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Patch 05/18/2016
Release Date (US) 18 May 2016
Build 1.5.1.xxxxx
API Version 12
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Patch 05/04/2016 Patch 06/07/2016


  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause the client to crash.
  • The Exit Window is no longer shown when switching characters while in a sanctuary zone.




  • Rapid Fire
    • Damage decreased to 8.89% Assault Power and 4.75 per level, from 10.37% and 5.53.
    • T8: Damage decreased to 62.19% Assault Power and 14.25 per level, from 66.39% and 16.59.
    • Cooldown decreased to 5s, from 7s.
    • Damage Per Tier increased to 1.48%, from 1.47%.
  • True Shot
    • Base Damage increased to 31.25 per level, from 29.75.
    • Damage Per Tier increased to 6.4%, up from 5.9%.
    • Cooldown decreased to 16s, from 18s.



Rune Sets

  • Mental Prowess
    • T4: Buff now lasts 4s, no longer gets removed while below 3 psi points, and can be refreshed.
    • T8: Upon using Spectral Form, creates a 10m field. While in the field, Each consumer used reduces all Assault ability cooldowns by 2.5s.



  • Pure Soulfrost should now only be awarded to the individual opening the Secret Stash during the Frozen Finds event.


Ultimate Protogames

  • Bev-O-Rage
    • Fixed an issue that was causing Bev-O-Rage to have less Interrupt Armor than intended while casting Carbonated Destruction.

User Interface


Account Inventory

  • The Account Inventory now lives directly inside the Store.
  • The Account Inventory will now only house account bound items (Items that already exist in your Account Inventory will keep their previous functionality until they are all claimed down).


  • Gifts are no longer able to be returned to the gifter.
  • Purchased items are now either directly sent to your inventory or immediately applied to your account (in the case of currency or account unlocks).
  • Gifting is now done directly within the Store, and will now be sent directly to your friends' in-game mailbox.