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"WildStar: Reloaded"
Patch 09/29/2015
Release Date (US) 29 September 2015
API Version 11
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Patch 09/15/2015 Patch 10/06/2015


WildStar: Reloaded is the sixth drop for WildStar. This update features the transition to Free-to-Play.


  • WildStar is Free-to-Play! We're tearing down the walls of a subscription service and offering unrestricted access to the game and its content. New Signature service offers bonuses on top of the base game, which can also be unlocked with gold-purchased C.R.E.D.D. And the new in-game store offers optional boosts, bonuses, and cosmetic items you can buy for cash or with OmniBits—a new free currency earned alongside XP when defeating enemies.
  • Cosmic Rewards If you've ever spent money on WildStar in the past, or ever do spend anything in the future, you're awarded with points in our new Cosmic Rewards system—unlocking bonuses, benefits, and cosmetic items!
  • Combat Stat Revamp What was Moxie, anyway? Our stat system wasn't always the easiest to understand, and with the Reloaded update we've gone back over the games core stats to make them all a bit clearer in name and function.
  • Early Game Improvements First impressions are always the most important, and we've gone back and completely redone the character creation, tutorial, and intro leveling experience for all characters. Whether you're new to MMOs or a WildStar veteran, you'll find a new intro experience tailored just for you.
  • Crafting Improvements Crafting in WildStar offers a lot of freedom to create customized gear, but it was also sometimes a fairly convoluted process. We've gone over crafting again to smartly integrate the new stat changes, keeping things deep and rewarding while removing some of the unnecessary complexity.
  • Improving Runes Runes are the bite-sized pieces of equipment that let you customize your stats and even some of your abilities. The original Rune system could get pretty complex and time-consuming, so for the Reloaded update we focused on making it more accessible to new players, less painful for veterans, and just more fun in general.
  • Making Life Easier Alongside all the hundreds of nitty-gritty balance and systems changes, we also added a handful of new quality-of-life improvements just to help make your time on Nexus more enjoyable. No need to thank us. But you can if you want to.
  • Bonus Events We're not just focusing on this update, we're planning for what's next, and in-game bonus events are going to be rolling out until the end of this year—and beyond! Like leveling faster? Like getting your PvP gear faster? You'll love the new bonus events! And take a quick sneak peek at the upcoming Shade's Eve, Protostar's Gala Winterfest Extravaganza, and Hoverboard zPrix Invitational holidays.
  • Alpha Sanctum WildStar has a galactic-sized narrative, and you'll get into the epic saga even sooner with a new level-15 single-player instance—the Alpha Sanctum—that serves as a prologue to the game's World Story.
  • Discoveries Discoveries are small cracks in the ground you might discover while adventuring throughout Nexus, and they'll give you rewards for digging them up. We added a lot more of them, spread them around, and added a ton of new rewards.
  • Login Incentives Every day you log in you'll earn a new reward—from OmniBits, to XP-boosting potions, to pets and mounts. Put aside the fact that you're getting to play the most incredible, mind-blowing MMO gaming experience of your life—just logging in gets you cool rewards! It almost feels like cheating. But it's not. We checked.
  • Last Chance Lockboxes Completing a Dungeon or Adventure presents you with an additional chance at loot from that instance. The keys to open the lockbox can be purchased from the in-game store with cash, or by using OmniBits.
  • Streamlined Dungeons We've streamlined dungeons to provide consistent small-group content throughout the leveling experience. But don't jump in expecting to press a couple buttons and pick up loot—WildStar continues to offer a new level of challenging gameplay.
  • World Bosses All of the game's world bosses have been brought up to max-level, and offer coordinated groups of level-50 players extremely challenging raid content in the outdoor world. Once defeated, the bosses won't reappear for a day or two, but you can force them to reemerge by spending Progenitor Access Particles, a new item earned from tackling outdoor 5-player content.


  • Fixed a journal inaccuracy and made it clear Nexus orbits a trinary star system.

Client Optimization

  • We have done numerous optimizations to the WildStar client.
  • Most players should experience a higher frame rate in general and find the game smoother than before.
  • At the same time, the memory requirement has been reduced.
  • The 32-bit client will also automatically adjust graphic settings to better manage memory usage.
  • The client size has also been heavily optimized. The new client now requires much less disk space now.

Graphics Options

  • Added a new "Ultra" Texture Quality setting for systems with abundant video memory.


  • Fixed a server-side issue that was causing increasing server lag for Players over time (noticeable to Players with their spell casts & attacks being delayed, NPCs not moving right away, activating objects & comm calls delayed after being triggered,
  • Flying pets will follow the player more smoothly.
  • EULA has been updated to reflect the addition of NCoin services to WildStar.
  • Weekly Elder Gem cap has been increased to 250.
  • Account items from standard and deluxe edition rewards cannot be claimed multiple times if the player already has the item in an inventory or bank. This prevents additional copies of the items from being mailed to the player.
  • Terminology - Shiphands are now Expeditions, Expeditions are now Housing Expeditions, Explorer Expedition missions are now Cartography missions, and Explorer Cartography missions are now Vista missions.
  • The cooldown for Wake Here resurrection has changed. Free players may use Wake Here again after 1 hour, Signature players may use it after 30 minutes.
  • Signature players will now have a 50% bonus to reputation gained from combat and a 25% bonus to reputation gained from quests.
  • Signature players will now receive a 25% to currency, Renown, Prestige, Glory, and Crafting Vouchers granted by killing creatures and players or completing quests.
  • General Goods vendors have set up shop next to the Auction Houses that did not previously have convenient merchants nearby.
  • With the recent system changes that took place in WildStar, several loading screen tips have been adjusted.
  • The first character to log into a realm will now consistently be able to create more than two characters.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause players to get immediately disconnected upon entering the world from character select.
  • Rest XP has been standardized to provide more regular amounts, across more avenues of experience gain.
  • Several level up unlock notifications have been adjusted to account for new system changes.
  • Signature players will now receive a 25% bonus to XP and Elder Point gains.




