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Patch 09/13/2017
Release Date (US) 13 September 2017
Build 1.7.3.xxxxx
API Version 16
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Patch 09/06/2017 Patch 10/04/2017

Prime Instances

  • Dungeons and Expeditions that were previously capped at Prime Level 10 are now available up to Prime Level 12. The maximum base item level is 125 for Prime Expeditions and 130 for Prime Dungeons.
  • Players who were stuck on Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden Prime Level 2 should now be freed and able to further advance through higher Prime Levels.


  • The Hide Neighbor Skyplots option is now disabled on individual plots while they're placed in a Community. The Community setting for Skyplot display is always used regardless of individual residence settings.
  • A terrain graphical conflict that affected an area on one of the Community plots has been fixed. Community-set ground textures should no longer interfere with individual plot grounds.