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Patch 06/02/2015
Release Date (US) 2 June 2015
API Version 10
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Patch 05/19/2015 Patch 06/23/2015


Holo Wardrobe

  • Forgetting a costume item will now remove it from any unsaved changes in the current costume



  • Ground Mounts, Hoverboards, and their respective customization pieces may now be learned at level 3.
  • If in possession of a mount that is already learned, a tooltip will display when hovering over the mount unlock item informing the player that they have already learned the item.



  • All players involved in a kill for a quest should receive credit for that kill, instead of only those who dealt a minimum required amount of damage



  • Annihilation
    • Base damage reduced to 16.62% Assault Power and 7.23 per level, from 19.25% and 8.38.
    • Damage per tier reduced to 0.99% Assault Power, from 1.1%.
    • Field duration increased to 3s.
  • Atomize
    • Tier 4: Can now be proc'd up to 5 times every 0.250s. (i.e. each beam of Gamma Rays has the potential to trigger the cooldown reduction)
    • Tier 8: Damage increased to 7% Assault Power, from 6.15%. DoT duration decreased to 3s, from 4s. First tick of damage applies immediately.
    • Fixed a bug that gave Atomize extra Armor Pierce.
    • No longer triggers GCD (Previously 0.5s).
  • Devastator Probes
    • Tier 4: Detonate damage reduced to 35% of potential damage, from 50%.
    • Tier 8: Targets caught in the radius of multiple detonations will only be affected by one.
  • Fissure
    • Tier 8: Damage increased to 59.83% Assault Power from 45.4%.
    • GCD reduced to 0.75s from 1.0s.
    • Debuff duration reduced to 10s, from 12s.
    • Cooldown reduced to 12s, from 15s.
  • Nullifier
    • Base damage increased to 10.84% Assault Power and 4.73 per level, from 5.91% and 2.58 per level.
    • Damage per tier increased to 1.15% Assault Power, from 0.575%.
    • Damage tick time increased to 1s, from 0.5s.
  • Quantum Cascade
    • Base damage reduced to 27.49% Assault Power and 11.96 per level, from 30.73% and 13.39.
    • Can now be interrupted by Interrupts (i.e. Spellslinger's Arcane Shock)



  • Charged Shot
    • Charge 1 base damage reduced to 24.28% Assault Power and 12.95 per level, from 36.79% and 19.62.
  • Vitality Burst
    • Fixed a bug that caused T8 Vitality Burst C1 to refund extra Spell Power


  • Shock & Awe
    • Can now be proc'd by Arcane Shock and Spatial Shift



  • Whirlwind
    • Since Whirlwind has been overperforming in single target fights, reduced damage to 12.66/lvl + 36% ap + 3% ap/tier, down from 13.34/lvl + 36% ap + 3.75% ap/tier.



  • With recent changes to the way Taxi routes are unlocked, Taxi discovery has been removed from Zone Completion.


  • Fixed an issue that would cause DRED Agents for the quest "Leave No Trace" to not be able to be activated.


  • The health boosts around the "Road Rage" challenge area in Whitevale will now appropriately refill your vehicle's health.


  • Reduced the count required for Unmasking the Competition to 4.

Dominion Arkship

  • Adjusted the settler depot comm call so it no longer references the now removed Datachron.

Northern Wastes

  • The Rime Hide Champions will now give credit for the Frostbitten Foes challenge.

Western Grimvault

  • During the quest "With Great Power", player movement buff speed has been lowered; cooldowns on spells abilities have been lowered; movement speed on Malicious Maulers has been slightly increased; and respawn rate has also been increased. This is to reduce the instances where mauler spawns are rare/unseen during a given battle with the World Destroyer (but increasing the maulers' ability to stay in combat with players), but without punishing players (reducing special quest spell cooldowns significantly).



  • Fixed a bug that caused Spellslingers who cast Void Slip and then died in Mordechai's lava pit to be instantly killed upon rezzing

Initialization Core Y-83

Prime Evolutionary Operants

  • Strain Incubation now clears at the start of the Mass Transmission phase.
  • Sternum Busters now spawn when Strain Incubation is cleared due to a Transmission.
  • Incinerator no longer resets its spin if a Stalker uses Tactical Retreat.
  • Loot distributes properly if a pet gets the killing blow.


  • Zoning into a completed raid should no longer save you to that instance or attempt to restart the public event.


Elemental Pairs

  • Hydroflux and Aileron
    • Entombed in Ice and Twirl casts are now correctly synced.
    • Entombed in Ice is now removed when Hydroflux begins casting Tsunami.
  • Megalith and Aileron
    • Fierce Swipe's target cap has been raised significantly.

Limbo Infomatrix

    • The encounter should once again correctly reset when all players are dead.
    • The Immortal challenge now correctly resets after a wipe.
    • The Havok in Limbo challenge objective now correctly ends if it hasn't been successfully completed when encounter ends.

Volatility Lattice

    • Data Devourers can now be interrupted by Arcane Shock.


  • Adjusted the base PvP damage modifier to increase time to kill.
  • Adjusted PvP healing modifers to scale healing with the decreased damage output.


Daggerstone Pass

  • Can now capture uplinks while affected by the Stealth Detection Buff.
  • Stealth Detection Buff no longer counts as carrying an object.

Walatiki Temple

  • Players can no longer pick up Moodie Masks from the Totems while stealthed or in Void Slip.

Rune Sets


  • Stalwart Tier 3 Bonus will now properly reduce the player's CC break ability by 8%.


Bay of Betrayal

  • Fixed invisible geo on the CommStations in Levian Bay Adventure.
  • An issue that occasionally caused the opposing team to not appear has been corrected.
  • Psycho Tziti will properly buff resurrected allies after players wipe on the Trial of Endurance.
  • Players are no longer able to survive Terminus Blast when cast by fully-charged Calidor.



  • Wilderrun missions will now show up in the objective tracker.


  • Fixed an issue that caused decor to randomly be placed back in the crate after leaving the housing property.



Vanity Pets

  • The Chompacabra, Eldan Probebot, and Scorchwing's Hatchling pets all now have the correct tooltip saying the item cannot be used again once the pet has already been collected.
  • The Tiny Blue Splorg is now correctly gated behind Beloved reputation in Farside
  • Fixed an issue that caused the last unlocked pet to disappear from the collectibles UI until relog after transferring worlds.
  • The Carrot Sproutling companion pet has found its way into an alternate means of acquisition.

User Interface

  • Fixing a bug where missions for multiple paths can show in the objective tracker.


  • Removed the "My Realm Only" option for Matchmaker
  • Players will see fewer combat log lua errors
  • Preview windows for individual items in the Holo-wardrobe will not respond to attempts to rotate or zoom in/out the camera. The main preview window that shows the entire costume still has this functionality.
  • Fixed an error with the PvP Scoreboard that occurred whenever multiple players left a match at the same time.
  • The player's team's flags in Walatiki Temple will always appear on the left side of the UI.
  • Adding a label to MatchTracker that tells players which team they're on.
  • Fixed addon error when attempting to get "/who" information on a player


  • DE: During Adventures, an "XP" drop will now properly display as "EP".