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Patch 06/22/2016
Release Date (US) 22 June 2016
API Version 12
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Patch 06/07/2016 Patch 07/14/2016


  • The "Note" field has been removed from the Realm Select list.
  • Higher shadow quality now extends the area that real-time shadows are applied over.
  • Updated the tooltips on A.M.P. and Ability unlocks on the Elder Gem Vendor.
  • All vendor-purchased Hoverboards and Hoverboard Flairs should now consistently be sell-able for 1 copper.
  • Several loading screen tips have been adjusted to reflect the more recent changes to various systems.



  • Removed legacy tooltip for AMP unlocks.
  • Disarmed weapons will now use the same texture that is used when the players hands.
  • Fixed an issue where certain spell setups would position improperly (as with Siege of the Lightspire).



  • Diminsherbot
    • Strobe now shows a debuff icon for targets within the AoE.
  • Hyper Wave
    • The T8 bonus will now display a buff icon and tooltip.
  • Shock Pulse
    • T4: Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause Mortar Strike to give double tokens.
    • The T8 root will no longer apply if the Snare is CC broken.
  • Urgent Withdrawal
    • T8: now displays a buff icon for CC immunity.


  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused the debuff from Dirty Tricks not to apply to all targets.



  • Companion
    • Fixed a bug that caused Companion to heal twice as much.



  • Recharge
    • The buff tooltip will now correctly state the duration of the Focus Heal over time.



  • Analyze Weakness
    • The visual effects connecting the Stalker to the target will be present the entire duration. This effect can now only be seen by the Stalker.
  • Steadfast
    • The T8 absorb shield will now display a duration in the buff icon tooltip.



  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to complete the episode "Sunken Prospects" if you had missed the quest "Protostar SOS in Algoroc".


Vault of the Archon

  • Fixed a line of Dorian's dialogue so it uses correct gender tokens in the French language client.


  • Only one Ghost of Lady Maxia will appear now when completing the quest "An Earnest Request" in Auroria.


  • The Chompacabra Unburrowing creatures for the Golden Jabbit holdout no longer display "Unreachable Target" in Blighthaven.



  • Changed the telegraphs of the Tanglewind Dust Devils in Malgrave to green.
  • Emissary Autraka now appears correctly for the step to "Find the Missing Dominion diplomats" for the quest Rescue the Emissaries in Deradune.
  • Players will no longer see units from The Lost Caverns miro on the mini map while in Deradune.


  • The supply crates you must defend during the holdout for the quest "Staying Hydrated" on Farside no longer display "nil" above their names.
  • Moved an Elemental Heart for the challenge "Elemental Grab Bag" out of a rock in Farside.



  • Illium Citizens inside the Housing of the Future display are now interested in hearing about the wonders of Dominion science for the 'Spreading the Word' challenge.


  • The Water Twisters in Malgrave now apply a debuff icon to affected players.
  • The Lopp Egg Cooker t-spell for the quest Over Easy in Malgrave now has a tooltip.
  • The location links for the quest The Sound of Judgment in Malgrave now point to the right location.
  • The spell Legal Documents for the quest You've Been Served! in Malgrave now has a tooltip.


  • Players should no longer be teleported out of the instance when entering OMNICore with the "Journey to OMNICore-1" quest.
  • The quest "Rebooting OMNICore-1" should now be correctly offered by Belle Walker or Axis Pheydra within OMNICore-1 if you've completed "Journey into OMNICore-1."
  • The Dominion version of the "World Story: OMNICore-1" daily quest now correctly awards two expedition merits.

Star-Comm Basin

  • Players will now receive credit for killing creatures corrupted by the Strain Vaccination for the quest "Strain Vaccination" in Star-Comm Basin.


  • The companion pet category on the Consumables Vendor is now appropriately named.
  • Warning prompt appears when about to accept a PvP quest.
  • PvP Quests will be identified in the world by a unique icon over the quest giver.
  • The AMP and Ability Point Upgrades that are available at the Consumables Vendor should no longer list duplicate usability info in their tooltips.
  • Flagging for PvP will now rally all gear down to item level 90.
  • Unflagged players will no longer be able to right-click attack a flagged player.
  • A new tier 2 contract has been added to complete the new PvP Open World quests that were added to Crimson Badlands, Star-Comm Basin, and Northern Wastes.
  • PvP quests will be indicated on the mini map with the appropriate quest icon.
  • A new, distinctive sound effect will be played when the player becomes flagged for PvP combat.
  • The Halls of the Bloodsworn contract for "Secondary Control Points" is now for Ejector Panels.



  • Updated DE localized voice over in Datascape.


In-Game Store

  • You can now purchase items from the store for other characters on your account.



  • The Vortex and Rosie Hoverboard Flairs have been adjusted to superb quality, as to better correspond with their associated Hoverboards.

Vanity Pets

  • Standardized tooltips for various pets


  • Modified the tree behavior of the schematic list such that multiple sections can be expanded at the same time.


  • No more floating rocks in Elite level mineral deposit plug!
  • Stalker's innate 'Nano Skin' can be applied normally while under the 'EVA XR-51' buff.

User Interface



  • Updated the sprite used to indicate new items.


  • When turning in a quest via Communicator, all rewards that would be present if talking to the quest receiver should be shown.

Context Menu

  • Players can now request to join a group from the right-click context menu.


  • Currency gain floating text updates will no longer be combined for different currency types; this led to incorrect values being reported.


  • Keyboard Turn Speed slider minimum now set to 0.2 instead of 0.1 to match the real minimum of 0.2
  • Includes option for enabling or disabling prompt on accepting PvP quest.

Target Frame

  • Gibbed targeted unit previews will no longer gib in a loop.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs would not have their names text color change based on disposition to the player.

Galactic Archive

  • The entry for 'Whimwood' now correctly shows a Whim tree.


  • Adjusted Dreadwatcher's Encrust spell visual effects so that it displays properly on all race/class types.
  • Adjusted Dreadwatcher's AI so that it properly casts its Cyst spells.