  • The Exile Cryosuit costume set is no longer restricted from use by faction.
  • The player may now dye their armor starting from level 3 instead of 14.
  • Adjusted the costume system to allow unlocked but deprecated items to still be used in costumes.


  • Several mounts have been renamed for consistency.
  • The Snarfelynx Mount, Data Drifter Mount, and Glitterkitty Cruiser Hoverboard now indicate that they travel faster than normal and ignore riding skill in their tooltips.

Holo Wardrobe

  • All players will now start with 4 costume slots automatically unlocked regardless of level, with players who have redeemed a WildStar retail ("box") key receiving an additional 2 for a total of 6.
  • The loading screen tip stating that you may dye your armor at level 14 has become inaccurate and has been adjusted to say that you may create costumes and dye them using the holo-wardrobe at level 3.
  • Items in the Holo-Wardrobe that a character cannot use because they failed a prerequisite will now be displayed in a disabled state.
  • Costume items can now be unlocked regardless of a character's ability to use the item.
  • We have standardized the costs using dyes in the Holo-Wardrobe. We have also implemented a system that will adjust the cost of using dyes based upon the players level so that at lower levels the costs will be much more reasonable for new characters.


  • Players will now be prevented from claiming an account item from their pending inventory if it is multi-redeem and already in their account inventory.
  • Stats on items will now properly display the stats they are currently providing while the player is rallied.
  • The spell effect tooltips for spells provided by items will now properly reflect the effective item level of the item which cast it. The effective item level is different than the item level when the character is rallied or mentoring.


  • The Retroblade now displays a different error when the player is ineligible to use it.
  • Reduced duration of Provisional Mount Licenses from 24 hours to 2 hours.


  • Abilities no longer require a purchase cost to unlock
  • Reworked Ability rollout for all classes.
  • Support stances have moved to level 6.
  • Ability slots now unlock at levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, and 10.


  • No longer require item unlocks to use.
  • Deflect Critical Hit AMPs have been replaced with Critical Mitigation (4% per AMP)
  • Focus Cost Reduction AMPs increased to 5%, from 2%.
  • Focus Recovery AMPs (Desperation, Attrition, Focus Mastery) have updated recovery values.


  • Duels can be initiated, won, lost and run away from without error.
  • Player Pets will no longer be aggro'd on by NPCs while in Stance (Defensive) unless the Pet's owning Player is in combat with the NPC. Player Pets will never be aggro'd on by NPCs while in Stance (Passive).
  • Pets now move at a rate associated with their owning Player's speed when out of combat, and at set rates when in combat.
  • Pets outside of combat match player run/sprint speed if they need to run, else they walk.
  • Players will now resurrect with at least 50% Focus. In Arenas, Battlegrounds, and Warplots players will now resurrect with 100% Focus.
  • Players in alternate planes (such as Spellslingers using Void Slip) when a creature dies should receive credit for the kill in quests, achievements, etc.
  • Combat logs of heal to shield conversions will now display to all players correctly instead of just the recipient player.
  • Secondary Stats Rating-to-Stat conversion formula has been revised and they now undergo a new Diminishing Returns formula.
  • All cooldowns on NPC's should now be properly being cleared on evasion.
  • Fixed an issue where spell castbars wouldn't get displayed in certain rare setups.
  • Summoning an engineer bot should once again not stop Hold to Continue Casting.


Innate Abilities

  • Eradication Exosuit and Provocation Exosuit now allow Engineer AMPs and Abilities to ignore Volatility threshold requirements while active.
  • Eradicate
    • Removed the 5% Armor penalty.
  • Provoke
    • Removed 6% Damage Reduction. Reduced Max Health bonus to 5%, down from 6.6%. Added 10% Glance Chance and Strikethrough rating equal to 80% Support Power.


  • Artillery Bot
    • T4: Now increases Multi-Hit Severity by 5%, changed from 6.5% Critical Hit Chance.
    • [Bot Ability] Barrage no longer resets the cooldown if the first damage pulse kills the target.
  • Bio Shell
    • Expose now reduces Technology Mitigation by 6% (flat) for 7s + 0.5s per tier, changed from 7-15% (multiplicative) for 11s.
    • T8: Now grants a dash token on use and deals an additional 61.36% AP physical damage to the primary target.
    • Now shows splash range in the tooltip and displays a telegraph on impact.
  • Bruiser Bot
    • T4: Now increases Glance Mitigation by 5%, changed from 3.5% Deflect Chance.
    • [Bot Ability] Blitz: interrupt is now instant and removes 1 IA. Taunt no longer affects 5-man enemies or higher.
  • Code Red
    • Fixed an incorrect buff tooltip for Code Red T7.
  • Diminisherbot
    • Fixed an issue where T7 Diminisherbot was doing less damage than intended.
    • Diminisherbot's Strobe ability now uses the same targeting mechanism as Barrage (Artillery Bot).
  • Energy Auger
    • Has been reworked!
    • Base: Instant cast off GCD: deal 7.08*lvl + 22.33% AP + 4.77% AP*tier technology damage to 5 foes and create a 30m field for 3s. Foes inside the field take 1.33*lvl + 4.2% AP + 0.9% AP*tier technology damage every 0.5s. Allies in the field gain 100% increased movement speed. Cooldown: 25s. GCD: 0.5s. Range: 30m.
    • T4: Increased damage to 10.36% AP per tick, up from 6.7% AP
  • Feedback
    • Now usable after Glance, instead of Deflect
    • T4: Reduces cooldown on Glance, instead of on Deflect.
    • T8: Now correctly reduces all incoming damage types (was only reducing physical).
  • Hyperwave
    • T4: Now reduces base critical chance by a flat percentage amount.
  • Mortar Strike
    • Now shows splash range in the tooltip and displays a telegraph on impact.
    • T4: Energy Auger no longer grants Overcharge.
  • Obstruct Vision
    • T8: Now destroys 2 interrupt armor and interrupts affected foes immediately.
  • Particle Ejector
    • Expose now reduces all Mitigation by 4% (flat) for 6s, changed from reducing Armor by 20% (multiplicative) for 3s.
  • Personal Defense Unit
    • Now self-cast and off GCD. Now grants 26% + 3%*tier damage reduction, down from 25% + 5%*tier.
    • T4: Cooldown set to 5s. Recharge rate remains 1 per 30s.
  • Quick Burst
    • Is now usable after landing a Multi-Hit, rather than a Critical Hit.
    • T8: now applies when between 30 and 70 Volatility, rather than while above 80 Volatility.
  • Target Acquisition
    • Has been reworked!
    • Base: 2 second channel: every 0.5s, deal 8.26*lvl + 26.09% AP + 2.53% AP*tier to the target and 4 enemies within 6m. Cooldown: 7s. GCD: 1.25s. Range: 25m.
    • T4: Multi-Hits deal 10.6% AP technology damage to the target and 4 foes within 4m.
    • T8: Deal an additional 12.12% AP technology damage. Increase splash radius to 8m and secondary target count to 9.
  • Volatile Injection
    • Has been reworked!
    • Base: Increased target count to 19, up from 4, and range to 25m, up from 15m. Now grants 8% Multi-Hit Severity and 8% Glance chance for 10s+1.25s*tier.
    • T4: While between 30 and 70 Volatility, gain 8% Multi-Hit Chance.
    • T8: Multi-Hits reduce the cooldown of your Innate Abilities by 0.67s. Can only occur every 1s.


  • Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
    • Now increases Multi-Hit Severity by 8%, changed from 7.5% Crit Chance.
  • Defense Protocol
    • Now increases Glance Chance and Glance Mitigation by 4% for 8s, changed from 4% Deflect Chance.
  • Exploit Weakness
    • Has been reworked! Dealing physical or technology grants an Empower based on the damage type. Empower: Increases Damage Dealt by 6%.
  • Explosive Ammo
    • Now procs off a Multi-Hit, rather than a Critical Hit.
  • Extra Hurtin'
    • Reduced armor pierce to 10%, down from 15%.
  • Forceful Impact
    • Now procs off a Multi-Hit, rather than a Critical Hit.
  • Hardened Resolve
    • Reduced CC resilience to 40%, down from 50%.
  • Harmful Hits
    • Now increases Multi-Hit Chance by 10%, changed from 9% Crit Chance.
  • Quick Restart
    • Has been reworked! When you Glance an attack, gain a 37.45*lvl + 57% SP absorb shield for 5s. Can only occur every 10s.
  • Razor's Edge
    • Has been reworked! While between 30 and 70 Volatility, increase Glance Mitigation and Multi-Hit Severity by 6%.
  • Rejuvenating Rain
    • Is now: when you Glance an attack, restore 21.04*lvl + 32% SP health to self and 2 allies within 5m. Can only occur every 5s.
  • Repeat Business
    • Has been reworked! Landing a direct Multi-Hit grants 6% Glance Mitigation for 5s. Can only occur once every 1s.
  • Survival Instincts
    • Now triggers off of Glance, rather than Deflect.



  • Blade Dance
    • Is now a Psi Point consumer.
    • Base damage rebalanced to 5.93% | 11.82% | 17.75% | 23.65% | 29.57% Assault Power and 3.15 | 6.31 | 9.46 | 12.62 | 15.77 per level (per Psi Point), from 13.62% and 7.26.
    • Tier damage upgrade rebalanced to 0.4% | 0.81% | 1.21% | 1.61% | 2.02%, from 1.7%.
    • T4: Pierces 40% Armor and grants a Swiftness.
    • T8: Deals additional damage on channel end.
  • Catharsis
    • T8: Now properly purges all buffs.
  • Crush
    • T8: Expose now reduces Magic Mitigation by 15% (flat), changed from 35% (multiplicative).
  • Fade Out
    • T8 illusion now taunts immediately upon being summoned.
  • Haunt
    • Expose now reduces Magic Mitigation by 8% (flat) for 6s + 0.5s per tier, changed from 8-24% (multiplicative) for 10s.
  • Illusionary Blades
    • Redesigned and is now a Psi Point consumer
    • Base: Deals damage and gain an Illusion: Deal additional magic damage with each hit of Psychic Frenzy or Blade Dance.
    • T4: Reduces cast time by 0.5s
    • T8: Grants an Empower for each Illusion.
  • Incapacitate
    • T4: Expose now Increases Magic Damage Taken by 10%, changed from reducing Magic Mitigation by 6% (multiplicative).
  • Mending Banner
    • Fixed a bug where Mending Banner T8 would heal an additional target.
  • Mental Boon
    • The Tier 2 Mental Boon now heals for the appropriate amount at 4 Psi Points.
  • Mind Burst
    • T8: Empower now increases Critical Hit Severity and Multi-Hit Severity by 10%
  • Mirage
    • T4: Tooltip now states the correct amount of Spell Power restored.
  • Psychic Frenzy
    • Base damage reduced to 14.65% AP and 7.82 per level, from 17.51% and 9.35.
    • Tier upgrade damage reduced to 2.53%, from 2.94%.
    • Initial cast time reduced to 500ms, from 750ms.
  • Pyrokinetic Flame
    • Now properly cleans up the telegraph if the target deflects the initial hit of Pyrokinetic Flame.
    • T4: now only affects party members.
  • Reap
    • Fixed a bug that caused the T8 to still generate a Psi Point if the debuff was dispelled.
  • Shockwave
    • Tier 4-7 knockback now knocks enemies the correct distance.
  • Telekinetic Storm
    • T4: Armor Pierce reduced to 8% | 16% | 24% | 32% | 40%, from 10% | 20% | 30% | 40% | 50%.
    • T8: Increased the Deflect debuff to 5%, up from 2%. No longer stacks. Does not stack with other class Deflect debuffs.


  • Duelist
    • Now states in the tooltip it increases PVP Power not Offense.
  • Figment
    • This now properly displays as a debuff on hostile targets.
  • Follow Through
    • Empower reduced to 8% from 10.5%
  • Healing Touch
    • This should now properly proc on the caster.
  • Reckful
    • Empower now increases Critical Hit Chance by 8%
  • Mental Overflow
    • If at 4 Psi Points with 2 Psi Charges from the T8 bonus of Psychic Frenzy or Telekinetic Strike the next cast of either should now properly generate a stack of Mental Overflow.
  • The Humanity
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the damage from proc’ing on multiple enemies who are below 30% health.



