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"Invasion: Nexus"
Patch 05/05/2015
Release Date (US) 5 May 2015
API Version 10
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Patch 04/14/2015 Patch 05/06/2015


Invasion: Nexus is the fifth drop for WildStar.


  • Fixed forearms disappearing from Draken female Vendor armor.
  • Players can now collect companion pets throughout WildStar! Companion pets can be summoned through the new collectibles UI window.
  • Players should no longer be automatically dismounted when logged out of the world for being AFK.
  • With the change to the costume system, items from existing costumes will be mailed to players along with a token that can be used to pay for re-dyeing the costume.
  • Fixed a bug where player corpses would sometimes disappear, preventing them from being clicked on for resurrection.
  • Zone ID now gets updated when the unit is moved, or the zone is painted underneath it.


  • All player character races now have SFX when swimming.
  • All foot-wipe (poo-shoe) stand variations have been removed from the human female.

Chop Shop

  • Fixed an issue where the lighting for individual options in the Character Chop Shop would be inconsistent.
  • Fixed an error caused by closing the Chop Shop window while there were unsaved changes.


  • Updated the Costume Display Limit from 250 to 350.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Category Changed" icon would not always appear for Face Customization options in Character Customization.
  • New characters will retain any customization options that were set if they change classes during Character Creation.


  • Fixed an error caused by toggling the visibility of an empty item slot in a costume.

Holo Wardrobe

  • An upgraded version of the costume system has been added.

Item Specials

  • Bioreactive Acid Membrane
    • The primary target is now counted as 1 of the 3 targets affected by the Cleave.


  • Corrected the name of the Intrusive Espernetic Neuroblade to reflect the fact that it is actually a Support System, not a weapon.


  • Mount Customizations have had their sell-back prices adjusted.
  • Mounts will now be affected by tether.
  • Fixed an error caused by unlocking a piece of mount flair while the mount window was closed.
  • After much consideration, the majority of mounts and mount customization pieces will not be auctionable/tradable. Instead, a select group of mounts and mount customization pieces will be auctionable/tradable.
  • Fixed an issue with the way Advanced and Expert Riding Licenses stacked with sprinting. Regular mounts should now be slightly faster while sprinting if either the Advanced or Expert Riding License has been purchased.
  • Most mounts and mount customization pieces are no longer soulbound on acquire. Moreover, most mounts and mount customization pieces may be placed on the auction house.


  • Added standardized Heal Debuff visuals to the following spells for increased visibility in PvP: Unstable Anomaly, Field Probes, Phlebotomize, and Ripsaw.


  • Updated the tooltip for the AMP category reset button.
  • Fixed the icon for the 'Repeat Business' AMP item.
  • There should no longer be any issues with random AMPs being activated when fast clicking a different AMP.
  • The AMP Reset button for AMP category resets is now disabled when the player cannot afford the reset. AMP Power display also updates on category reset.


  • Fixed an issue with player pets (including Esper 'Phantom Swarm' & 'Geist') not attacking under certain circumstances, when owning player is targeting a friendly player rather than an enemy.



  • Diminisherbot
    • Fixed an issue that caused Beam to place a debuff icon on the target.
  • Disruptive Module
    • Damage and Shield heal reduced to 4.34 per level, down from 5.01 per level, and 13.74% support power down from 15.85% support power. Per tier decreased 1.2% from 1.61% SP
    • Now generates 150% threat at all tiers.
    • The shield heal now only affects the caster.
    • Cast Time has been reduced to 1.25s down from 2s.
  • Electrocute
    • Increased telegraph size to 2.5m/25m, up from 2m/20m.T8 now does the following: Every 1s while channeling, apply Chain Lightning to the nearest target. Chain Lightning bounces up to 5 times between foes within 5m of each other, dealing 11% AP technology damage per hit.
  • Flak Cannon
    • Now generates 125% threat at all tiers.
  • Hyper Wave
    • T4 no longer stacks for multiple casts from the same caster.
  • Mode
    • Eradicate
      • The damage has been reduced to 22.15 per level down from 22.96 and 69.9% Assault Power down from 72.51% Assault Power.
      • Removed the heal debuff from Mode: Eradicate.
    • Provoke
      • Updated the tooltip.
  • Recursive Matrix
    • Fixed an issue where Recursive Matrix was generating more threat than intended.
    • T8 now properly states it deals Tech damage.
  • Ricochet
    • T8 is now properly classified as a Buff instead of a Debuff.
    • T8 now grants 10% damage reduction for 5 seconds.
  • Thresher
    • T8 now siphons 30% of the damage dealt as health.
  • Urgent Withdrawal
    • Damage is reduced to 3.5 per level down from 5.37 per level and 6.41% Assault and Support power down from 8.93% AP/SP. Per tier damage increased to 3.8% AP/SP up from 3.73% AP/SP
    • Now applies a flat 30% snare at each level. This still stacks twice.
    • Recharge time reduced to 12s down from 15s.
    • T4 bonus now breaks both Root and Snare.


  • Volatile Armor, Volatility Rising, and Hamstring Tear have swapped places in the AMP trees. Volatile Armor is now in the Assault tree. Volatility Rising is now in the Assault/Support Hybrid tree. Hamstring Tear is now in the Assault/Utility Hybrid tree.
  • Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
    • Now does the following: While between 30 and 70 Volatility, gain Empower. Empower: Increases Critical Hit Chance by 7.5%.
  • Defense Protocol
    • Now does the following: When Absorb Shield is destroyed, gain Defense for 8s. Defense: increase Deflect Chance by 4%.
  • Exploit Weakness
    • Now does the following: Landing a Hit with a Builder applies Expose for 5s. Expose: Reduces Physical and Technology Resistance by 8%.
  • Forceful Impact
    • Now does the following: When your direct damage attacks Critically Hit, gain Empower for 5s. Empower: Increases Assault and Support Power by 1.5% per stack. Stacks 3 times.
  • Rejuvenating Rain
    • Increased proc window from 0.25s to 3s. Increased healing from 7.1/lvl + 10% SP to 10.23/lvl + 15% SP.
  • Survival Instincts
    • Now restores 2% of max health 5 times over 5s, down from 7% of max health 2 times over 5s. This healing is now affected by healing modifiers, and will now properly appear in the combat log.
  • Try and Hurt Me
    • Now does the following: Every 1s while between 30 and 70 Volatility, gain 1 stack of Defense for 5s. Defense: increase Armor by 2.5% per stack. Stacks 5 times.
  • Volatile Armor
    • Now displays its own buff icon.



  • Bolster
    • Now requires your Support Power to be higher than your Assault Power to generate a Psi Point.
    • Heal increased to 5 per level up from 3.47 and 9.34% Support Power up from 6.52% Support Power
  • Fixation
    • Fixation's Psi Point generation now properly procs Mental Overflow.
  • Haunt
    • No longer triggers a .5 second GCD.
    • No longer requires Psi Points to be instant cast.
    • Now shares a cooldown with Pyrokinetic Flame.
    • The Tier 8 now causes your next Assault Finisher to deal an additional 17.1% Assault Power in damage every 1s for 5s but no longer generates an additional Psi Point.
  • Incapacitate
    • The Tier 4 Debuff now properly displays the correct magic resistance debuff.
  • Mending Banner
    • The T8 tooltip now properly states it heals 2 additional allies
  • Mirage
    • No longer requires missing health to be triggered
  • Phantasmal Armor
    • Tier 4-7 now displays the correct amount of Interrupt Armor given.
    • T8 now affects the caster if they are not the Primary target.
  • Projected Spirit
    • Base movement has been increased to 20m up from 15m.
  • Pyrokinetic Flame
    • Now shares a cooldown with Haunt.
    • T4 now grants the Assault and Support Power bonus when the caster and allies attack the target under Pyrokinetic Flame.
  • Reap
    • Now generates a Psi Point at base.
  • Telekinetic Strike
    • The T8 psi charge bonus should now properly roll over when followed by Telekinetic Storm
  • Warden
    • The tier 8 is now applied when the Warden expires.


  • Cheat Death
    • The Cheat Death AMP will no longer proc when players lose a duel.
  • Defensive Maneuvers
    • The buff now properly refreshes if you dash before the buff expires.
  • Duelist
    • The Debuff now properly refreshes
  • Follow Through
    • Increased the duration to 8s up from 5s
  • Inspiration
    • Will now properly refresh.
  • Mental Overflow
    • Reworked to now grant 1 stack of Mental Overflow when gaining a Psi Point while at full Psi Points. When casting a Finisher the Mental Overflow stacks are consumed and the Esper gains Psi Points equal to the Mental Overflow stacks that were consumed. This buff can stack twice.
  • Superiority
    • Now displays a buff icon while active.
  • Tactician
    • Now grants an Empower after 1 second of being stationary, changed from 2.5 seconds.
  • The Power!
    • Increased the duration to 8s up from 3s.



