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Patch 05/03/2017
Release Date (US) 3 May 2017
Build 1.7.1.xxxxx
API Version 15
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Patch 04/05/2017 Patch 05/17/2017

New Prime Instances: Skullcano, Rage Logic, and Outpost M-13

The Prime Difficulty instance rotation has been expanded to include one dungeon and two Expeditions with Skullcano, Rage Logic, and Outpost M-13. We hope players will enjoy the ability to venture through even more instance classics to experience new levels of challenge and reward!

New Feature: PvE Leaderboards

Leaderboards have been expanded to include PvE content, allowing you to see how you measure up against other solo players or groups in Prime Expeditions, or how your group compares to others running Prime Dungeons. You can view completion times, medals, and group members for each instance, as well as browse individual Prime tiers to check out the competition at any level. See how you stack up against your peers for top bragging rights!

New Feature: Shared Realm Bank

The new Shared Realm Bank allows you to deposit or withdraw items using a storage space that's shared among all characters of the same realm on your account. To unlock your own Realm Bank, purchase the Shared Realm Bank Unlock from the In-Game Store and visit an Account Depositron wherever personal banks are found. Need even more space? No problem! The Realm Bank can be expanded to provide plenty of room for all your unbound and account-bound belongings.

New Fortunes: Madame Fay's Prehistoric Island Paradise

Madame Fay is once again mustering her magical might to conjure up a whole new collection of captivating curiosities. For her latest offerings she’s chosen an island paradise theme, and in true larger-than-life Nexus fashion the Madame has included a healthy helping of prehistoric pre-hysteria! Learn more about Madame Fay's new Fortunes.


  • Fixed an issue where Revolver Missiles were sometimes not showing.

Cosmic Rewards

  • Tier-8 Loyalty rewards have been added.

Primal Essences

  • Fixed a bug that allowed more than one Essence reward multiplier at a time to apply to Daily quests.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to no longer receive the World Boss Essence bonus if they left the Public Event area before the boss died.
  • Fixed an issue where players could fail to properly receive Essences earned in dungeons and raids.



  • Fixed an issue that prevented Vote Kick from functioning properly in some situations.

Scaling Items

  • Scaling items dropped in a non-rallied normal dungeon will now have a base item level equal to the dungeon level, instead of player level, if the player level is higher than the dungeon level.


  • Fixed an issue to ensure players who die several times don't qualify for a Gold medal.

Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden

  • Deathbringer Shallaos once again has her full range of abilities.


Evil from the Ether

  • The Gold medal requirements are now more consistent with other Expeditions.

They Came From Fragment Zero!

  • Players who get disconnected after passing through airlocks will no longer find themselves locked outside after reconnecting.



  • "Troubleshooter" will now correctly flag as completed when finishing Prime Evil from the Ether.



  • Fixed an edge case during the quest "The Dominion Did It" where the Door Control Panel might fail to become operational.



  • Epochos and Adventus formulas will now appropriately list prerequisites.

User Interface

Action Set Builder

  • Fixed an issue where menu entry would sometimes not display correctly.

Apollo API

  • Fixed a client crash that could occur when working with reward rotations before the client fully loaded.
  • Updated function: GameLib.GetRewardRotations() - The reward info tables returned now include a Granted value to indicate if the reward has already been earned.
  • Incremented API version number to 15.

Combat Log

  • Fixed an issue where Kill Streak log lines would add an extra character before the player name in English.


  • The Holo-Wardrobe can now be expanded to store up to an additional 2000 appearances, up from 500.


  • Bonus rewards that have already been earned are now removed from the UI.
  • A checkbox has been added to the Bonus Rewards tab to include bonuses that have already been earned.
  • Fixed a lua error when getting a queue role check while looking at the Primal Rewards tab.


  • Fixed a lua error that would happen when using a custom Mini-map addon that did not load dependencies that the WelcomeWindow used, but were loaded from the Mini-map addon.