  • Annihilation
    • T8: Each hit of Gamma Rays and Quantum Cascade deals additional damage to foes affected by your Annihilation.
  • Atomize
    • Now triggers off of Multi-Hit.
  • Barrier
    • Base Shield Heal reduced to 81.22% Support Power and 35.36 per level, from 90.55% and 39.43.
    • Base HoT reduced to 27.61% Support Power and 12.01 per level, from 30.82% and 13.4.
    • Shield Heal tier upgrade reduced to 2.61% Support Power, from 3.14%.
    • HoT tier upgrade reduced to 0.9%. from 1.0%.
    • Relative Focus Cost reduced by 27%.
  • Crisis Wave
    • Base heal reduced to 82.88% Support Power and 36.08 per level, from 110.5% and 48.11.
    • Tier 4: Landing a Multi-Hit restores 1 Actuator
    • Relative Focus Cost reduced by 42%
  • Dual Shock
    • Now triggers off of Multi-Heal.
  • Empowering Probes
    • Grants a Bastion (increase Outgoing Healing) in addition to the Empower.
    • Probes target self and 19 others within 25m.
    • T4: Grants the caster a Multi-Hit Severity buff.
    • T8: When your damage Multi-Hits, deal additional damage. When your heal Multi-Hits, restore additional health.
    • Tier upgrade: +1s Empower and Bastion duration
  • Energize
    • Empower reduced to 14%, from 17%
  • Fissure
    • Expose now Increases Technology Damage Taken by 12% across all tiers for 8s + 0.5s per tier, changed from reducing 12-20% Technology Mitigation (multiplicative) for 10s.
  • Quantum Cascade
    • Tooltip now indicates that other abilities can be cast while channeling.
    • T8: Empower reduced to 3%, from 5%.
  • Recharge
    • Empower reduced to 12%, from 15%.
  • Rejuvenator
    • PvP flagged players can no longer trigger a Rejuvenator placed by a non-PvP player (and vice versa).
  • Triage
    • Now only heals 1 target as intended.
    • Tooltip now indicates that the ability builds 1 Actuator.


  • Switched positions of Meltdown and Chemical Burn.
  • Amorphous Barrier
    • Taking damage grants you a Defense against that damage type. Defense lasts 5 seconds. Can only occur every 5s.
  • Armor Coating
    • Defense now reduces damage taken, changed from increased Armor.
  • Chemical Burn
    • Damage now procs off Multi-Hit against any foe, and no longer pierces shields.
  • Critical Priority
    • Fixed a bug where Critical Priority was affecting non-party members.
    • Now requires a Multi-Hit to proc the Empower.
  • Danger Zone
    • Empower reduced to 10%, from 17%
  • Emergency
    • When an ally with 15m takes damage that puts them below 30% health, restore health to that ally.
  • Emergency Extraction
    • Enables Extricate to break allies free of all CC effects
  • In Flux
    • Empower reduced to 8%, from 12%
  • Meltdown
    • Overload duration reduced to 4s, from 8s.
  • Protective Surge
    • Landing a direct heal on yourself or an ally under the effects of your Mending Probes or Protection Probes also restore shield.
  • Recycler
    • Now triggers off of Multi-Hit.
  • Running on Empty
    • Redesigned: While at 0 Actuators, your Shield Surge, Crisis Wave, and Rejuvenator have no Actuator cost. Shield Surge and Crisis Wave have a 15s cooldown instead.
  • Scalpel! Forceps!
    • Empower reduced to 5%, from 8%
  • Shield Protocol
    • Moved to Utility (switched with Shield Reboot/Invigorating Shields).
  • Shield Reboot
    • Replaced with the new AMP: Invigorating Shields: Landing a direct Shield Heal grants a Defense to the target for 4s. Defense: When your shields are depleted, restore health.
  • Stay With Me
    • Empower reduced to 10%, from 17%
  • Transfusion
    • Fixed a bug where the health sacrifice was being affected by damage buffs and debuffs



  • Arcane Missiles
    • Expose no longer stacks and now Increases Magic Damage Taken by 10% for 8s + 0.5s per tier, changed from 3 stacks of reducing 3-7% Magic Mitigation (multiplicative) for 8s.
  • Phase Shift
    • Defense now increases Armor Rating by 100% and increases Deflect Critical Hit Chance by 100%.
    • Tier 4: Breaks free from all CC effects.
    • Tier 8: When you take direct damage, restore health to yourself.
  • Spatial Shift
    • Spatial shift will no longer cause the target to drop the mask in Walatiki.
  • Vitality Burst
    • Focus Cost is now a consistent amount per charge.
  • Void Pact
    • Empower reduced to 12%, from 15%
  • Wild Barrage
    • Cooldown is now triggered at end of channel. Cooldown reduced to 12s, from 14s.


  • Flame Armor
    • Now triggers if the absorb is removed in one hit.
  • Focus Stone
    • Fixed a bug where Focus Stone could be used without Gather Focus.
  • Frost Armor
    • Now triggers if the absorb is removed in one hit.
  • Power Surge
    • Empower reduced to 8%, from 8.6%
  • Spell Armor
    • CC Break component has been removed. Now, while the absorb is active, Damage Taken is reduced by 50%.
  • Vengeance
    • Redesigned as Multi-Burst: Flame Burst is now usable after landing a direct Multi-Hit. When Flame Burst Multi-Hits, your Multi-Hit Severity is increased by 8% for 8s.
  • Withering Magic
    • Redesigned as Piercing Shots: Using a Spell Surged ability grants 4% Armor Pierce for 4s. Stacks 3 times.


Innate Abilities

  • Nano Skin: Evasive
    • Removed 17% Damage Reduction. Added 25% Armor buff and Strikethrough rating equal to 80% Support Power.
  • Nano Skin: Lethal
    • Buff now grants an additional Critical Hit opportunity, rather than adding to Critical Hit Chance.