  • Annihilation
    • Base damage has been increased to 8.38 per level and 19.25% Assault Power, changed from 8.35 and 19.17%.
    • Damage increase per tier is reduced to 1.1% Assault Power, changed from 1.375%
    • T4 redesign: Each cast of Discharge, Collider, and Atomize now reduces the cooldown of Annihilation by 1.0s.
    • T8 redesign: Now deals additional technology damage every 0.5s to foes affected by Nullifier or Devastator Probes.
  • Atomize
    • T4 redesign: While Atomize is on cooldown, Critical Hits reduce its cooldown by 0.5s.
    • T8 rebalance: DoT effect ticks every 1s for 4s, from every 2s for 6s. Damage reduced to 6.15% Assault Power, from 14.98% Assault Power.
  • Barrier
    • Fixed a bug where Barrier could potentially heal an additional target
  • Collider
    • T4 redesign: Landing a hit grants a stack of Residual Energy. Build 1 Actuator at 2 stacks.
    • T8 redesign: Applies 1 stack of Ionized to targets per hit. Landing a hit with an ability that consumes Actuators deals extra damage based on the number of stacks.
    • GCD reduced to 0.75s
  • Dematerialize
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Purge to not apply.
    • Cooldown has been increased to 15s, changed from 8s
    • Base damage increased to 10.78 per level and 24.76% Assault Power, from 6.78 and 6.78%
    • T4 bonus: chance to build Actuator increased to 100% upon purging a buff
  • Devastator Probes
    • Deals first tick of damage immediately upon application (increased total tick count by 1).
    • T4 bonus: Damage is increased to 50%.
  • Dual Shock
    • Dual Shock tooltip will now properly display the expected damage value.
  • Fissure
    • T4 bonus: No longer requires full Actuators, and the refund triggers on any ability that consumes Actuators.
  • Gamma Rays
    • T8 bonus: Landing a hit with Gamma Rays refunds 1 Actuator.
    • Base damage has been increased to 13.66 per level and 31.41% Assault Power, changed from 12.99 and 29.82
    • Damage per tier has been increased to 2.1% Assault Power, changed from 1.71%
    • VFX have been normalized across all tiers.
  • Magnetic Lockdown
    • Now interrupts your spell casting.
  • Quantum Cascade
    • Spell GCD removed and other spells may be cast while channeling.
    • Base damage decreased to 13.39 per level and 30.73% Assault Power, from 15.48 and 35.55%
    • Damage per tier decreased to 1.45% Assault Power, from 2.52%
    • T8 redesign: Second tick has no Actuator cost. In addition, grants an Empower while channeling. Empower: Increases Damage Dealt by 5%


  • Empowering Aura
    • Redesigned as Critical Priority: Dealing damage to foes applies a mark. When your allies deal damage to the marked target, grant an Empower to the ally.
  • Entrapment
    • Dealing damage to foes that are Snared or Rooted now causes them to take additional tech damage.
  • Hypercharge
    • Now displays a buff icon on allies.
  • Power Cadence
    • Tick time reduced to 8s, from 15s.
  • Power Converter
    • Switched position with Renewable Probes.
  • Renewable Probes
    • Upon detonating Devastator Probes or Mending Probes, reset the respective ability's cooldown.
    • Switched position with Power Converter.
  • Scalpel! Forceps!
    • Both buffs can be active at the same time.
  • Surgical
  • Fixed a bug where Surgical was only increasing Tech damage dealt (it now increases all damage dealt).


  • Right-click auto-attacks can now trigger on hit effects such as the Flame Burst proc
  • Surge Focus Drain can no longer be circumvented by deactivating Spell Surge mid-cast.


  • Affinity
    • Base: healing an affected ally now reduces the other ally's cooldowns by 0.5s (previously T4)
    • T4 bonus: Cooldown reduction increased to 1s
    • Telegraph width increased to 3.5m, from 2.5m
  • Arcane Shock
    • Base: No longer applies Arcane Shock debuff, Purges 1 buff, and Interrupts spell casting.
  • Astral Infusion
    • Fixed a bug where the tooltip was incorrectly displaying a max range of 35m, instead of 25m.
    • Spell Surge portion of the tooltip now properly states that it restores 'Health' each tick
  • Charged Shot
    • The previous T4 is now included at base (Telegraph width is increased and castable while moving).
    • Now only has 3 charges (total charge time remains unchanged).
    • C1 base damage has been increased to 19.62 per level and 36.79% Assault Power, changed from 11.95 and 22.4%
    • C1 cooldown decreased to 0s, changed from 2s
    • C2 cooldown decreased to 4s from 5s
    • Surged: Pierces 50% armor
    • T4 redesign: C1|C2|C3 pierces 100%|75%|50% shield
    • T8 DoT duration increased to 8s from 5s
  • Chill
    • Base cast time reduced to 1s from 1.3s.
    • Surged GCD reduced to 0.5s from 1s. Surged animation fixed to match instant cast time.
  • Gate
    • Gate distance increased to 20m at base. Tiers no longer increase the distance traveled.
    • T4 bonus: Cooldown reduced by 5s and grants a Swiftness for 2s.
    • T8 bonus: Increase charge count to 2.
  • Healing Torrent
    • Fixed a bug where the T8 buff icon was displaying as a debuff.
  • Ignite
    • Cast time reduction moved from T8 to T4.
  • Runic Healing
    • Fixed a bug where the tooltip was incorrectly displaying a max range of 35m, instead of 25m.
    • Normal (un-Surged) version of the spell no longer triggers Surge Focus Drain
  • Spatial Shift
    • T8 buff icon now displays in the appropriate line
  • True Shot
    • Base damage increased to 29.75 per level and 55.75% Assault Power, from 22.27 and 41.73%.
  • Vitality Burst
    • Tooltip now indicates that the ability heals the most injured allies.
  • Void Pact
    • Empower is now grants an additional 15% AP and SP across all tiers.
    • T8 bonus: increases the duration of the Empower and Swiftness by 2s.
    • Swiftness now grants an additional 30% move speed for 3s across all tiers.
    • Is no longer an aura and range is increased to 20m.
    • Empower now increases Assault and Support Power.
    • T4: Reduces active Assault and Support ability cooldowns by 50%.
    • T8: Reduces Void Pact's cooldown by 10s.
    • Cooldown reduced to 20s.
  • Void Slip
    • CC immunity added for the beginning 250ms during transition into the Void
  • Voidspring
    • T8 buff now persists for the full duration of the field.
  • Wild Barrage
    • Surged: Armor pierce reduced to 50%.


  • Deadly Chain
    • Duration decreased to 8s, from 15s.
    • Buff increased to 2.5% per stack, from 1.5%.
  • Focus Stone
    • Moved to Utility.
  • Frost Snap
    • When foes affected by your Chill or Flash Freeze take damage, reduce your cooldowns by 0.5s. Can occur once every 1s.
    • Moved to Assault/Support.
  • Healing Aura
    • Now heals the 4 most injured allies.
  • Locked and Loaded
    • Critical Severity buff increased to 8% per stack, from 4%.
    • Stacks are now granted every 1s (reduced from 2s).
    • Stack cap decreased to 3, from 5.
  • Overpower
    • Can now proc up to 3 times a second per target.
  • Readiness
    • Redesign: While in combat and Spell Surge is inactive, restore an additional 1 Spell Power every 1s. In addition, Surge Focus Drain duration is reduced by 1s.
    • Regenerates 3 SP every 2s.
  • Reorient
    • Dashing restores 33% Endurance and grants a 2s immunity to Daze.
  • Savior
    • Landing a direct heal grants Savior to the target. Savior: If you are below 30% health, restore additional health every 2s for 4s.
    • Heal amount reduced to 12% Support Power and 8.56 per level, from 18% and 12.14
    • First tick applies immediately (3 ticks in total).
  • Speed of the Void
    • Moved to Rank 2. Movement Speed buff reduced to 25%, from 30%. Now restores health over time.
  • Spell Armor
    • Getting hit by a CC grants an absorb. When the absorb is removed, break free of any CC. Can only occur every 20s.
  • Vengeance
    • Damage increased to 12.43 per level and 0.19 Assault Power, from 7.25 and 0.11.


  • Fixed an issue where Stalker Clones sometimes wouldn't immediately start fighting enemies.


  • Amplification Spike
    • Amplification Spike will now properly fade when the spell has ended
  • Bloodthirst
    • T8 now procs additional damage when your foe is below 50% health up from 25% health.
    • Now hits up to 19 allies up from 4 and the range has been increased to 25m up from 12m.
    • No longer grants lifesteal to party members.
    • Will now only affect party or raid members.
    • Now castable while casting
    • Lifesteal duration is now 4s + 1s per tier. Empower now grants 8% damage across all tiers. Empower duration is now 10s + 1.25s per tier.
  • Clone
    • All attacks now properly deal damage to only 1 target as stated in the tooltip.
  • Cripple
    • Removed the Suit Power cost
    • Reduced damage to 14.97 per level from 19.14 per level and 34.38% AP down from 43.96% Per reduced to 2% AP down from 3.25%.
    • Reduced the GCD to .5 changed from 1 second.
  • Decimate
    • The Tier 4 now grants 20 Suit Power up from 10.
  • False Retreat
    • Tier 2-7 is no longer referred to as fluff in the combat log.
  • Frenzy
    • T4 and T8 bonuses have been swapped.
  • Nano Skin
    • Evasive
      • The damage reduction bonus when attacking from stealth is now 25% up from 15%.
    • Lethal
      • The Empower granted from Stealth has been reduced to 20% Crit from 50% crit but now also grants an 8% Outgoing Damage buff.
  • Nano Virus
    • Initial damage increased to 9.82 per level from 8.51 per level and 22.55% SP up from 19.57%. Debuff damage increased to 5.27% SP up from 4.58%.
    • Threat generated increased to 175% up from 110%.
    • Cooldown increased to 15 seconds up from 12 seconds.
  • Neutralize
    • The damage is now dealt when the telegraph ends.
  • Pounce
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Snare and Root to be inconsistent when enemies were hit.
    • Tier 4 should no longer root enemies at the start of the cast if no enemies are hit.
    • No longer triggers Fatal Wounds.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Pounce's AoE to snare and root enemies that were further than the 5m range.
  • Razor Storm
    • T8 Bonus now correctly states that it reduces Strikethrough by 10% and not Strikethrough rating
    • The tooltip now properly states it applies an Intimidate.
  • Stagger
    • The T4 cooldown reduction if used from behind has been reduced to 3s down from 7s. It now also destroys an additional Interrupt Armor.
  • Steadfast
    • T4 tooltip now states the Empower lasts for 5 seconds.
  • Stim Drone
    • T4 bonus will now properly cleanse Phlebotomize
  • Tether Mine
    • Fixed a bug that was preventing T4 Tether Mine from applying
    • Removed the 500ms Arming Delay.
  • Whiplash
    • Now properly hits the closest 5 targets.


