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Patch 05/04/2016
Release Date (US) 4 May 2016
API Version 12
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Patch 04/20/2016 Patch 05/18/2016


  • Cinematics will now have a message showing you when you can press ESC to skip the cinematic.


  • Added new Lockboxes to Discovery Micros, World Bosses, and Veteran Expeditions.
  • Pressing both left and right mouse buttons at the same time no longer auto moves you forward when in Automatic Mouselook mode.
  • The Protostar Housing Teleportation Unit can no longer be used on the Arkship or in the New Player Experience space.
  • Adjusted the character list window at character select screen so that it's now easier to drag-rotate the currently-selected character.
  • Fixed issue where mousing down to move the camera would try and activate a target or start an attack
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the Signature status buff icon to persist after a player's Signature status has expired.
  • Spell telegraphs no longer disappear upon spell cast if they were being shown by mouseover or shortcut key held down.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Multi-tap abilities to show the countdown UI element after changing worlds
  • Interacting with something via a Right Mouse click is now a little more lenient when the cursor is moving.
  • Selecting Ultra High for texture quality in video options no longer requires a restart.


Holo Wardrobe

  • Fixed the Squirg hat preview in the Costume Unlock screen.
  • 'Gnoxian Iron Dye' now has a consistent name when comparing the inventory and Holo Wardwrobe.



  • Improved combat pathfinding for enemies near obstacles that block LoS.
  • Targeted AoE Abilities will no longer change color to invalid when mousing over yourself.
  • All characters at level 1 have access to their first 3 abilities and LAS slots
  • We've resolved numerous bugs regarding creature telegraph decals throughout the world of Nexus.
  • CC breaks will no longer print twice to the combat log when using them.



  • Bio Shell
    • Fixed a bug that allowed the debuff to be deflected.
  • Disruptive Module
    • Beam VFX now correctly last the duration of the spell.
  • Electrocute
    • Fixed delayed impact visuals for Granok Male Engineers using Electrocute.
  • Target Acquisition
    • Fixed an issue where targeting visual effects were persisting too long.



  • Mending Banner
    • Now heals the lowest health ally (or self) within 35m.
  • Mind Over Body
    • Cast time reduced to 1.25s.
  • Warden
    • The Warden is now conjured at mouse location. The initial heal now applies to the lowest health ally within 12m of the Warden.



  • Rapid Fire
    • T8: Can cast Rapid Fire an additional time. This attack has a 100% chance to Critically Hit.
  • Trigger Fingers
    • Rapid Fire now triggers Trigger Fingers.


  • Shock & Awe
    • Fixed issue with Shock & Awe not triggering under certain circumstances (as with Stun from Gate).



  • Preparation
    • Is now properly classified as a buff, rather than a debuff



  • Ripsaw
    • Adjusted the visual effects to fix an issue with framerate dropping while the effects are on targets.
  • Savage Strike
    • Now shows Kinetic Energy generation in the combat log



  • Tower-Engineer Renhakul will now have the 40 free Progenitor Access Particles deposited in his cache during the Boss Hunter Challenge event.
  • World Story 2 is now available! Answer the call from Rhoda Wellspring or Juro Takigurian in Arcterra to begin the expedition into the Vault of the Archon.
  • Creatures that spawn in will no longer despawn if they evade to their initial spawn location.
  • 20-Man Boss bags will now provide gold, alongside the normal suite of rewards.


  • Fixed an error where contracts would sometime become misaligned.


  • Fixed a location link in the Scent of a Warhound quest description.


  • Added detailed descriptions to each checklist entry for the achievement Complete Coverage: OMNICore.


  • Corrected erroneous information regarding the 'Chop Shop' and its ability to dye items during the Chromatic Magnificence quest.


Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden

  • A Corrupted Deathsting Swarmer now properly moves towards the player when fighting.



Daggerstone Pass

  • Uplink captures and Bomb placement is now reflected in the event scoreboard


  • Team progress bars for Warplots should now match the color of the surrounding UI.



  • Added locations to several Scientist quests in The Defile.
  • Updated text for the spell 'Remote Mine Control' in Malgrave.
  • Path - Scientist - The spell Rage of the Dreg text has been updated.
  • Path - Scientist - Updated the spell text for 'Regenerative Life Springs'
  • The spells 'Chompacabra Growth' now have tooltips.


  • The spell 'Protostar Shock Paddles' in Malgrave has updated spell text.


  • The Celestion mission 'Emberwood Extinguisher' has updated visuals when saving the animals.




  • The Dungeon Imbuements should once again be available for purchase for all classes.

Vanity Pets

  • Improved Pet pathing on bridges over water.
  • The Lonely Lost Larva pet may now be collected after already collecting the Barkbiter Terminite pet.
  • The "Shadeling" and "Present Proto-Probe" pets are no longer soulbound



  • The "Master's Genetic Grips" will now display correctly on characters


  • Right-clicking a survivalist node will no properly move the character into activation range of the node


  • All implants now have icons.


  • The Mannequin UI in your housing plot will now hide and show the mouse if you are in automatic mouse look mode, as intended.
  • The Pumera Matriarch in the Pumera Matriarch Plot will play an animation in response to the 'Pat' emote more reliably.


  • Fixed collision on Winterfest Turret Decor item.
  • "10:04 Lightning Bolt Flag" and "Burning Track" decor pieces should no longer be soulbound.


  • The Bone Pit plot now has an added tooltip description for the Spirit Zapper spell.


  • The Provisionary Mount Licenses will now be available from the Protostar's Revolutionary Rucksack (Level 3.)


  • The imbuement quest 'An Earnest Request' no longer shows a broken spell tooltip.

Artifact Weapons

  • Specials are now disabled in PvP instances.

Eldan Gauntlets

  • Specials are now disabled in PvP instances.


  • Fixed an issue where the Grimvault Reputation Vendor had incorrect icons.
  • Several quests have had their reputation rewards adjusted to be more consistent.

User Interface

  • Crafting UI's have been redesigned to match other existing UI. A bug has been fixed that allowed crafting when your inventory was already full. Circuitboard crafting has been simplified to more easily recognize when an overcharged craft may fail.
  • The Live Event Addon has been deprecated. This information can now be found in the welcome window.


Auction House

  • Housing Music and Skies can now be listed on the AH in their own subcategories under the Housing category.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Max Price" filter was using the old cash input.

Automatic Mouselook

  • Fixed issue where using both mouse 1+2 to move outside of automatic mouselook mode and ending up in mouselook mode would cause movement stutter.


  • Removed the "Rewards" toggle in challenges, since a new rewards system has been implemented.


  • When creating a character, classes that are not available under a selected race will have the class button disabled.

Character Creation

  • If a player has not gone through the Novice Experience Tutorial before and doesn't have a character level 3 or more, then the Veteran Experience option will not be created.
  • Removing "Intermediate" experience level option.

Character Panel

  • Clearing your title will now update the button's text field appropriately.


  • Fixed an issue in which inaccessible mounts were showing up in the UI.

Interface Menu List

  • Updated interface menu list addon register to not depend on a one second timer across all addons
  • Removed handling of the Live Event Addon.

Login Incentives

  • Removed the addon.

Objective Tracker

  • Tweaked the settings so players can now set the background opacity to full black if desired. Mousing over the objective tracker will now fade it in more quickly.


  • For the Scientist path, the specimen survey and field study mission windows now populate appropriately.


  • Fixed issue where abandoning a task quest would cause all tracked tasks to be removed from the tracker.


  • Tutorials have had their visual style updated.


  • All tradeskill material bags purchased for crafting vouchers should now refund properly.


  • Removed from the ObjectiveTracker and improved the performance of the addon.


  • Visual style has been revised to more closely match existing UI.