  • Amplification Spike
    • Has been reworked!
    • Base: Increase Max Health by 20% + 1.25%*tier and restore that amount as health. Cooldown: 60s - 2s*tier.
    • T4: Increases incoming healing by 30% for 6s.
    • T8: Increases charge count to 2, and reduces the cooldown to 1s. Gain 1 charge every 44s. Buffs do not stack.
  • Analyze Weakness
    • Reduced damage to 16*lvl + 36.75% AP + 2.04% AP*tier, down from 12.89*lvl + 50.32% AP + 2.27% AP*tier.
  • Bloodthirst
    • Updated Unit Prop to properly reflect the lifesteal buff.
  • Clone
    • Fixed an issue where T2 Clone lasted longer than intended.
  • Collapse
    • T4: Now shows a debuff icon.
  • Decimate
    • Now grants a defense instead of applying a weaken. Defense: reduces damage taken by 8% + 1%*tier for 10s.
    • T8: reduced the Support Power buff to 20%, down from 25%.
  • False Retreat
    • The jump will no longer fail if the Stalker is too far away from the initial position.
  • Frenzy
    • Expose no longer stacks and now reduces all Mitigation by 4% (flat) for 6s, changed from 6 stacks of reducing 3% Physical Mitigation (multiplicative) for 5s.
  • Impale
    • Reduced normal damage to 30.04*lvl + 69% AP + 3.8% AP*tier, down from 33.3*lvl + 76.5% AP + 3.8% AP*tier
    • Reduced stealth/behind damage to 33.044*lvl + 75.9% AP + 4.2% AP*tier, down from 39.7*lvl + 84.5% AP + 4.1% AP*tier
    • T4: Reduced armor pierce to 25%, down from 50%. This bonus no longer requires stealth/behind.
  • Nano Virus
    • T8: now reduces the cooldown by 5s.
  • Neutralize
    • T4: Cost increase is now reset by Punish instead of Stealth.
  • Pounce
    • T8: now regenerates 1 charge every 10s, changed from 2 charges every 20s.
  • Preparation
    • Empower and Defense buffs are now granted at the end of the channel. Now grants additional Critical Hit and Deflect opportunities with a 8% + 1%*tier chance each, rather than increasing Critical Hit Chance or Deflect Chance stats. No longer stacks. Duration is now 4s + 0.5s*tier.
  • Punish
    • Expose now Increases Physical Damage Taken by 10% for 8s, changed from 4.5% for 6s.
  • Razor Disk
    • Increased damage to 18.89*lvl + 43.41% SP + 3.79% SP*tier, up from 17.6*lvl + 40.44% SP + 0.91% SP*tier.
    • Moved the Deflect debuff to base, and increased the value to 5%, up from 3%. No longer stacks with other class Deflect debuffs.
    • T4: Increases your Support Power by 15% for 3.5s. Stacks 2 times.
  • Ruin
    • T4: The Shield Overload can no longer be independently deflected.
  • Steadfast
    • T4: Now grants 5% Support Power instead of 8% Tech.
    • Now grants an additional Deflect opportunity, rather than adding to Deflect Chance.
  • Whiplash
    • Fixed an issue where the T8 Invigorate was lasting longer than intended.


  • Brutality Mastery
    • Now increases damage dealt by 6% while above 50% health, changed from increasing damage dealt by 8% while above 70% health.
  • Don't Call It A Comeback
    • The damage dealt by the clone has been increased to match the tooltip damage.
  • Fatal Wounds
    • There is no longer a 1 second delay on initial application of Fatal Wounds.
  • Last Stand
    • Now shows a buff icon when it is triggered.
  • My Turn
    • Now states the amount of targets that will be stunned in the tooltip.
  • Onslaught
    • Reduced the AP bonus to 8%, down from 12%.
  • Precision
    • Clone will no longer cause Precision to trigger. This prevents clones from breaking Stealth when the Stalker has Precision active.
  • Quick Reboot
    • Has been reworked! Renamed to Reflexive Nano Skin: Deflecting an attack reduces the Cooldown of your Stealth in all Stances by 2s. Can only occur every 1s.
  • That's All You Got?
    • The buff should now properly apply upon loading in game and transferring zones prior to take damage.


Innate Abilities

  • Stance: Juggernaut
    • Removed 6% Damage Reduction and 30% Max Shield buff. Added 5% Max Health buff, 5% Deflect Chance, and Strikethrough rating equal to 80% Support Power.
  • Stance: Onslaught
    • Updated tooltip.


  • Atomic Spear
    • Fixed Atomic Spears T4 bonus to correctly apply bonus damage per stack.
  • Augmented Blade
    • Base: Reduced melee damage to 4%, down from 8%.
    • Kinetic Drain is now Kinetic Rage: drains 5 Kinetic Energy per stack every 0.25s, increases Melee Damage by 0.5% per stack, and reduces Lifesteal by 1.5% per stack. While Augmented Blade is off, removes a stack every 0.5s.
    • T4: Increased Critical Hit bonus to 4%, up from 3.5%
    • T8: Reduced damage to 28.2% AP, down from 41.7% AP.
  • Bolstering Strike
    • Now generates 150% threat.
    • T8: May be cast 3 times in a row with no cooldown. Afterwards, the next cast reduces the cooldown by 1s.
  • Emergency Reserves
    • Increased the heal to 27.18*lvl + 42.92% (AP+SP) + 3.53% (AP+SP)*tier, up from 22.81*lvl + 36.02% (AP+SP) + 3.53% (AP+SP)*tier.
    • No longer increases Shield Mitigation
    • T4: No longer reduces the Interrupt Armor duration.
  • Expulsion
    • Tier 8 Expulsion now properly applies the bonus damage to purged targets.
  • Flash Bang
    • Now displays the correct amount of damage increase per tier.
  • Jolt
    • T4: Expose now reduces all Mitigation by 4% (flat), changed from 6% (flat).
    • Now begins cooldown count immediately on cast.
  • Plasma Blast
    • Removed root visual effects from T8 and added standard taunt visual effects for all tiers.
  • Polarity Field
    • Polarity Field now checks for a crit with each damage tick, instead of defaulting to the behavior of the first tick.
  • Power Link
    • Reduced Kinetic Drain to 56 - 2*tier, down from 65 - 2.5*tier.
    • Now only affects players in the caster's party, and no longer displays persistent visual effects on secondary targets.
    • Now only shows the border of the telegraph while active.
  • Savage Strike
    • Animation is no longer interrupted when casting Breaching Strikes.
    • Now generates 180 Kinetic Energy at base. Removed the 200 Kinetic Energy generation from T4.
    • T4: Increased armor pierce to 60%, up from 20%.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Savage Strike to generate Kinetic Energy during Overdrive.
  • Smackdown
    • Increased damage to 6.93*lvl + 21.55% AP + 5.05% AP*tier, up from 5.5*lvl + 17.39% AP + 2.54% AP*tier.
    • Now generates 150 Kinetic Energy
    • Expose now reduces Physical Mitigation by 6% (flat), changed from 10% of all Mitigation (multiplicative).


