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"Heroes Evolved"
Patch 07/14/2016
Release Date (US) 14 Jul 2016
API Version 12
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Patch 06/22/2016 Patch 07/27/2016

Heroes Evolved is the eighth content drop for WildStar.


  • Creating Level 50s: Players can purchase and create level-50 characters, allowing them to jump directly into max-level content. These characters will provide you with all of the necessary gear and system upgrades, along with some additional goodies to make sure you're prepped for your big adventure on Nexus.
  • Multi-Queuing: Queue up for multiple types of instanced content, either solo or as a group.
  • Cross-Faction Instances: Faction restrictions for Dungeons, Expeditions, Practice Arenas, and Battlegrounds have been removed.
  • New Race/Class Combinations: Added two new race/class combinations, Chua Warrior and Aurin Engineer, that can be purchased and unlocked from the in-game Store.
  • Race and Gender Changes: Players can change their character's race or gender at the Chop Shop vendors found in-game.
  • Path Master: Players are now able to learn and level up additional Paths, and switch between them any time.
  • More Account-Wide Offerings: Protostar Promissory Notes and a number of AMP and Ability Tier Points are now account-wide and able to be used by any character.
  • Enhanced Arcterra Rewards: Arcterra Soulfrost vendors now have enhanced gear and rewards to help players better prepare for veteran expeditions, dungeons and raids.


  • Implemented queuing for multiple types of matchmaking queues simultaneously.
  • Improved the average wait time calculation for matchmaking.
  • Fixed an error which could occasionally cause a player to remain in a World Story instance (such as OMNICore-1) after leaving the instance group.
  • Fixed a bug which could occasionally cause the client to stop queuing after leaving an unfinished game.
  • Fixed a bug affecting visibility of lore collectibles (Journals, Tales From Beyond the Fringe, Datacubes) in instanced content.
  • Changed the matchmaking penalty system from a spell debuff which prevents queueing to a queue time penalty system.
  • Fixed a bug which occasionally prevented players from being able to teleport back into match finder games after disconnecting.


  • Purchasing Steam packages for WildStar will now properly award Cosmic Reward Points.
  • Added pluralization support to the currency name when you don't have enough source currency and the conversion requires more than one of that currency.
  • Fixed an issue when changing races that caused race-specific appearance options to show up on the new race until relogging.



  • Changing your face style now also allows you to customize it for free! Now you are free to make your face look how you want it.
  • Race description tooltips will now be shown for all races of the selected faction, instead of only the currently selected race.
  • Added indication of purchasable classes in the Race Description popup.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented the full area of the "Unlock Costume Item" button in the confirmation window from being clickable.
  • Fixed dye buttons for swimwear in Holo-Wardrobe so they are not selectable as intended.



  • The Box Promo Snarfelynx will no longer be Account Bound. You can once again trade this between accounts or sell it on the Auction House.



  • The following AMP Power Upgrades are now Account Tradeable. This means you can unlock them on one character and then send additional copies to your alts. Each character is still restricted to the 1-use limit per item.
    • Shiphand's AMP Power Upgrade
    • Crimson Badlands AMP Power Upgrade
    • Northern Wastes AMP Power Upgrade
    • Star-Comm Station AMP Power Upgrade
    • Prestigious AMP Power Upgrade 1
    • Renowned AMP Power Upgrade

Ability Tier Point Unlocks

  • The following Ability Tier Point Unlocks are now Account Tradeable. This means you can unlock them on one character and then send additional copies to your alts. Each character is still restricted to the 1-use limit per item.
    • Adventurer's Ability Tier Point Unlock
    • Blighthaven Ability Tier Point Unlock
    • The Defile Ability Tier Point Unlock
    • Prestigious Ability Tier Point Unlock 1
    • Renowned Ability Tier Point Unlock




  • The Arctic Shredder Mount should now have an appropriate icon.
  • The "Fate of the Frozen" event now displays a timer showing when it will return.
  • Players may now immediately log out from the Sanctuary portion of Shiverskull Tower. Additionally, when hanging out in the opposite faction's area, the timer will now start at 10 seconds, rather than 5.
  • All item-level-85 armor and weapons from Arcterra have been updated with a new imbuement to further increase their item level by 5.
  • The vendors in Arcterra have acquired new wares. Speak to your faction's Soulfrost Vendor to obtain the new imbuement items needed to power up your existing gear. In addition, be sure to visit the Reputation vendor for your Pure Class Foci and an Arcterra-exclusive Ability Point.
  • The drop rates for the Icebound Pouch have been improved slightly in favor of receiving non-décor items.

