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Patch 05/19/2015
Release Date (US) 19 May 2015
API Version 10
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Patch 05/12/2015 Patch 06/02/2015


  • The Enhanced Pumera has been added as a new pet in the game which currently subscribed players will receive in their Account Inventory.


  • Spellslinger Sigils on the Human Male and Mordesh are now correctly aligned with their hands.

Holo Wardrobe

  • The player's feet are no longer cut off in the Holo-Wardrobe panel.


  • Star-Comm Basin consumables will no longer persist into PvP maps.


  • Fixed an issue with the way Advanced and Expert Riding Licenses stacked with sprinting. Regular mounts should now be slightly faster while sprinting if either the Advanced or Expert Riding License have been purchased.



  • Fixed an issue involving the saving of AMP selections in action sets. Action sets affected by this issue have been granted a free reset.
  • The Lifesteal AMP will no longer proc when entering a hazard.



  • Electrocute
    • T8: Fixed an issue that caused the T8 Chain Lightning to stop bouncing if the player dodge-rolled or sprinted immediately after the proc.
  • Ricochet
    • Removed legacy AoE snare from T8 Ricochet.



  • Haunt
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the Tier 8 from applying to multiple enemies.



  • Shield Surge
    • T3 now properly heals the caster when AMP: Reboot is active.



  • Bloodthirst
    • The Tier 8 now displays the correct text.
    • No longer breaks the Stalker out of Stealth when cast.



  • Augmented Blade
    • Kinetic Drain has been renamed to differentiate it from the Augmented Blade buff, and is now classified as a debuff.
  • Relentless Strikes
    • Relentless Strikes T4+ now gives the correct amount of Kinetic Energy on deflects and killing blows.


  • Sure Shot
    • Fixed an issue where T4+ of Relentless Strikes would sometimes use both crit charges from Sure Shot's Bullseye buff in 1 attack.



  • Fixed an error that could occur during loading which would prevent a character from being able to interact with the Contract Board.
  • Practical Pummeling: Can now be completed by doing Rated arenas as well. Wining an arena awards addition quest credit.
  • Cage of Carnage can now be completed by doing practice arenas as well. Increased the count to 6. Wining an arena awards addition quest credit.
  • Battleground Zero can now be completed by doing practice battlegrounds as well. Increased the count to 4. Wining an arena awards additional quest credit.
  • Spellslinger reward track items should now provide stats that are more appropriate for the class.
  • The Entertainer flairs acquired from the Protostar Contractually-Obligated Settlements are no longer able to be traded.
  • Contract Commission reward bags have had their tooltip descriptions updated to accurately represent their offerings.
  • Players will now have a chance to receive currency vouchers from contract reward bags, rather than the currency itself.
  • Contracts picked up in a previous day and turned in today will award the appropriate amount of reward points as intended.
  • Contracts no longer count against the player's maximum active quest limit.
  • Renamed "Three Strikes" to Cage of Carnage".
  • Renamed "Capture Secondary Control Point" to "Secondary to Non".
  • Renamed "Practical Practice" to "Practical Pummeling".
  • Renamed "Two by Two" to "Battleground Zero".

Star-Comm Basin

  • The Techno Shell item will now be removed from the player appropriately when the "Outbreak: Star-Comm Basin" public event ends.
  • Players visiting Star-Comm Basin for the first time will no longer have repetitious audio issues during Star-Comm Basin's introduction cinematic.
  • Will now be limited to around 50 players. Additional instances of this zone will be available if the cap is reached.

The Defile

  • Freebot Warheads for the Initialization Core Y-83 Prologue will no longer fail to despawn.


  • Moved "Photograph of Belle" outside of a rock for the quest "Off the Beaten Path".
  • Fixed an issue that caused some creatures and NPCs to appear inside rocks, and therefore inaccessible.


  • Fixed an issue that was causing some dungeons to no longer appear in the LFG window for previously existing characters.

Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden

  • The Catcher in the Blight achievement is now functioning as intended.

Initialization Core Y-83

Prime Evolutionary Operants

  • Adjusted the targeting for Radiation Bath.
  • Degeneration from the Organic Incinerator now lasts 7s.
  • Degeneration from one of the Operants now lasts 15s.



Earthen Biomes

  • Logic Guided Rockslide
    • Absorb shield is no longer affected by healing debuffs.
    • Desynced now applies more reliably.

Elemental Pairs

  • The Elemental Guardians now take 90% reduced damage when they are in close proximity to each other. Hydroflux and Aileron temporarily drop the buff during their mid-phase because they are in forced close proximity.

Limbo Infomatrix

  • Keeper of the Sands' Sand Traps should now spawn at the correct location.


  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the PvP match scoreboard to not list all players at the beginning of a match.
  • Fixed an issue that was improperly scaling down PvP gear in PvP instances.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing incorrect rating gains in rated Arenas and Battlegrounds.
  • Increased the speed in which matchmaking expands the Rating band if no viable match is found.


  • Spellslingers can no longer activate Control Points, Uplinks, or Moodie Masks while in the Void.
  • Stalkers can no longer activate Control Points, Uplinks, or Moodie Masks while in stealth.

Walatiki Temple

  • Masks should once again appear on the minimap.


  • Central controls points are no longer required before entering an opponent's base.


Crimelords of Whitevale

  • During 'Redmoon Rescue', 'First Mate Barugh' will no longer despawn after not being escorted for 20 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug that caused "Pa" Thrasher to become unbeatable.



  • Fixed an issue with the quest Station Optimization in Starcom Basin that would cause the Construct Bays to become unuseable.


  • The Settler Payoff "Protostar Food Ship in Fatalis Fields" in Farside will now prepare the correct recipes for the Meals on Tractor Beams achievement. Each of the 5 vendors will now offer 1 of each menu item.


  • Soldiers are now able to use Bailout within Initialization Core Y-83.


  • Fixed the inconsistent representation of decor positions between decor that is placed around the house, and decor that is placed outside of the house's area. This also fixes issues with copying and pasting transforms between decor.



  • Fixed an issue with some imbuements that caused players to gain unintended bonuses.


Rune Sets

  • The Overpower rune set now shows the correct values of Critical Hit Rating and Strikethrough Rating on the Empower Buff.

User Interface


  • Many icons that were missing have been replaced.


Auction House

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from posting items on the Auction House while in Windowed mode.


  • Fixed an error that would occur if the player changed zones while the Holo-Wardrobe was open.

Objective Tracker

  • Fixed an error that was fired when the player died with Settler Cache missions or Explorer missions in their Objective Tracker.
  • Settler Cache missions and Explorer missions are displayed correctly in the Objective Tracker while the player is dead.

Quest Log

  • The Quest Log will no longer throw an error when a player attempts to view a shared quest when the player does not already have that quest unlocked.

Raid Frame

  • Fixed an error that occurred when loading into a new zone.


  • Players will no longer receive a lua error when mousing over destination nodes within the taxi UI.


  • Fixed item compare tooltips on vendors.
  • Absorption tooltips will now display the correct amount of damage mitigated.


  • Items that cannot be purchased list the reason in the item’s tooltip again.
  • Items show the correct sell price in the Vendor UI.


  • Fixed an error in the Who addon.

Apollo API


  • Fixed a crash caused by joining an ICComm channel more than once before receiving a response from the server.