  • Armor Shred
    • Landing a direct Multi-Hit grants 2.5% Armor Pierce for 8s. Stacks 3 times.
  • Fortify
    • Now reduces damage taken by 6% / 12% / 18%, changed from increasing armor by 12% / 18% / 24%.
  • Full Defense
    • Replaced the 5% Deflect Critical Hit buff with a 5% Glance Mitigation buff.
  • Kinetic Buffer
    • Reduced damage reduction to 6%, down from 9%.
  • Kinetic Fury
    • Increased damage buff to 6% and 8%, up from 5% and 7%.
  • Overwhelming Presence
    • Has been reworked! Landing a direct Critical Hit grants 2.5% Vigor for 10s. Stacks 3 times.
    • Fixed an issue where Overwhelming Presence could persist after switching action sets.
  • Radiate
    • Now shows up as a buff on the caster instead of a debuff. No longer shows a buff icon on secondary targets.
  • Recklessness
    • Empower reduced to 7%, from 7.5%. Stack count reduced to 3, from 5
  • To The Pain
    • Now restores 50% of Max Health, but drains 2.5% of Max Health every 1s for 10s. Can only occur every 2 minutes.
  • Vigor
    • Renamed to Fortitude.


  • Some vendors have been removed from the game for optimization.
  • Fixed a bug where the Bio Mech Facility could crash a 32 bit client.
  • Alpha Sanctum journals added to both faction capitals.
  • In an effort to streamline our new player experience, Path content has been removed from the Arkships.
  • Adjusted sightings of the mysterious ghostly lady seen around Nexus to accurately reflect if the player has already completed the quest Opening Doors.
  • The capital cities quest "Chromatic Magnificence" will no longer require you to salvage something to get the Pluribum Dye book.
  • Quests to introduce players to the Tanking Support Role have been added to Deradune, Ellevar, Celestion and Algoroc
  • Quests to introduce players to the Healing Support Role have been added to Deradune, Ellevar, Celestion and Algoroc.
  • Updated the rewards for all rare and super rare creatures found throughout the world! These creatures have had their rewards drastically increased.
  • While on the quest "Housing of the Future" the display signs no longer become unresponsive if a player abandons the quest.
  • The Weekly Elder Gem Bonus quests are now being granted from a new Weekly Bonus Board located in the daily quest areas of Illium and Thayd.
  • TFBTFs in Levian Bay, Crimson Isle, Northern Wilds, and Everstar Grove will now appear under the correct zone in the Lore UI.
  • Bounty board group quests should now only require 2+ players, difficulty has been adjusted accordingly.
  • More banks have been added around Illium and Thayd for your convenience!
  • The Target Dummies in capital cities should now be spaced out to prevent accidentally hitting multiples.
  • "Housing of the Future" display signs will no longer fail to activate at maximum range.
  • Taxis will no longer set the player's movement speed to run instead of sprint.
  • You can now ask a guard where to find the Master Craftsman in Thayd or Illium.
  • The completion area for the 'Radiant Contraband' challenge more accurately covers much of Fort Vigilance.
  • Added a message about deleting weapons during 'Cryo Awakening Protocol.'


  • 'Episode Completion: A Place for Everything' will no longer require the optional quest 'Meet me Inside'.
  • The guild member threshold for guild achievements has been reduced to 85% (down from 100%). This means that 20 man raid groups will require at least 17 of 20 players to be members of the same guild in order to be eligible for guild achievements. 5 man groups will still require all 5 players to be in the same guild to be eligible for guild achievements.
  • Chewing the Code now has descriptions for the checklist objectives.
  • Flexing at Kezrek in Illium now correctly grants the achievement.
  • Players can now get the achievement for crying at Victor Lazarin in Thayd.
  • Protogames Academy and Ultimate Protogames now have guild achievements.


  • Minor spawning adjustments in the Crystal Shards.
  • A vendor has been added to Jeric's Claim.
  • Many creatures are now neutral to the player.
  • Adjusted the objective locations for the quest Local Loftite Discoveries to not point down when next to the quest giver.
  • It is now easier to see where players can replenish their breath under the frozen lake for the quest "Bots Can't Swim".
  • Updated the objective text to show the correct names of Lead Scientist Pizbo and Lead Scientist Pazbo for the quest DRED Reckoning.
  • Adjusted the objective location for the quest Stone Compatriot Rescue to cover all the quest objectives.
  • Updated the objective text for the quest Vigilante Justice in Algoroc to be less vague on what to do.
  • Lowered the density of the mobs spawned around Agnes Crowe at Crowe Homestead.
  • Lowered the number of Boulderbacks you have to kill for the quest Bolder Got Back.
  • Belle Walker has less to say when accepting the quest, "Precision Strike".
  • Local Loftite Discoveries will now grant group credit when you place the thumpers.