Vault of the Archon

  • The Arcterra Ability Point now has a chance to drop upon gold medal completion.


  • Added support for Account Currency quest rewards.
  • Protostar Promissory Notes will now stack to 1000.
  • Any remaining "Pouches of Promissory Notes" and "Overflowing Pouches of Promissory Notes" have been removed from the game. Affected players will receive in-game mail containing an appropriate amount of Promissory Notes
  • All contracts will now award players with a new Promissory Note account currency that will function similarly to the previous items, but will be usable by any character on the account.

Star-Comm Basin

  • Events should start with more regularity now.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented some grouped players from interacting with the lockbox at the end of a dungeon.



  • Lead can now be transferred between team members.


  • Added Path unlocking and Path switching to the Path Log UI.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing characters created at level 50 to not receive Tier 2 of their Path spells.


  • Protostar Promissory Notes are now an account level currency that can be spent at all of the reputation conversion NPCs across Nexus on any character on your account.

In-Game Store

  • Fixed a bug which could occasionally cause store banners to not load properly.
  • Fixed errors around banner fetching/loading.
  • The bind-to-character confirmation dialog will no longer be shown for account currency purchases or account level unlocks.
  • Window will no longer close when following the store link on Service Token prompt.



  • Items from the Summer Décor Pack should now be Account Tradeable.


  • The underground casino portion of the underground casino FABkit no longer displays "Creepy Cave." In addition, the mini-map no longer displays gray.
  • The underground casino no longer takes you to a new instance, but a new underground area of the housing plot. The interior may also be decorated as well.


  • Items that new characters start with that bind on equip or acquire will now be Soulbound upon character creation.


  • Fixed a bug that caused gadgets in the inventory to have the restricted icon overlay even though all requirements were met.

User Interface


Account Inventory

  • There are now filters for Consumables, Toys, and Loot Bags. Filtering presentation and logic have also been revised.


  • Faction indicator when inspecting other players now uses their base faction rather than current faction.


  • The "Advice" channel has been renamed to "Nexus" and is now available to all players on the realm (including those of the opposite faction)! The /a shortcut may still be used to access the Nexus channel in addition to /n and /nexus. Localized versions of this channel have been similarly renamed from AdviceFrench and AdviceGerman to NexusFrench and NexusGerman, respectively.

Chop Shop

  • Fixed an issue that caused characters to be displayed without underwear when changing race in the Character Chop Shop while the Chest and Leg armors were hidden.

Circuitboard Crafting

  • Crafting windows will now interrupt Mouse Look mode when invoked.


  • Added support for Account Currency quest rewards.
  • Fixed a Lua error which could occur when using the Communicator to call a quest giver for an achieved quest with no fixed rewards.


  • Added support for Account Currency quest rewards.


  • When affected by a queue penalty, the time in queue will appear red and have a tooltip explaining the penalty.
  • The "Join the Fight" button will be disabled when in a group that is queued as a group for matchmaking.
  • The Quests tab will now initialize properly in all instances.


  • Players can now access their queue status window from the Mini-map when queued for a match.

Quest Log

  • Added support for Account Currency quest rewards.

Welcome Window

  • Fixed an error that happened when a bonus event updated while the window was loading.

Apollo API

  • Path Mission
    • Fixed an issue that required a double-click on a Path Mission that was already selected in order to show the Hint arrow.

Chat Log

  • Player chat from the opposite faction will no longer be substituted with the alien language.
  • Hostile player names will now appear red in the chat log when speaking in public chat channels.

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