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Patch 06/23/2015
Release Date (US) 23 June 2015
API Version 10
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Patch 06/02/2015 Patch 07/07/2015



  • Artifact Weapons - Beyond the Reach of Memory no longer refers to incorrect quest names.
  • We've properly reduced cooldown of the Reactive Low-Pass Lens gadget when hitting allies.




  • Fissure
    • T8 bonus damage tooltip displays the correct value.





  • Contract credit for the Contract "Battle in the Basin" now awards credit based on public event contribution.
  • All gear awarded from the reward track will now have an additional rune slot. Gear that has already been awarded will be able to have an additional slot added via Eldan Runic Modules.
  • Contractually-Obligated Settlements will now provide a guaranteed elder gem reward (at a reduced rate) alongside one of the other vanity options, rather than one or the other.

Levian Bay

  • The Daily Quest "Secure Star-Comm Basin" may now be completed while in a raid group.


  • Fixed several issues that could cause the AI to become non-responsive.

Stormtalon's Lair


  • Fixed an issue that was causing Aethros to sometimes fail his phase transition behaviors.

Initialization Core Y-83

  • Achievements should now be awarded properly.
  • The event objective "Smooth Operator" has been renamed to "Evolutionary Revolutions" to better match the achievement for the Hard Mode version of the encounter.
  • Fallout should no longer sometimes snap-change its orientation when the cast completes.

Prologue Quests

  • The corrupted Access Guardian Y-83 now spawns at regular intervals.
  • Keepin' Them Down can now be advanced while in a raid group.
  • Fixed an issue with Keepin' Them Down where players could potentially not get credit when Corrupted Access Guardian Y-83 is killed.




  • Successfully completing challenges during the Avatus encounter should correctly advance the Subroutine Execution step of the Project Legacy Imbuement questline.

Elemental Pairs

  • Mnemesis
    • Defragment was using varied damage values across different casts of the spell. Damage has been normalized to 400% Tech across all instances of the spell (Down from 500% and up from 200% in certain cases).
  • Visceralus and Aileron
    • Lightning Strike should no longer target tanks that are currently tanking.
  • Visceralus and Mnemesis
    • Defragment and Derez now have a shared cooldown to prevent them from casting on top of each other.
    • Logic Leash now has a 5s lead up period before it begins dealing damage (up from 3s). There is also now a telegraph wave to indicate when the damage starts.
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing Vibromatic Synthesis from occurring.



Daggerstone Pass

  • Fixed the minimap icons for bomb carriers.
  • Rating and loot bags should now be awarded properly to the winning/losing team.

Halls of the Bloodsworn

  • Using a jump pad now breaks CCs and prevents CC application for 1.5s.


  • Fixed a client crash when placing a deployable on a Warplot.


  • Algoroc, Malgrave, Northern Wilds, Farside, Grimvault, and Wilderrun Biome plugs no longer have a maintenance cost.
  • Fixed an issue where the melting pot couldn't be cooled down when it was stirred.



  • Completing imbuement quests which add a rune slot will no longer prevent the player from adding a rune slot using Eldan Runic Modules.


Rune Sets

  • "Follow Through" damage proc on the Ionization Rune Set now does the proper amount of damage.
  • Isotopic rune set bonus "Riposte" now ignores damage variance and con modifiers.
  • Ionization rune set bonus "Showoff" now properly buffs allies.
  • Spectral Shift
    • Visuals now correctly display when the 8 and 12 piece Spectral Shift set procs.

User Interface

  • The quests in the objective tracker will now update once a second.
  • Improved server stability.
  • Fixed issue where Players who had previously disabled spell AutoSelectCharacter were unable to re-enable it once the UI for this was removed. Now it always acts as the default (on).
  • Fixed an issue that caused pets placed on the action bars to get stuck in a cast loop.
  • When a player has unlocked their first path ability, the Action Bar Frame will show the button to choose that path ability.
  • Fixed an issue where items containing 8 runes would cause player inventory to not fully load on the client.
  • Improved reconnect logic to avoid potential hang on loading screen.
  • Fixed some performance issues.


  • Addons that will depend on the objective tracker will no longer throw errors when the objective tracker is not loaded.


  • Updated the help page address displayed when the launcher is unable to connect to the patch server.


  • Capped the ends to all of the Strain Spire meshes.
  • Fixed floating mushrooms in Hunter's Terrace.
  • Fixed bug in Dominion intro cinematic that was turning off Chua eyebrows.