  • Players will no longer see combat log messages related to behind-the-scene combat magic for the quest First Defense Site.
  • Spell for interacting with a Bingberry Sapling for the Explorer mission "SCAVENGER HUNT: Family Heirlooms" no longer writes to the chat log.
  • Lowered the number of blood samples that need to be collected for the quest Imprint Identification.
  • Adjusted spawning for a few Rowsdowers that were pathing into water.
  • Razorclaw will no longer appear in 2 locations at the same time.
  • The location link for Battleblood Trench now correct points to this area in Auroria for quest "Exanite Examination."
  • Fixed some location links for the quests Into the Warhound's Maw, Fall of the Bladevault Keeper, and Bladebane in Auroria.
  • Updated combat and sounds for the quest "The Ground Beneath Your Feet".


  • The reputation vendor Caretaker now displays an overhead icon indicating that it is a vendor.
  • The jetpack suit worn during the daily quest "Anti-Primal Antics" in Blighthaven no longer requires a periodical recharge, and provides players with an optional teleport back to Nursery Trading Post upon quest reward.
  • The Final Attack Phase has been removed from the "Guardians of the Grove" public event in Blighthaven. The event is now won only by succeeding in the Final Defend Phase.


  • Scorchwing Scorchlings are now 5-man group creatures. More Scorchwing Feast yetis have been sighted on her plateau.


  • Added a general goods vendor at Shroud Gloom Cell.
  • Lowered the cast time from 1 second to half a second for catching singed critters for the quest "Catch and Release".
  • Fixed an issue with the micro directions for Darkloam Hollow.
  • Minor spawning adjustments in Point Firestorm.
  • Updated objective text for the quest "A Fiery Escape" to be more clear. Added a story panel upon approach of the Fallen Trees for quests "A Fiery Escape" and "Restoring the Balance" that instructs players to attack the Fallen Tree in order to clear the Embertree's entrance. Swapped the "Black Smoke" visual effect for a "Fire" effect in the entrances to the Embertrees in Emberwood for improved visibility.
  • Updated spawning of Aurin Remains, objective location indicators, and location link text for the quest "Stiched Together". The quest now takes places further into Bonerazer village.
  • Objective location indicators for the quest "Rowsdower at Stake" have been updated to be more accurate. Pumera attacks on rowsdowers have been reduced.
  • Lowered cast time for collecting Eldan Artifacts from 4 seconds to 1 second for the quest "Careful Pickings".
  • Objective text has been updated to read "Nurture Delicate Sproutlings" for the quest "A Caring Nurturer" for consistency with the Sproutlings' interact text.
  • Some general wildlife creatures have changed from hostile to neutral for qualify of life improvements throughout the zone.
  • Consort Yaenna's VO no longer cuts off too early in French and German during the quest "Trials of a Matria".
  • If players forget to pick up "Biting Back" from Trader Lukadat in Tanglemore Den, they now have the option to pick it up via comm call after completing "Swapping Troubles".
  • Added a name display to the Suspicious Bushes for quest "Flush and Ambush".
  • The Hoogle Totems now give a longer buff when scanned by a scientist.
  • Added a blue "go to location" ring effect around the roots for "Sylvan Test of Heart".
  • Rowsdowers for the quest "Rowsdower at Stake" now show their levels during the holdout.
  • The radiation in Grimhold will now show players the appropriate thresholds based on the amount of radiation taken.
  • The challenge "Horn of Heralding" in Celestion now has a flavor comm call on start to provide story context.


  • Crimson Badlands challenge 'Life Splice' now has a visible icon on the t-spell cast location in the challenge UI.
  • Item rewards have been updated in the Challenge tracks. Many of the decor items previously available from Challenges have been moved to reputation vendors for their respective zones. Pets that were previously available from Challenges have been moved to the pet vendor in your capital city.
  • Challenge rewards now show the total reward track points earned for that medal.


  • Repeatable contracts are now designated as such.
  • There are now 3 new contracts that ask players to kill a variety of world bosses on Nexus and Farside. There is also a new Weekly quest for players to earn bonus elder gems each week by defeating 3 world bosses of their choosing.
  • Many of the rewards being offered through contracts have been overhauled to better accommodate the item and stat changes that have recently gone live.
  • Completing Veteran Protogames Academy now completes the Veteran Dungeon Contract.

Crimson Badlands

  • Grinder will no longer evade randomly.
  • Telegraphs will now display properly when the player is standing on top of the exit drills inside of Drybore Hollow.

Crimson Isle

  • A door to an Exo-Lab has been simplified.
  • Certain creatures in the starting areas have been changed to neutral.
  • Objective arrows on the quest Powering Down now point at the nearest uncompleted target, instead of always at the closest.
  • Changed the fire effects on burning dreg tents to reduce frame rate drops on the quest Fire and Brimstone.
  • Players will no longer get a comm call for the quest "Mind the Mines, Scrap the Scrab" by simply traveling to Levian Bay.
  • Increased size of Chua Explosives on Dregs and Thieves, and added more spawn points.
  • Players who achieve or complete "Mind the Mines, Scrap the Scrab" without turning in "Welcome To Crimson Isle" will be correctly pointed at Mondo Zax's new location to turn in "Welcome To Crimson Isle".
  • Ordinance Recovery
    • Reduced size of quest indicator radius, and moved targets that were outside the indicated area inside it.
  • Spatial Anomaly
    • Added a story panel to remind players about double-jump when they take the quest.
  • Venomous Intent
    • Added more trapped researchers on the far side of the Dreg camp. Added an indicator location to point to this area.