  • Assassin
    • This AMP is now in the Hybrid Assault and Utility tree and has moved to where Blood Rush was located.
  • Avoidance Mastery
    • The damage reduction has been decreased to 5% down from 6%.
    • Now triggers after deflecting an attack instead of requiring a Dash.
  • Blood Rush
    • This AMP is now in the Assault tree and has moved to where Killer Instinct was located.
  • Can't Stop This
    • Added the correct punctuation in the tooltip.
  • Don't Call It A Comeback
    • The damage dealt now states it strikes 3 times.
  • Iron Man
    • This AMP is now in the Hybrid Assault and Utility tree and has moved to where Who’s Next was located.
  • Killer Instinct
    • Combat - Classes - Stalker - AMP – Killer Instinct | | This AMP is now in the Utility tree and has moved to where Assassin was located.
  • Who's Next
    • This AMP is now in the Hybrid Assault and Utility tree and has moved to where Iron Man was located.


  • Fixed an issue where Tremor hit more targets than intended.


  • Savage Strikes is now Savage Strike: Leap into the air and slam the ground, dealing 26.97 per level, and 85.14% AP plus 7.58% AP per tier of physical damage to 5 targets. Cast Time: 1.2s. GCD: 1.5s. Cooldown: 9s.
    • T4: Pierces 20% Armor. On cast, gain 200 Kinetic Energy over 1s.
    • T8: On cast, gain +150% movement speed for 1s (while in the air).
  • Augmented Blade
    • Has been reworked and is now a toggle: While active, increases Melee Damage by 8% + 0.5% per tier and Lifesteal by 10% + 60.625% per tier. Applies a stack of Kinetic Drain every 1s. Kinetic Drain: Drains 5 Kinetic Energy per stack every 0.25s for 5s. Must remain above 250 Kinetic Energy to stay active.
    • T4: While active, increases Critical Hit Chance by 3.5%
    • T8: While active, on Critically Hitting with Sword Attacks, deal 41.7% AP damage to 5 foes in a 4m radius around the target. This can only occur once per 1.5s.
  • Breaching Strikes
    • Tier 8 Breaching Strikes now pierces 80% armor, down from 100%.
    • T4: Cooldown reset can now only occur 2 times in a row, allowing a maximum of 3 casts back-to-back.
  • Flash Bang
    • Fixed an issue that caused Flash Bang to hit more targets than intended.
  • Jolt
    • Improved visuals and animation, also added a 0.5s cast time (GCD remains the same).
  • Leap
    • T4 bonus no longer breaks Tethers.
  • Menacing Strike
    • Now hits twice, splitting the damage evenly between both swings. The T8 heal procs only on the second swing.
    • Reduced the heal on the T8 to 65% Support Power from 87.1% Support Power, since it now procs every second strike.
  • Plasma Wall
    • Fixed an issue where T3 Plasma Wall was granting the T4 bonus.
  • Power Link
    • Has been reworked and is now a toggle. While active, increases damage by 8% for the caster and friendly players within 25m. Drains 65 Kinetic Energy every 0.25s. Must remain above 250 Kinetic Energy to stay active. Each tier reduces this drain by 2.5 per tick.
    • T4: While active, reduces the cooldown of Warrior Innates by 0.67s every 1s.
    • T8: Increased max radius to 40m. Adds 6% Armor Pierce.
  • Rampage
    • Reduced Rampage damage to 13.34/lvl + 42.11%AP + 3.53% AP/tier, down from 14.68/lvl + 46.36% AP + 3.53% AP/tier.
    • Reduced Rampage T8 bonus damage to 31.8% AP, down from 33% AP.
  • Relentless Strikes
    • Reduced AP scaling from 22.85% AP + 4.42% AP/tier to 20.34% AP + 3.95% AP/tier. T4 now increases Relentless Strikes' attack speed by 33%, and adds a fourth hit to the combo. Reduces Kinetic Energy per hit to 150.
    • Tier 8 is now: Every third use of Relentless Strikes grants Kinetic Boost: generate 10 Kinetic Energy every 0.25s for 3s.
  • Ripsaw
    • Has been reworked: Now deals 10.3/LVL + 32.55% AP (+0.2% AP per tier) technology damage and applies Wound and Snare to 3 targets. Wound: Reduces Incoming Healing by 40% for 8s. Snare: Reduces Movement Speed by 20% + 3.75% per tier for 5s.
    • T4: Overloads target Shields for 3s
    • T8: Deal 150% AP tech damage to any foe that lands a heal on a foe Wounded by Ripsaw. Can only occur every 3s for each Wounded foe. This damage cannot crit or be deflected.
  • Shield Burst
    • Now correctly procs Lingering Charge (rune set bonus).
  • Whirlwind
    • Reduced cooldown from 8s to 6s. Increased damage from [9.42 per lvl + 29.73% AP + 3.53% AP/tier] to [12.02 per lvl + 37.98% AP + 2.11% AP/tier]. Increased the channel time from 2s to 2.5s. It will now begin dealing damage immediately instead of after 0.5s. It now increases movement speed by 25% while channeling.
    • T8: On cast, pulls the 5 farthest enemies to you and deals 98.56% AP damage to them. Does not interrupt.


  • Can't Stop, Won't Stop
    • Now reduces Kinetic Energy Decay AND Kinetic Drains by 20%.
  • Detonate
    • Has been replaced with a new AMP: Berserker: Using your Innate Ability grants an additional 10% damage dealt and 5% damage taken for 8s
  • Energy Banks
    • Now does the following: While above 50% shields, restores 8.333 per level and 6.3%AP plus 6.3%SP health per second.
  • Fortify
    • Rebalanced: When Shields are active, gain increased armor. 1-24% shields will give you 12% armor. 25-49% shields will give you 18% armor. 50-100% shields will give you 24% armor.
  • Health Sponge
    • Now does the following: Increase your Max Health by 12%.
  • Impenetrable
    • Has swapped places with Reserve Power, and now does the following: Activating your Innate Ability restores 12.5% of your max shields every 1s for 8s.
  • Kinetic Buffer
    • Now adds to base resistances instead of multiplying by current resistances.
  • Kinetic Burst
    • Reduced proc window to 4s, changed from 8s.
  • Kinetic Fury
    • Kinetic Fury now grants 5% increased damage while above 500 Kinetic Energy, down from 7.2%, and 7% increased damage while above 750 Kinetic Energy, down from 9%.
  • No Escape
    • Now triggers when near players under 50% HP, up from 30% HP, and grants 35% movement speed, down from 40%. Can only trigger on the same player once per 10s, up from 9s.
  • Power Hitter
    • Reduced the Critical Hit Severity bonus per stack to 5%, down from 7.5%, and stack count to 4, down from 5.
  • Reserve Power
    • Has swapped places with Impenetrable, and now does the following: Converts 20% of incoming healing to shield healing instead.
  • Shock Absorber
    • Now does the following: On activating your Innate Ability, gain 2 IA for 8s.
  • Spiked Armor
    • Replaced with a new AMP: Indomitable: Taking damage grants you Defense for 5s. Defense: Increase Armor by 2.5%. Stacks 5 times.
  • Sure Shot
    • Bullseye now causes your next two hits to always crit
  • Vigor
    • Now increases incoming healing by 10%. Coming within 10m of an enemy grants an additional 2% incoming healing for 10s. Stacks 5x. Can only re-trigger on each enemy every 10s.

Innate Ability

  • Onslaught
    • Bonus damage dealt is now 20%, down from 25%. Removed the -10% incoming healing and 9% damage taken penalties. Now also prevents Kinetic Drain effects in addition to Kinetic Energy decay.
  • Stance: Juggernaut
    • Passive: removed 25% Shield Mitigation. Tooltip now shows the 30% max shield increase as a percent instead of a raw value.
    • Active: reduced the duration to 8s, down from 10s. Removed 25% damage penalty and Kinetic Energy decay prevention. Threat multiplier is now 25% and multiplicative, rather than 100% and additive.


  • The zone completion tracker on the full-screen map now accurately reflects how many available and/or completed non-repeatable tasks there are in Blighthaven (10) and the Defile (1).
  • Drusera has created portals in Western Grimvault that link the Antechamber, Divergence, and the Core for heroes who have helped her defeat the boss during the quest "With Great Power".
  • Players can now travel between their capital cities, Thayd or Illium and the following:
    • The Nursery Trading Post in Blighthaven.
    • Final Stand or Vigilant Incursion in Southern Grimvault.
    • Hope's Dare or Final Light in the Defile.
    • Additionally, all fast travel ship terminals to zones on the continent of Isigrol are now grouped together in Thayd or Illium. Reputation rewards increased for daily quests in Blighthaven and the Defile.
  • Discovery buffs have been overhauled to give players more incentive to seek them out and utilize them.
  • The "Eight-Legged Pests" and "Shatterpaw Menace" daily quests in the Defile are now available on Hazardous Job Boards located in Final Light and Hope's Dare for their respective player factions.


  • Corrected the Apprentice FABKit achievement to properly reference Apprentice in the description.
  • Titles granted by Achievements will now be given when completed achievements load, so players should no longer be able to "miss" a title if you have the achievement that should grant it.
  • 'Feathered Flight' is now awarded to all players that interact with the traps to help free Gribbles.
  • "Feathered Flight" and "High-Maintenance" in Celestion are no longer visible to Dominion players.
  • The 'Love of the Larva' achievement is now correctly categorized as belonging to the Shiphand "Outpost M-13" instead of Deradune
  • Fixed missing icon for "They Came from Fragment Zero!" Shiphand achievements.
  • The Guild Achievement 'Zombie Zappers' will now correctly tally Squirg Zombie kills.
  • The Guild Achievement 'Spider Fighters' will now correctly tally spider kills.
  • Players will now be able to get the Kitty Captain title if they trade for the full set of Crimson Marauder gear along with activating the GlitterKitty Cruiser and the Snarfelynx mount. Previously you could only get credit when you opened the account item that granted this costume set.


