected the texture on the Lawman's Pauldrons for the Aurin Female



  • Characters must now be level 48 or higher to use the Ship to Arcterra panels in Thayd or Illium to reach Arcterra. In addition, any character currently lower than 48 will be ported from Arcterra to their capital city until they reach a more appropriate level.
  • Increased the range that loot from 20-player bosses can be vacuumed.
  • The Engineered Harmonic Stabilizer will no longer reappear after killing Tower-Engineer Renhakul
  • Runes will no longer drop from named bosses in Arcterra. Instead, runecrafting signs and fragments have been added to the 20-Man boss bags, as we continue to look into ways to improve our loot payouts.
  • The bosses in Bor Milug have had their loot tables adjusted to provide a bit more reward for participation in the event
  • Icebound pouches have had their payouts improved. Players should now expect to receive a greater amount of Soulfrost AS WELL AS one or more of the rare drops throughout the zone. As such, reputation vendor costs for these items have been increased.
  • The Covenguard of Bor Milug event now unlocks Bor Milug for both factions, with the faction who unlocked the gate receiving a reward for the act.
  • The Frigid Frenzy event will no longer have eggs spawn underground.
  • The Trask (Ice) mount should now be usable by all players that have learned it.
  • Dominion Quests for the Ice in the Blood Episode will now award Arcterra reputation.
  • Extended the range that players will get credit for killing high difficulty creatures.

Ashayl the Seer

  • Reduced the opacity on the White Out telegraph so other telegraphs are easier to see.
  • Adjusted the cone telegraph to start closer to Ashayl's feet.
  • In addition to the rings, Ashayl will now deal damage directly under her during Invocation of Ice.


  • Fixed a bug with timer countdown challenges that would award an incorrect number of challenge points when completed at the Gold and Silver levels.

Everstar Grove

  • Fixed a bug preventing gathering of Psygill Mushrooms for the Exo-Lab 71: The Arboretum quest.


  • Quests that did not reward the right reputation have been corrected.



Halls of the Bloodsworn

  • Players will no longer occasionally see an extra visual effect from using the jump pads in room 3
  • A double jump will no longer cause players to briefly stop capturing a point.


  • Path mission icons should now correctly appear on map upon login.



Rune Sets

  • Fixed an issue where some 'Rune Set Bonuses' were triggering in situations in which they should not trigger.

Vanity Pets

  • The Darkspur Elite Chompacabra is no longer missing an icon for the item and in the Collectibles window



  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect maximum count of mannequins was being displayed in the housing UI.

User Interface


Auction House

  • Fixed a Lua error that occurred when using the Item Level filter.


  • Item icons in the loot window no longer show an incorrect stack size.

Apollo API


  • Using the CashWindow control will no longer crash the game in the auction house UI