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Patch 08/10/2016
Release Date (US) 10 Aug 2016
Build 1.5.4.xxxxx
API Version 12
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Patch 07/27/2016 Patch 08/15/2016


  • Improvements were made to role selection for matchmaking; this should cause players queued as Support and DPS to receive their Support role more often, and players queued solely as DPS to be matched faster.
  • Fixed a matchmaking bug which could leave party leaders unable to disband their party after leaving an instance group still in-progress.


  • Fixed rare crash that happened when changing worlds while still loading certain assets for the first time.



  • Fixed an issue that was causing map icons for public events in Arcterra to be missing, incorrectly positioned, or left on the map without an event running.

Northern Wilds


  • Players will no longer receive Path AMP and Ability point unlock items (Path level 15 and 30 respectively) if they have already unlocked the extra AMP/Ability point from any given Path.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Path spells to not be available on the action bar after switching Paths.


In-Game Store

  • Fixed an issue where the "not enough alternate currency" message was not displaying the correct currency tokens.


  • The "Winterfest Brought to you By" sky unlock will no longer have a price tag to apply the sky to your housing plot.

User Interface

  • Fixed PublicEventTracker addon error.


Action Bar

  • Fixed an issue where Amp-based abilities were sometimes being incorrectly removed from non-active specs when loading players into maps (in certain setups).