  • Fixed placement of problematic farming nodes.
  • Explorer Trailblazing Node is no longer spawned inside a cage during the Pikefall Expedition event in Algoroc.
  • Mining Drills during the Pikefall Expedition public event now display correctly as a friendly unit.
  • Fixed an issue with a Throg Smasher spawning inside a barrel inside First Strike Mine
  • Helix's Arms will no longer spawn in floating above the ground in Duskfall Caverns.


  • Cleared up some issues with Herb and Produce nodes.
  • Fixed an issue with a Blackheart Spellbinder that was resetting in combat in Blackheart Village.
  • Standing near but not inside the Windfall Cave will no longer display the Windfall Cave zone map.
  • Added locations & quest directions to datacubes for Datacube Discovery missions.


  • Repaired the Jet Boost spell on "Anti-Primal Antics" solo daily quest so it moved the player forward significantly, as well as upward.
  • The Chamber of Primal Water zone map in Blighthaven has been adjusted to properly reflect the player's position in the zone.
  • The collection counts and metronome requirements for the quests "Perfect Blemishes" and "Components for Life" in Blighthaven have been lowered.
  • The Globellum's stun on the player during the "Skin of Evil" quest in Blighthaven had its duration reduced by just over half.
  • The "Anti-Primal Antics" solo daily quest in Blighthaven now gives group credit when Anti-Primal Waste is collected.
  • The Pell known as "Life-Trader" has had his wares upgraded! He now sells Guardians of the Grove reputation gear.
  • Quest objective arrows in the Nursery Checkpoint in Blighthaven now point to the correct teleporters.
  • As part of our improvement initiative, we've added 20+ participant notations to the "Guardians of the Grove" event in Blighthaven.


  • Lava bubbles in Celestion no longer cause the camera to shake erratically. Still, you shouldn't swim in lava.
  • The spell "Rowsdower Roundup" now has tooltip text for quest "Rowsdowers at Stake" in Celestion.
  • Adjusted some of the Dead Grimhold Citizens that were spawning inside of props in Grimhold Quarantine Sector 1.
  • The Tanglemore Den location link will now open up the Celestion map and ping the location of the entrance instead of opening the Tanglemore Den map.
  • A tooltop was added to the ability Using Extraction Device for the quest 'Sapwork'.


  • The 'Tower Defender' challenge can now be completed.
  • The Whitevale challenge ‘Ice The Icetooths’ now is restricted to the lake where the Icetooths are.
  • The challenge "Heavy Metal" in Auroria has been adjusted to make it more possible to complete on Gold.


  • A new tutorial panel has been added to explain the Contract system, it will be shown the first time the player interacts with the Protostar Contract Dispenser.

Crimson Isle

  • Added location link to the completed objective text for The Royal Maw
  • Mines will stop turning to face player characters while on the quest 'Mind the Mines, Scrap the Scrab'.


  • Added location links to quests in the Fight or Flight episode.
  • Exploding Fuel Barrels in Jagged Rock Cove now have an entry in the combat log when they hit the player.
  • Savannah Skinner in Bloodtalon Lowland Deradune will no longer cast 2H Hammer Spell, Skullsplitter, but will instead use Standard Humanoid 2H Sword spells.
  • Added location link to the long objective text for "Leave No Leaf Unturned".
  • Deradune- Fixed issue with a Vulcarrion spawning inside a tree in Bloodfire Village.
  • The guide arrow for 'Yihwa's Demise' now accurately points towards Huntress Kezzia.
  • Adjusted spawning and spacing in the Hillscourge area to fix in as issue where a few creatures were spawning clipping into objects.
  • Replaced some deprecated Apprentice Laveka VO with the correct lines
  • Tamer Takesh no longer cries like a little girl, he cries like a big sad Draken.

Drusera Instances

Drusera 3

  • The Hidden Dark
    • Fixed an issue where the corrupted Durek Stonebreaker and Kezrek Warbringer would attack the player while in the air

Drusera 5

  • Terminus Complex
    • The Terminus Complex - Fixed an issue where players could get outside the room during the encounter with Xarophet.


  • The "Contents Under Pressure" challenge no longer arbitrarily locks on failure.
  • Location link for "Glitterfur Assistance" quest turn-in in Ellevar now works.
  • The "Undermining Operation" quest now has location links in the codex.

Exile Arkship

  • Fixed an issue with the tutorial where multiple copies of Bolt could be spawned in the Relic Room.
  • Fixed an issue with the tutorial where the target circle on the Primal F-Bomb Controls was flickering when selected.


  • The 'Valo Alera' and the 'Prickly Cactus' are no longer effected by interrupt spells during the 'Foods of the Desert' quest in the Arvid Sands.
  • 'Protostar Appearance Modificator' moved slightly so the Dye Vendor marker doesn't clip into a canopy in the Shady Ledge.
  • The prisoners no longer have placeholder outfits during 'Word from the Inside'.
  • Directions have been improved for the Derelict Silo Datacubes.
  • Fixed an issue where the guide arrow leading to 'Researcher Ahnaris' during 'Bio-Dome 4' would point far away despite standing next to the researcher.
  • The smoke particles no longer persist if a player interrupts the interaction with a 'Marker Flare' during 'Harvesting Life'.
  • The Dustrunner zone map will no longer appear in the Subzones list while viewing the map for Farside.


  • The Exo-Lab for Sim Core G-33 in Galeras now has a zone map.
  • Fixed an issue where some Darkspur Kneecappers were resetting in combat in The Dust Stalker instance.
  • The guide arrow for 'Boss Xagg's Due' will point back to the ship entrance when outside of the Duststalker in Galeras.
  • The guide arrow for the 'Whistlewind Cave-In" challenge now directs players to the cave entrance while outside of the Whistlewind Caverns.
  • Galeras: Slain Beastlords in Feathersquall Ridge will no longer take damage when hit.
  • Removed a possible spawn point for Slobber in Skywind Ruins to fix an issue where he was spawning too close to a quest objective.
  • The Exile Tank's nameplate now only lists the quest 'A Sticky Situation' once.


  • Jumpshrooms now grow in the damp waste of Grimvault around the corrupted Eldan cannons. Fungus is so weird! At least you can jump on it and return to the Corrupted Installations if you happen to get knocked off the walls and towers.
  • The number of holdout waves for the quest "In Too Deep" in Southern Grimvault has been reduced from five to three.
  • The ground has been leveled out and extra props deleted to support the new Augmentor Raid Attunement public event.
  • Fixed an issue with one of the Ultraforms path routes in Southern Grimvault that caused it to warp at the end of the spline in Creeping Abyss.
  • The bone traps in Grimvault now affect those that ride over them with mounts.


  • The guards in the Enigma Chamber are no longer inclined to give strange, confusing directions.
  • Illium - Lieutenant Minor should no longer have a Chua in her throat when she discusses certain crafting tasks.
  • Toric now returns to Illium more consistently. Also Artemis Zin's broadcasts in Illium have been reduced slightly.
  • Fixed issues in Exo-Lab X39 with the tooltip on the 'Sterilizing' spell.

Levian Bay

  • The Dominion attack ships above Levian Bay don't begin their patrols until after the player's transport lands.
  • There is now a five second delay before the Speed Boys respawn on the walkway to Star Comm Station.
  • The activation of Star-Comm Station cinematic in Levian Bay is now... activated.


  • Quest counts have been lowered for several quests.
  • Patch Job and Burning Curiosity will now have group credit for collecting parts or pages.
  • The Falkrin Eggs that are destroyed in the quest "Easy Over" now despawn correctly.
  • The 'Heckrose Burns' debuff icon no longer appears as a beneficial buff.
  • Hellrose Bowl
    • The equipment recovery stage will now advance after 100 items, down from 500 items.
    • 'Soaking Wet' will no longer break stealth when applied

Northern Wilds

  • 'The Tower' quest can now be shared if group members meet the prerequisites.


  • Characters who have completed the instance at least once will now be given the option to skip some of the dialogue when playing through again.


  • All of the 'Alchemist Guild Scientists' and 'Dakum' should now have their health bars display correctly.
  • Relocated endgame content hub to a larger outside area in Thayd.

The Defile

  • Made the entrance to Defile Raid a much simpler jump puzzle.
  • Moved and scaled the quest indicators for the "Brawn and Brains" quests in the Defile to clarify where the play is supposed to go.
  • Added a daily quest for killing Koral the Defiler, which is available after killing him during the Black Focus group episode.
  • The duration of the "Belly of the Beast" holdout in the Defile has been reduced from ten minutes in length to three minutes in length.
  • Adjusted spawning on a Dreadsiege Keeper that was spawning under terrain in Havoc's Threshold.
  • Dreadsiege Barricades in the Defile now have a hazard spell (with tool-tip) and affiliation text that describe their purpose, as it relates directly to progress during the "Siege of the Lightspire" event.
  • The challenge "Diagnostic Testing" in the Defile has much less downtime with shortened client-side interactions and holdout wait times.
  • Added range to tooltip of the Strain Cauterizer ability during the Maker Ward public event.

Western Grimvault

  • Highly visible, unlocked Speed Boys have appeared on the long, narrow ramps connecting different areas of the Bio Mech Facility in Western Grimvault!
  • The Exile quest "Double Envelope" is now properly assigned to the zone, so it is no longer "Uncategorized"!
  • The damage required to defeat the World Destroyer during the quest "With Great Power" has been reduced by 25%.
  • The number of holdout waves for the quest "We Built This Sentry" in Western Grimvault have been reduced.
  • The holdout duration for "Welcoming Committee" in Western Grimvault has been reduced from five minutes to two-and-a-half minutes.
  • The number of holdout waves for the quest "Alive and Kicking" in Western Grimvault has been reduced from four to three.
  • Project Mutt, a group boss in the Widowmaker in Western Grimvault, has a respawn timer hastened from 4-6 minutes to 30-60 seconds.


  • Walking into houses in the Profitorium and Prosperity Junction in Whitevale no longer cause GPS Signal Lost to be displayed on the main map when opened.