  • Removed kill objective from the quest "Up in Flames".
  • Deradune: Minor spawning and spacing adjustments in Bloodtalon Perch.
  • Reduced frequency of Razortail banana tossing.
  • The Settler Taxi node in Feralplain Collective now displays an appropriate recommended level range.
  • Skeledroid Terrorizers are now slightly less mean and nasty.
  • Fixed issue with a Garr spawned floating in the air.
  • Wildlife in starting areas are now neutral to players.
  • Grounded some flying Razortail near Metal Maw.
  • Arrival of the Luminai: Fixed an issue where voiceover would get cut off if the language was set to French or German.
  • Fixed an issue where Councilor Vaelan would attempt to moonwalk away from Arkos' cage.
  • Adjusted required level for the quest Your Service is Required to be consistent with quests given in the area.
  • Added an optional objective to the quest "Surface to Air" to help players better complete the main objective.
  • Adjusted breadcrumb quest levels to Feralplain Collective to be consistent with quests offered in that area.
  • Adjusted objective indicators for the quest Delivering the Bad News Update to more clearly indicate where quest objectives are located.
  • Objective indicators for the quest Getting the Band Back Together in Leviathan's Rest should now more accurately point to quest objectives.
  • Quest objective indicator for Stick It To Them in Leviathan's Rest should now more accurately guide the player out into the playspace.
  • Fixed non-player facing spell description when failing the interaction with Exile Communications Relay during the quest Communications Blackout.
  • WANTED quests and their associated item-delivered versions are no longer exclusionary, players can do both (but not at the same time).
  • Minor spawning adjustments in Witchwake Ridge and Leviathans' Rest.
  • Added location links to long objective text on the quest "Simple Samples".
  • Changed the quest receiver for the quest "Emergency Support" to improve quest flow in the area.
  • Deradune: Fixed incorrect location link in long objective text on Hunting the Mercenary.
  • Witch Doctor Shami will now give credit for the quest Mojo Moodies.
  • Papyrus plants along the river in Deradune will no longer hinder the player's movement or camera.
  • The tooltip for the spell "Agility of the Gnarlfoot" now properly displays the Dash Regeneration percentage.
  • "Explosive Beginnings" will now properly increment past 2 when destroying eggs.
  • Fights of Passage
    • Updated long objective text to specifically mention completing the public event.
  • Primal Air Energies
    • This quest is now offered by a hologram of Mondo Zax, instead of by communicator.
  • Tamolo's Necromojo
    • Now has only 1 objective, to kill Tamolo and retrieve his staff, instead of 1 objective to kill and a separate one to retrieve the staff.
  • Unstable Accelerite
    • Increased quest timer, changed the speed up spell to a t-spell with a duration.
  • When Gooing Gets Tough
    • Reduced delay between freeing a Scanbot and receiving quest credit.
  • Wildwood Terraformer
    • Objective indicators for the 'gather crystals' objective now point more directly to the crystals.


  • Various costumes have been added!
  • Companion Pets can now be found rarely!
  • Should now spawn more often and be more plentiful!
  • Adjusted the number of discoveries in Wilderrun and Blighthaven.
  • Adjusted the Discovery spawn rates of many zones.

Dominion Arkship

  • The Interrogate citizen spell visuals and cooldown have been adjusted to prevent spamming the visuals in Cryo.

Drusera Instances

  • Adjusted creatures and spells to accommodate level changes in Drusera instances.
  • Darkness Revealed
    • The Strain clone will now correctly display matching race/gender and physical appearance of the player.
    • Visuals adjusted on the clone fight.

Drusera 3

  • The Hidden Dark
    • All the strain clones have had their combat behaviors significantly adjusted.
    • Objective indicator during the 'Place Strain Defenses' objective now correctly points to the event area.
    • The spell 'Strain Blast' now correctly prints damage done in the combat log.
  • Drusera 5
  • Terminus Complex
    • Fixed issue with non-player facing string being displayed in chat log.


  • The webwood spiders no longer aggro when scanned by a scientist.
  • Adjusted spawning and spacing in Webwood area.
  • The escort portion of the quest Fair Trade is now much shorter.
  • The Eldan Rest spell's effects used during the "Restore Default Settings" quest, are much cleaner and less system-taxing.
  • Toric will now call you to turn in "The Face of Justice".
  • Players can now obtain the quest Boon of Hydris directly from the Strange Eldan Artifact at the lake bottom, instead of from the item it gives.
  • It is now easier to collect the Eldan Artifact in Lake Larallen for the quest Mysterious From the Lake.
  • Players no longer have to return to Lightreach in order to confront Pyrius Octavian for the quest The Face of Justice. Pyrius Octavian now carries out his poisonous activities in the wilderness.
  • Clay jars, for the quest "More than Clay Jars" have not been exploding quite as violently as they used to.
  • Added additional molotov cocktails for players to use in the challenge Webwood Cocktail Party in and made visual adjustments to challenge targets.
  • Players now will receive a message indicating how many eggs they are carrying for the quest "Egg-Septional Coordination".
  • Group quests "All Hail the Queen" and "The Sunken Temple" have been rebalanced to be Group 2+, changed from Group 5+.
  • Riverstone Caverns is now populated with bigger, badder spiders on the way to Glintrock Dale.
  • The challenge "Tunnel Vision" in Riverstone Caverns can now be completed with exploding egg sacs that grant the hallucinogen.
  • Adjusted the quest Bug Zapper so players can now more easily find the recalibration manual.
  • You will drop eggs less often for quest "Egg-Septional Coordination" in Webwood forest.
  • Reinforced messaging for completing quest objectives in the quest Hearts to Grow.
  • Eldan Probe Bots in Bio-Mech Facility 498 will no longer call for help when they are defeated.
  • Lowered the required number of kills in the quest "An Act of Aggression."
  • The effects from the radiation now build up slower in the Diluvian Depths.
  • Clarified where Corrigan Doon can be summoned for the quest "Locating the Wreckage".
  • Location links for the quest "De-Probing Time" in Ellevar should now work.

Everstar Grove

  • Lowered the damage output of the Eldan Security Beam.
  • Renamed the flavor Firestorm Scouts in Bloodbloom Vale that are not part of the "Kill Firestorm forces" objective for Arwick's Revenge to "Bee-stung Scout" for clarity.
  • Some creatures are now neutral instead of hostile to improve player experience throughout the zone.
  • The DOT effect from the Agitated Fungal Growths no longer fail the CSI for the Bramble Traps.
  • Moved the Datacube: Entergetic Organism out of the Arboretum to Elderoot Refuge.
  • Players can now talk to a holographic version of Elderoot head for any of his quests.
  • The fuel canisters in Everstar Grove have been simplified for scientists.
  • