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Patch 06/07/2016
Release Date (US) 7 June 2016
API Version 12
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Patch 05/18/2016 Patch 06/22/2016


  • Fixed a Client crash on shutdown.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused item imbuement quests that require collecting an item to not complete.


  • World Story instances are now available from the content finder without having previously done the quests.
  • There are now daily quests for both OMNICore-1 and Vault of the Archon located in the capital cities.



  • Creatures that spawn in will no longer despawn if they evade to their initial spawn location.
  • A World Boss Cache will now spawn upon defeating Tower-Engineer Renhakul. Get those lockbox keys ready!
  • Fixed a few instances where a character would randomly teleport off into the void.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the player to fail to load into the Tundra Wurm mining zone.

Vault of the Archon

  • Players will now receive reputation and soulfrost for completing this instance. Additionally, gold and renown rewards have been increased, and mobs have been updated to drop loot similar to that of Arcterra.
  • Players are now pointed toward the optional encounters in Varegor Pass.


  • Journey into OMNICore-1 and Vault of the Archon now both count for the Tier 2 "Troubleshooter" contract.


  • The quests for OMNICore-1 now match the standard of other similar instances, allowing you to accept and complete the quest when entering through the Content Finder.

Star-Comm Basin

  • The Star-Comm events should occur more consistently.


Initialization Core Y-83

  • Added a new title, "Survivor of the Quarantined Core" to the Evolutionary Revolutions achievement.


  • A proper cooldown has been added to the Protostar Housing Teleportation Unit allowing for the service token cooldown bypass to behave correctly.
  • Players that have purchased the Lopp Disguise may now dance to their heart's content when under the effects of the Lopp Disguise toy.

User Interface


Account Inventory

  • Merged the Bind To Account button into the Bind To Character button.


  • A "Waiting for Allies" prompt will no longer appear in World Story instances entered via matchmaking.


  • Fixed issue where sometimes the daily reward panel would not display anything when loading back into a character already in the world