  • The icon for the 'Spirit Watcher' effect now appears as a buff while progressing through the challenge 'Soul Sanctification'.
  • The guide arrow for 'The Focus of Life' now correctly points to the Eldan Focal Monitor when the quest is achieved.
  • Collecting Crimson Ore from the ground spawns in Crushstone Cavern now gives group credit during 'Clamoring for Crimson Ore'.
  • Genesis Key - The firepit near Guardian Pyralos will now appropriately damage players.
  • 'Taming the Wilds' now gives group credit when feeding the Feralclaw Cubs.
  • Ringtail Scramblers will now display the aware visual when in their aware range.
  • The Kel Ulgar War Drums can no longer be affected by force move effects such as Grapple.
  • Increased the difficulty of Puslek the Corruptor and Lifecaller Celes
  • Fixed an issue with the achievement "Get Funky" in Wilderrun where sometimes the Lopp Dancer was not showing up. Also put clothes on the Lopp and Mechari dancers.
  • Crog the Smasher will now have proper animations when fighting.


  • Players no longer have to discover the entrances to each dungeon before gaining the ability to use LFG to find groups. Instead, they must simply reach the requisite level.

Protogames Academy

  • There is now an Exit Panel to leave the Intro Room..
  • While fighting Gromka the Flamewitch, players will no longer see an inaccurate map marker for her location.
  • The specialist npcs in the Intermediate Survival Seminar will no longer be floating.
  • Players have a chance to get new loot when defeating the first and second bosses of the Basic Confrontation Zone and the Intermediate Survival Seminar.
  • Invulnotron
    • Teammates that are not tethered after 16 seconds get a reminder to help their other teammates destroy their tether anchor.

Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden

  • Moldwood Overlord
    • Gaze of the Moldwood will now display an appropriate Eyeball 3D portrait.


  • Mordechai Redmoon
    • Should now correctly reset if he leaves the Terraformer room.
    • Changed the color of the jump-able terraformer beams. This should make it much easier for players to differentiate between the two effects.

Stormtalon's Lair

  • When completing this dungeon for the first time, players are less likely to miss out on the final comm call VO.
  • Fixed issues with Stormtalon saying the wrong lines of VO during his fight.

Ultimate Protogames

  • Players have a more appropriate response to the Ultimate Protogames Recruiter when they are working on the quest 'Protogames Premier'.
  • The Silver Star achievement description no longer requests you get Bronze and is now correctly requiring Silver.
  • The Ultimate Protogames Cuboar Coterie zone map no longer has a blue line at the far left edge of the map.
  • The Ultimate Protogames Cafeteria map no longer has a blue seam in the middle of the map.
  • Completing an event room grants the party a chance to receive some rare or epic loot. The loot for the Cuboar Coterie appears near the teleporter.
  • HMS Phineas
    • Players will no longer fail the Perfect Precision optional objective when using Cosmic Kick before the event starts.
  • Intern Disposal Facility
    • The real fans inside of the Intern Disposal Facility 74 became too tired from endless cheering and engagement and have been replaced with Protostar brand Forever Fans!
  • The Squirgnasium
    • The Squirg Bombers that spawn from Squirg Belchers will no longer float in the air when spawned.
  • Waste Management
    • The Event Specialist will explain that players can finish the event before the optional time limit in the "Optionals" selection.

Initialization Core Y-83

  • This new single-boss 20-player raid instance is now available to anyone bold enough to venture within!

Prime Evolutionary Operants

  • The following notes are changes that occurred since the last PTR build was available to players – and are a direct result of the feedback that we’ve received.
    • Compromised Circuits are now purged at the beginning of Transmission. This should prevent Operants from building additional stacks of Nanostrain Infusion during the transition.
    • Nanostrain Infusion is now properly removed after Transmission on the hard mode.
    • Fallout no longer stacks improperly. This should prevent multiple 'maze' telegraphs from being active simultaneously during a transition.
    • Increased the health gain of Disintegration Resistant Coating (hard mode) to 60%, up from 30%. This results in each Operant having ~24m health in hard mode.
    • Converted the damage portion of Radiation Bath to also remove Strain Incubation. This means that the Bath no longer has dangerous telegraphs circling it--they are instead additional beneficial telegraphs that function like the center. This should help alleviate the issues with placing Baths later in the encounter when space is... at a premium.


  • Basepop, minibosses, and bosses in Genetic Archives and Datascape no longer pull from World Loot tables.
  • Improved the drop rates on Datascape and Genetic Archives zone loot tables.
  • Drop rates in raids have been adjusted to account for the larger presence of assault roles.


  • Players should now see Item Level 74 weapons dropping from some of the minibosses in Datascape.

Abstract Augmentation Algorithm

  • Quantum Processing Units no longer have an empty 3D Portrait.

Contemplations on Perspective

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the teleporter vortex visuals to sometimes disappear while they were still on screen.

Elemental Pairs

  • Hydroflux and Mnemesis
    • Fixed the tooltip for Data Disruptor to indicate the correct amount of Interrupt Armor destroyed.
    • Several adjustments were made to the Circuit Breaker event that should help reduce the overall impact on frame rate from the spell. This includes reducing the count of Data Disruptors that spawn to 30, down from 40.
  • Megalith and Aileron
    • Tornadoes should now much more reliably travel toward Megalith.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing players plummeting into Megalith in rapid succession to not correctly register all impacts.
  • Mnemesis
    • Imprison can no longer target pets.
  • Visceralus
    • Life Force orbs will now only detonate on contact with Visceralus or a player.

Glacial Fortress

  • Abilities should now display properly.

Limbo Infomatrix

  • Fixed an edge case where the room could reset if a wipe occurred immediately after completing the event.

Volatility Lattice

  • The exit bridge cubes no longer have mouse over tooltips.
  • Avatus' intro Vignette can now be heard from the back of the platform.

Genetic Archives

  • Gadgets dropping from Genetic Archives have seen a slight increase in potency to better set them apart from those associated with less difficult content.


  • Winning a duel will no longer place an icon on the player.
  • Season 1 has now ended.
  • Fixed an issue that caused PvP rating to be changed by the wrong amount if both teams had an average rating of 0.
  • Players now have the standard 30s to log back in to their characters when disconnected while in PvP instances.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some items to not get scaled down properly in PvP matches.


  • Arena PvP kill flags are no longer selectable.


  • Renamed "PvP Speed Buff" to "Fast Feed".
  • Battleground matches can now be made with members of the same faction for both teams (Exile vs. Exile, Dominion vs. Dominion).
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a same faction battleground match to fail to start even though there were enough players queued.
  • Players now receive Guild Influence for participating in Battlegrounds.
  • Battlegrounds will now award much more gold to participants, whether or not they lost.
  • XP from completing objectives in PVP Battlegrounds has been increased.
  • Unlocked Potential
    • Renamed “PvP Assault Buff” to “Unlocked Potential”.
    • Now longer increases damage dealt (15%), outgoing healing (15%), and strikethrough (20%) instead of AP and SP.
    • Is now available in Daggerstone Pass and Halls of the Bloodsworn.
  • Fixed a bug where a killing same faction player in battlegrounds was not awarding any prestige, experience, or quest and contract completion.
  • Renamed "PvP Assault Buff" to "Unlocked Potential".
  • Increased the duration of "Unlocked Potential" to 40s.

Daggerstone Pass

  • Defending a bomb when it drops now awards experience and prestige.
  • The bridges outside of each base in Daggerstone Pass have been removed.
  • Increased experience awarded for assisting a secondary point capture from 3.5% to 20% and the prestige from 30% to 50% of the capture's reward.
  • Increased experience awarded for assisting a bomb plant from 40% to 50% and the prestige from 18% to 40% of the planter's experience reward.
  • Can no longer pick up a bomb dropped on the enemy team's generator.
  • Exploding bombs now do damage to shields and absorption effects.
  • Bombs now deal 15/10/5% damage to the generators (up from 6/4/2%).

Halls of the Bloodsworn

  • Defenders can no longer damage attackers through the spawn wall.
  • Spells should be less likely to fall through the raised platforms.
  • Increased experience and prestige awarded for assisting a secondary point capture to 50% of the capture's reward, up from 0.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the progress bar in Halls of the Bloodsworn to disappear after the first round.

Walatiki Temple

  • Increased experience and prestige awarded for assisting a mask capture to 50% of the capture's reward, up from 20 and 25% respectively.
  • The initial neutral Moodie Mask now spawns after a 30 second delay.
  • While in Walatiki Temple, the Match Tracker will more consistently show messages regarding Masks.


  • Corrected item quality on Specialist's Ruthless Regulator and Specialist's Restorative Regulators to fall in line with other items of the same quality.
  • Fixed an issue where Garroter's Phasing Decapitators were not loading the correct model.
  • Players should no longer see Assault Gear, Support Gear, and Gadgets that are up to two tiers below their current tier, on Battlegrounds Vendors. Once a player reaches level 50, they will only see level 50 gear.


  • The Warplot build map will no longer hang the client when transferring to the build map after a Warplot match where each Warparty is from a different realm.
  • Players now properly receive Warcoins for participating in a Warplot whether their team wins or not.
  • Warplot plug damage will no longer persist. All plugs start each battle at full health.
  • When a Warparty leader leaves the queue, they will now properly cause the Warparty to leave queue. Then the Warparty leader can enter the build map.


  • UI will correctly show the teams icons.
  • Introducing Bay of Betrayal! The newest Adventure in WildStar.

Crimelords of Whitevale

  • Units attacking players inside The Null Point in will no longer evade repeatedly when the door closes.

Riot in the Void

  • Players should no longer receive double voice over messaging from 'Warden Rhadman'.
  • Players are no longer shown an interaction icon when mousing over other players when they are disguised during 'Running the Asylum'.
  • Cleaned up timing on Deadly Harvest and spruced up visuals for Laser Shot.

The Malgrave Trail

  • Fixed an issue where Stemdragons could become temporarily invulnerable while burrowing / unburrowing.
  • The "Conflagration" spell cast by Blacksun Sorcerers will now play appropriate sound effects.
  • The "Pollinate" spell cast by Pricklevine stemdragons on The Malgrave Trail will now play appropriate sound effects.
  • Added a warning string that the taxi to Seaview Plateau would leave without players and a message once the ship leaves telling players where they should head.
  • Veteran - The Food Poisoning debuff from rotten food now reduces caravan members' health by 3% (up from 1%).
  • Veteran - The Lost Caravan member locator has doubled its range to assist finding people from twice as far.
  • Guide arrows now point to supplies in the intro.
  • The Frontier Guardhounds guarding the cache of resources near Braithwait Ranch have undergone a few changes. They are no longer attackable, their damage output has been increased significantly, they now spawn in greater numbers, and the messaging regarding their short leash has been updated.
  • Dreg should no longer clip through props at Blisterbone Staging Grounds.

The Siege of Tempest Refuge

  • 'Shock Field' and 'Energy Bolt' now have sound effects when cast by 'FCON Defense Tank' and 'Legion Assault Tank'.
  • Evoker Peale / Siren Aria's spell "Sonic Scream" will now play appropriate sound effects.
  • Missile Swarm as cast by the Dominion and Exile Warbot bosses will now have tighter telegraph and visual timings.


  • The amount of gold received from shiphand merits is no longer random.


  • Engineering bots will no longer briefly show as interactable during the time when the player is stunned.
  • The delivery method of the player to the Gauntlet has been made more explicit.
  • The "Gauntlet Penalty Box" debuff should no longer erroneously show up on the buff line.


  • The quest "Shiphand: Salvage Rights" in Galeras now matches the level requirements of the instance and its Auroria quest equivalent.

Outpost M-13

  • Creatures for the objective 'Defeat Hive Pods, Infected Miners, and Hive Infectors' in Veteran Outpost M-13 now have proper icons.
  • The Hive Queen in Veteran Shiphand: Outpost M-13 will now have an objective indicator on her nameplate.
  • The Outpost M-13 event will no longer reset if a player logs into the instance after it has already been completed.
  • All party members will now need to gather outside the mine.

Space Madness

  • The objective "Give Air Helms to Workers" is now optional.
  • The Foaming Roandoe and Maddened Roanstag will pursue players further in the Shiphand: Space Madness.

They Came From Fragment Zero!

  • Added a flashlight and a dying man to a ledge in the Spider Den of Fragment Zero. Look up there!
  • Crewmate Jo is now beyond all help. Players will be unable to heal him, even if they try.
  • Cinematic subtitles are no longer forced on the client when the holographic Pell first appears in Shiphand: They Came From Fragment Zero!


  • Path missions have been removed from the Datachron. The Datachron will now appear if you have any missed calls and will be hidden otherwise.


  • One of the scientist missions in Levian Bay has been shifted to a single room.
  • Scientist datacube discovery mission guide arrows will now correctly point to datacubes within a micro.


  • A new Interface option has been added allowing Settlers to disable icons in the world for Settler Structures.
  • The path reward, 'Vendbot', now has a new look so it is no longer so huge. It also is now called the 'Mini Vendbot'.


  • Soldier PVP boxes now have longer cooldowns.
  • All SWAT Soldier missions now give the Stat Increase reward buff. All Demolition Soldier missions now give the Health Increase reward buff. All Rescue Soldier missions now give the Defend Increase reward buff.
  • The Solider Frag Grenade now causes aggro when used on neutral creatures.
  • The Farside Exile mission 'Skeech Security' will no longer display nil for the defend creatures.


  • 'Dome (Aurin)' is no longer listed as a Chua dome on the Housing Vendor.
  • Added options to the Advanced Mode panel to switch between object-relative movement and world-relative movement.
  • Hoverpark building blocks are now available.
  • The Housing Vendor has 42 new decor pieces for sale! The Aurin Floral Fence's price has been adjusted from renown to currency to match the additional Aurin fence decor.
  • Most housing plugs will no longer require repairs. Mineral Deposits, Thickets, Relic Digs, and Festivals still require repairs but the duration has been extended to 30 days.
  • Two new housing terrain options are available: Strain and Farside!
  • Protostar Hazard Training Course - challenge participants on the platform but outside the starting ring will now be teleported to the center on beginning the Evasive Maneuvers challenge
  • Telegraphs will now display properly on the platform for the Protostar Hazard Training Course Housing Plug.
  • Fixed water plane on Prospector Plot in Housing to no longer reach to the stars.
  • The Punching Bag on the Boxing Gym Housing plug no longer makes a gib sound when killed.
  • Updated the vendor prices of Curved Tube (Cassian) and Triangle Ramp (Left Ledge) to no longer be zero.
  • Wounded patients at the Medical Station plug can no longer be activated while the 'Medic!' challenge is on cooldown.
  • 'Itchy' aboard the Hobo Train Housing plot no longer attempts to enter combat with players.
  • 'Dome (Exile)' now appears under the Building Blocks Category on the Housing Vendor.


  • 'Chua Couch' decor no longer appears as 'Draken Bench' when highlighted.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause some guild banks to stop displaying items.
  • Guild Holomarks once again display correctly in the Guild Registration UI.


  • Fixed a bug causing the gold gained multiplier to be applied to non-gold currencies.

Auction House/Commodity Exchange

  • In the Commodities Exchange window, 'Current Lowest Offer' and 'Current Highest Offer' under the 'Buy Now' and 'Sell Now' tabs respectively have been fixed to reflect the best price for a single item or 'Average Price' for multiple items.


  • Some Imbuement items dropping in Farside were labeled as Dominion only. These items can now be used by both factions, along with the associated Imbuement quest.
  • The Imbuements for Battlemaster's Assailing Grasps and Vexillari's Wristwraps in Daggerstone Pass now update properly.
  • The "Money is Power" buff on the Ultimate Protogames Mantle no longer sets Assault or Support Power to 0 before adding the buff. In addition we've fixed an issue where the Support Power versions of "Money is Power" could never proc.
  • The Quiet Riot item imbuement quest will now direct players to the proper location.
  • Corrected the quest description on the Warplot Imbuement quests 'Block Party' and 'Manifest Destiny' to reflect the proper objective count.


  • Fixed some random item anomalies.
  • Power cores can now be placed in the Tradeskill Bag.
  • Added Party Rowsdower.
  • Eldanweave Cloth and Devilspine are no longer available as rewards from the Chest of Crafting Components.
  • Legacy class set pieces are now able to be traded in for the new raid tokens, rather than individual pieces. These transactions are non-refundable.
  • Items that fail to load due to any circumstance will now show up as a "Malfunctioning Item".
  • Items that fail to load due to invalid rune configurations will mail the players all of the runes currently in that item.
  • The item "Primal Lifebringer Grips" were incorrectly named. Their name has been updated to reflect that they are boots.
  • Renamed the "Epaulets of the Omnicore" items to "Veil of the Omnicore"
  • Entertainer mount flairs acquired from boomboxes should once again be BoE.
  • Itemization - Updated balance on new legendary Rune Sets and Gadgets for Initialization Core raid.
  • Now there is the ability to choose an amount to buy or sell in the vendor.
  • Corrected the name of the item "Zero-G Dye" to match the actual dye "Delta V" that is given.
  • Items which can be sold back to the vendor for a full refund are now handled in a more consistent manor. If an item can be traded then trading an item will remove the ability to refund. Only items specifically obtained from a vendor will ever allow a refund. If the item can be stacked then it can never be refund.
  • Fixed issues where Cloth materials dropped from creatures with inappropriate levels.
  • Removed the term Buskins for certain leg items and added proper terminology.
  • Fixed an issue where the Malgrave Battle Visor was appearing as the wrong model.


  • Boosts are now longer in duration (10-15min), while Field Techs are shorter (3-5min)
  • Fixed a number of issues with certain Boosts and Field Techs not stacking properly.


  • Glory vendor gear that required normal Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden completion now also accepts veteran Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden completion.
  • Hologram Protocols are now available for purchase on the glory vendor.


  • Laser Flares and the Laser Phaser Equipment Pack are now available for purchase on the renown vendor

Vanity Pets

  • There are now Companion Pet Vendors in Illium and Thayd that will sell your new friends!


  • Equipping runes is now the default behavior at the rune crafting stations. Players can still create runes by navigating to the Create Runes tab.
  • The Engraving Stations are now called Runecrafting Stations to avoid confusion.


  • Added new Harvest Trader merchants in Illium and Thayd's crafting areas that allow you to trade in lower level crafting materials for higher ones.
  • All harvested tree types in WildStar have been renamed.
  • Corrected an issue where objectives for "Keeping It Steel" were pointing players to Algoroc, while the turn-in was actually in Thayd.
  • Tradeskill quests now have a proper response when talking to quest givers before the quest is complete.
  • We've added Crystallize Fragment, Fire Starter Fragment, Head Wind Fragment, Hard Rock Fragment, Logic Bomb Fragment, Life Giver Fragment, Shadow Blast Fragment, Shadow Guard Fragment, and Shadow Gorge Fragment to the Tradeskill Satchel.


  • The crafting variant Marauder Landing Pad was not properly distributed in the Expert Architect Tech Tree. This item can now be crafted by anyone who had previously completed the Tech Tree Achievement "Exile Drop Pod (Open)".


  • The 'Adventus' AS-3 Neurocite Shield will properly unlock after crafting the prototype version.
  • The Archivos Armor Set in the Armorer's Expert Research tech tree no longer contains an overlapping panel.


  • Comandant Rav has commissioned Kafee and Nurton to create a hologram simulation of him to help better manage his daily business. The simulation can be found in the Nursery Trading Post in Blighthaven!


  • Living mining nodes will now play a death animation when killed instead of immediately despawning.

Relic Hunter

  • Fixed the Resource Wrangler buffs for Relic Hunters.


  • Fixed issues where Survivalist materials dropped from creatures with inappropriate levels.


  • Some English chat commands are now available in other languages.
  • When typing the same chat channel as previous, the players name should not linger in message.

User Interface


  • Re-added the red border on debuffs
  • The "Despawn" button for pets has been moved to the unit context menu. Players can now right click on the pet portrait in either the cluster or unit frame and use the option to despawn them from there.
  • Consumable items in Bag Windows that cannot be used by the player now have the same “Cannot Use” icon as equipment that cannot be equipped
  • The "Exit Game" button will now close the client when the character is in a location granting rest.
  • Attempting to complete work order quests for inactive tradeskills will now display a meaningful error message.
  • Ship access panels to the Defile and Blighthaven now show the correct prompt when moused over.
  • Increased contrast and visual consistency between the several levels of trees and dropdown button styles.
  • The HUD flyouts for mounts, recall, etc. have been thinned out visually to match the new target frame styles.
  • Improved the functionality of the Spinner window type
  • Fixed issue where the realm broadcast message would be too big for the window.
  • Updated Action Confirm Buttons that have items in the tooltip to adjust the item name window height to support more than two lines.
  • Window position saving will now only save the location if the window is not resizable and can easily keep its width and height
  • The Auction House and Commodity Exchange UI's have been made a bit wider and had their UI cleaned up slightly to improve readability.
  • All input boxes have been given a proper consistent visual alert system and profanity filter attachment.
  • The Recall and Path Ability menus should now correctly hide whenever the skill bar is hidden.
  • Changed the “Disconnect Reason 7” message so it properly informs the user that they were disconnected due to inactivity.
  • Winds have been fixed when the clutter distance setting is set to less than 128.


  • Entries in the Achievements UI now resize themselves more accurately
  • Fixed a lua error that could happen when progressing an achievement with the Achievements UI open.

Addon Settings

  • The “Restore Defaults” button now informs the player of what the button will do and forces them to confirm the action before completing it.
  • Closing the Addons list and then re-opening it will also keep the filtered addons from the search text.

Challenge Log

  • Added some optimizations to the ChallengeLog addon
  • Newly unlocked Challenges now appear in the Challenge Log’s “All Zones” category immediately
  • The Challenge Log’s “Start Challenge” button now changes state more accurately.
  • Challenges will no longer appear overlapped when getting updates in challenges log.
  • The Challenge Log’s “search” window now hides the “clear text” button by default.

Character Creation

  • Text dropdowns in the Character Creation window will maintain their state when changing to another faction
  • New characters will retain any customization options that were set if they change classes during Character Creation.

Chat Log

  • Added an option to toggle chat log line fading.
  • Fixed an issue where the name of a player you whispered would be appended to non-whisper chat messages
  • Runes gained from salvaging items are now listed in the chat log.


  • Deselecting the 'Show Offline Members' button in the Circles UI will hide the offline members.

Combat Log

  • Spells that save you from death will now have their name properly displayed in the Combat Log.

Combat Options

  • Added tooltips to more Combat Options.
  • Removed the Auto Self-Cast combat option.
  • Enemy NPC Helpful telegraphs now default to On for new players.

Comm Display

  • Fixed currency tooltip so that it is no longer is hard coded to gold/credits.


  • Added target completion level to dialog responses before accepting new quests.

Guild Bank

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from right clicking items to add them to the Guild Bank
  • Removed the “Use” button from the Guild Bank

Friends List

  • Fixed an error caused when the Friend's List tried to sort 1 or fewer people
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Rivals from appearing in the Rivals tab of the Friends List.
  • Players that have recently been traded with will now appear on the Suggested Friends list.

Float Text

  • Fixed an issue where Renown float text sometimes showed up as Path XP float text.

Galactic Archive

  • The Galactic Archive will no longer throw an error when viewing an entry.


  • All hazards have been moved next to the sprint meter.


  • There is now a confirmation pop-up when deleting the sky in housing
  • Fixed an issue where previewing Housing Vendor items would cause the UI to show renown

Interface Options

  • Fixed an issue that caused flyouts in the Interface Options UI to force close the entire window.
  • Added a new option for hiding players unit frame unless they have a target (Yay symmetry!)


  • Fixed an issue that would disconnect the player when moving items around in their bags.
  • The player’s inventory now automatically opens when visiting a vendor or personal bank.

Levian Bay Adventure

  • When hiding the Adventure Levian Bay UI, it will also reset the initial state.

Loot Notifications

  • Loot notifications now include item tooltips and will pause when moused over so you can compare the items looted with what you currently have equipped.


  • Mail will now prevent players from attaching soulbound items.
  • Mail text that does not pass the profanity filter is now replaced with ‘*’
  • Updated the look of the “New Mail” window
  • Returning a piece of mail or rejecting a mail with a COD now closes the mail window.

Master Loot

  • The Master Loot window will continue to have its items populated after reloading the UI or moving out of range of group mates.
  • The Master Loot addon will no longer throw an error when right clicking a player’s name.

Match Tracker

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Battleground and Arena match UIs from appearing.
  • The Match Tracker's information will be hidden until the match has begun.


  • Fixed issue where the player arrow would show up under the group member icon.


  • Nameplate health bars for dead units are no longer displayed.
  • Added ChallengeUpdated to the list of events that update nameplates.
  • Nearby friends and rivals now show an icon in order to better distinguish them from other nearby players.

Objective Tracker

  • Contracts have been added to the Objective Tracker.
  • Path button on the Objective Tracker will show you how many missions are available, even if you opt to not show them.
  • Selecting “View Details” on a Challenge in the objective tracker now opens the Challenge Log to the correct entry
  • Path Missions in the Objective Tracker now listen to the "Sort Quests by Distance" preference. They will sort by name if it's turned off.
  • Players can now track and repeat completed challenges from the objective tracker. Repeatable challenges can be hidden by right clicking on the category title and choosing to hide them.
  • The default range for Quest Tracker filtering has been increased from 500 to 1000 yd.
  • Fixed a bug where public events sometimes wouldn't appear in the new Objective Tracker.
  • Updated the Challenge Tracker to work correctly with the Objective Tracker
  • Added an “Abandon” option to the right click menu for active Challenges in the Objective Tracker
  • "View Quests", "View Dungeon Events Only", "View PvP Events Only", and "View Shiphand Events Only" have been removed from the Quest Tracker. We now intelligently expand or collapse the "Quests" category to achieve the same result.

Pets / Mounts / Collectables

  • Mounts and Companion Pets have been added to a new window called Collectables. The Collectables UI can be found in the Interface Menu on the bottom left corner of the screen.


  • Added an image to the Runecrafting tutorial.

Support Ticket

  • The Support Ticket window now clears the text whenever the window is closed or the ticket is sent.

Target Frame

  • Fixed issue where cluster member icons would not update when changing target.


  • Location toolips now contain a recommended level range.


  • Runes now display their slot type in item tooltips. (Thanks Techr!)
  • Equipped runes display properly when inspecting other players again.
  • Item tooltips now indicate if they can be added to the player's Holo-Wardrobe.


  • Search results in the Tradeskills window show their names correctly again.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Tradeskills window to not show its contents.
  • Detail windows in the Tech Tree respond to mouse input more accurately.


  • The "Show Tutorials" option has been moved into the "Tutorials" UI Panel.


  • Splitting and combining item stacks no longer causes the Vendor to display a “You Bought” message
  • The text on items that are purchased with Raid Tokens is now the correct color while the player has a token in their inventory

Walatiki Temple

  • Fixed an issue where the UI updated flags for the wrong team.


  • The option to Show nearby players on the HUD should now correctly remember its setting.

Zone Map

  • Fixed various issues with Nemesis Region display

Apollo API Updates


  • Lua API version increased to 10.


  • New Event: CostumeSaveResult(eCostumeType, nCostumeIndex, eResult) - This event fires whenever the player attempts to save changes to a costume. eResult uses the CostumesLib.CostumeSaveResult enum.
  • New Event: CostumeForgetResult(item, eResult) - This event fires whenever the player attempts to forget an item from their Holo-Wardrobe. eResult uses the CostumesLib.CostumeUnlockResult enum
  • New Event: CostumeUnlockResult(item, eResult) – This event fires whenever the player attempts to unlock an item in their Holo-Wardrobe. eResult uses the CostumesLib.CostumeUnlockResult enum.
  • Deprecated the KeyBindingReceived event
  • New Events: BuffAdded, BuffRemoved, BuffUpdated. These events provide a unit object and a table containing information for an individual buff, in the same format as the existing GetBuffs() API call.


  • AbilityBook.GetAbilitiesList() no longer returns Mounts.


  • New ActionConfirmButton Type: UnlockCostumeItem - ActionConfirmButton type. This allows the player to add an item to their Holo-Wardrobe. Setting the ActionData for this type requires the inventory id of the item that the player wants to add.
  • New ActionConfirmButton Type: ForgetCostumeItem. This allows the player to remove an item from their Holo-Wardrobe. Setting the ActionData for this type requires the id of the item that the player wants to forget.
  • New ActionConfirmButtonType: SaveCostumeChanges – This allows the player to save the changes that were made to a costume. Setting the ActionData for this type requires the Costume object that will be saved and a Boolean that informs the client whether or not it should use one of the player’s Appearance Modification Tokens


  • New Function: Challenge:GetDistance() returns distance to the most appropriate location for the provided Challenge.
  • New Method: ChallengeLib.AtChallengeStartLocation(idChallenge) – Returns whether or not the player is at the start location for the challenge with the given id


  • New Library: CostumesLib – This library contains methods for getting information on the player’s costumes and Holo-Wardrobe items.
  • New Enum: CostumesLib.CostumeSaveResult - This enum contains the result codes from the CostumeSaveResult event.
  • New Method: CostumesLib.GetCostume(nIndex) – Returns the Costume object for the given costume index.
  • New Method: CostumesLib.GetUnlockedSlotItems(eItemSlot, nStartIndex, nCount) – Returns an array of items that the player has unlocked in the Holo-Wardrobe for the given item slot. Only the items from nStartIndex to nStartIndex + nCount are returned. eItemSlot uses the GameLib.CodeEnumItemSlots enum.
  • New Method: CostumesLib.GetActiveMannequinCostume() – Returns the Costume object for the mannequin that the player is interacting with.
  • GameLib.GetCostumeCount() was changed to CostumesLib.GetCostumeCount()
  • GameLib.GetCostumeIndex() was changed to CostumesLib.GetCostumeIndex()
  • GameLib.SetCostumeIndex(nIndex) was changed to CostumesLib.SetCostumeIndex(nIndex)


  • New Object Type: Costume – Costumes contain all of the item and dye information for a given costume in the Holo-Wardrobe.
  • New Function: Costume:GetId() – Gets the index for this costume.
  • New Function: Costume:GetSlotItem(eItemSlot) – Returns the item that is set in the Costume for the given item slot. eItemSlot uses the GameLib.CodeEnumItemSlots enum
  • New Function: Costume:GetSlotItemIcon(eItemSlot) – Returns the string for the icon associated with the item used by the Costume for the given slot. eItemSlot uses the GameLib.CodeEnumItemSlots enum
  • New Function: Costume:IsSlotVisible(eItemSlot) – Returns true if the item slot is set to visible and false if it is not. eItemSlot uses the GameLib.CodeEnumItemSlots enum
  • New Function: Costume:GetSlotDyes(eItemSlot) - Returns a table of dyes that the costume uses in the specified item slot. eItemSlot uses the GameLib.CodeEnumItemSlots enum
  • New Function: Costume:SetSlotItem(eItemSlot, idItem) - Sets an unlocked costume item in the indicated slot. eItemSlot uses the GameLib.CodeEnumItemSlots enum
  • New Function: Costume:SetSlotVisible(eItemSlot, bVisible) – Sets the visibility of the given slot in the costume. eItemSlot uses the GameLib.CodeEnumItemSlots enum
  • New Function: Costume:SetSlotDyes(eItemSlot, idDye1, idDye2, idDye3) - Sets the dyes used for the item in the given slot. eItemSlot uses the GameLib.CodeEnumItemSlots enum
  • New Function: Costume:HasChanges() - Returns whether or not there are unsaved changes to the Costume.
  • New Function: Costume:DiscardChanges() - Undoes all unsaved changes made to the Costume.
  • New Function: Costume:SaveChanges() - saves changes made to the Costume. Can only be used if there is no cost for making the changes. The SaveCostumeChanges ActionConfirmButton should be used if there is a cost.
  • New Function: Costume:GetCostOfChanges(); returns a Money object for the cost to save the current changes to the Costume.


  • New Method: GameLib.SummonVanityPet(nPetId). Summons the vanity pet with the specified ID.
  • New Method: GameLib.GetVanityPetList() – Returns an array of tables that contain information on Vanity Pets.
  • New Method: GameLib.GetMountList() – Returns an array of tables that contain information on Mounts.
  • GameLib.GetTaxiNodesForWorld() now includes nRecommendedMaxLevel and nRecommendedMinLevel variables for each Taxi node that is returned.
  • Depricated GameLib.GetCharacterList().
  • Depricated GameLib.GetCharInputKeySetRemoved().
  • Depricated GameLib.GetCostumeItemIcon().
  • Depricated GameLib.GetCostumeItem().
  • Depricated GameLib.SetCostumeItem().
  • Depricated GameLib.IsCostumeSlotVisible().
  • Depricated GameLib.SetCostumeSlotVisible().


  • The ICComm API has been completely rewritten
  • New Enum: ICCommLib.CodeEnumICCommChannelType – The different group types that an ICComm Channel can broadcast to.
  • New Method: ICCommLib.JoinChannel(strChannelName, eChannelType, guildContext) – Allows the player to join an ICComm channel with the specified name. eChannelType uses the ICCommLib.CodeEnumICCommChannelType enum. If the channel type is Guild, then the guild that is using the channel must be passed in as the third parameter.
    • Group messages are the only messages to go cross realm.
    • A client can only belong to a guild channel of a certain name for one guild. - This means that a client cannot be in the guild channel "Bobs" with both a circle and a guild.
    • When registered for a guild channel and you leave the guild, you will be automatically removed from that guilds channel.
  • New Enum: ICCommLib.CodeEnumICCommJoinResult – This contains any error messages that are fired when the player tries to join or leave an ICComm channel
  • New Event: JoinResultEvent(iccomm, eResult) - Fires whenever a player attempts to join or leave the specified ICComm channel. eResult uses the ICCommLib.CodeEnumICCommJoinResult enum.
  • New Function: bool ICComm.SetJoinResultFunction(strFunctionName, tContext) – Sets the function that will handle the JoinResultEvent for the addon. tContext is the addon that the event handler belongs to.
  • New Method: ICCommLib.GetUploadCapacityByType(eChannelType) - returns the upload capacity for ICComm Channels of the specified type. eChannelType uses the ICCommLib.CodeEnumICCommChannelType enum.
  • New Method: ICCommLib. GetDownloadCapacityByType(eChannelType) - returns the download capacity for ICComm Channels of the specified type. eChannelType uses the ICCommLib.CodeEnumICCommChannelType enum.
    • A limit can be surpassed up to 50KB for the single message that surpasses the limit but it will take twice as long for the throttle to be removed.
  • New Enum: ICCommLib.CodeEnumICCommMessageResult – The success and error messages that are sent when the player attempts to send a message
  • New Function: ICComm.SendMessage(strMessage) – Sends a message to every client listening to this channel. Passes back the message’s ID.
    • A client can only send 25 messages per channel type per second
  • New Event: SendMessageResultEvent(iccomm, eResult, idMessage) – Informs the addon of whether or not the message was successfully sent. eResult uses ICCommLib.CodeEnumICCommMessageResult
  • New Function: ICComm.SetSendMessageResultFunction(strFunctionName, tContext) – Sets the function that will handle the SendMessageResultEvent for the addon. tContext is the addon that the event handler belongs to.
  • New Function: ICComm.SendPrivateMessage(strRecipient, strMessage) - Sends a message to a specific user that is registered with the ICComm Channel.
    • Group private messages must have the realm name appended to the receiver's character name.
  • NewEvent: ReceivedMessageEvent(channel, strMessage, idMessage) – Fired whenever the player receives a new message.
  • New Function: ICComm.SetReceivedMessageFunction(strFunctionName, tContext) – Defines the function that will receive messages sent from other clients. tContext is the addon that the function belongs to.
  • New Event: ThrottledEvent(iccomm, strSender, idMessage) – Fired whenever the message that a player tried to send was throttled.
  • New Function: ICComm.SetThrottledFunction(strFunctionName, tContext) – Sets the function that will handle the ThrottledEvent. tContext is the addon that the event handler belongs to.
  • New Constant: ICCommLib.knInvalidICCommMessageId – The ID returned when an invalid message is sent.
  • New Function: ICComm.GetName() – returns the ICComm Channel’s name
  • New Function: ICComm.GetType() – returns the ICComm Channel’s type. The return value uses the ICCommLib.CodeEnumICCommChannelType enum
  • New Function: ICComm.IsReady() - Determines if the ICComm Channel is ready to accept messages.


  • New Function: Item:GetDetailedInfo() – Added Costume unlock information for equipment. bCanCostumeUnlock indicates if the item is eligible to be added to the player’s Holo-Wardrobe. bCostumeUnlocked indicates if the item has already been unlocked for in the Holo-Wardrobe.
  • New Function: Item:IsSalvagedLootSoulbound() - returns true if all the loot salvaged from this item will be automatically soulbound.
  • New Function: Item:IsAlwaysTradeable() has been added. This will return true if the item can be traded to any character. This also implies that the item can be mailed.
  • New Function: Item:IsTradeableTo(unit) - This returns true if the item can be traded to the specified unit.
  • Updated Item:GetDetailedInfo()’s return value to include 'tSoulboundTradeWindow'. This member is of the form '{ nMinutes = #, nSeconds = # }' which defines the window that the item can be traded even while soulbound. The item can only be traded to characters that were also allowed to loot the item when it was originally created.
  • Depricated Item:IsTradeable().


  • New Method: MatchingGame.GetSeasonForRatingType(eRatingType) - Returns the current season for a specific type of rated event. eRatingType uses the MatchingGame.RatingType enum.


  • New Function: Quest:IsBreadcrumb() - This returns true if the quest will lead players to a quest hub or zone. Otherwise, it returns false.
  • New Function: Quest:GetDistance() - Returns distance to the closest indicator for the provided quest.


  • Unit:GetFlightPaths() now includes nRecommendedMaxLevel and nRecommendedMinLevel variables for each Taxi node that the taxi can travel to.
  • New Method: Unit:GetCCStateTotalTime(eCCState) - Gives the total duration for the specified CC State. eCCState uses the Unit.CodeEnumCCState enums.


  • Corporal Bridgewater auto-attack will now do correct damage
  • Summoned Homing Squirgs will no longer drop loot when killed.
  • Summoned Regurgitated Buzzbings will no longer grant XP when killed.
  • Mossy Guardians will no longer drop loot or grant XP when summoned by World Boss Zoetic.
  • Summoned Flamekins no longer drop loot in Witch Giant spell, Call of Nature.
  • Summoned Spirit Stalkers will no longer drop loot and xp when kill for Dagun ability, Call of the Dagun
  • Sub level 30 girrok will now properly cause player wound animations when casting Hurl Plasma Charge.
  • Moved a Steelscale Gnasher that was clipping through props in the Pools of Vitara.
  • Girrok less than level 30 will no longer knockdown players with spell, Hurl Shard Boulder.
  • Buzzbing spell, Corrupt Eye Spores, will now properly trigger wound animations on the player.
  • The energy shields on Slenderskin Crushers in Ellevar now have buff icons and tooltips to clarify their function.
  • Electrifying Nightmare creatures will now properly cast Ethereal Emission when the players are with distance.
  • Some Withering Lacerators in the Ingress in Blighthaven no longer spawn below the terrain and get stuck.
  • Certain world creatures will no longer incorrectly indicate that they are targets for the first quest in the Protogames imbuement quest line.


  • New art for rune item icons.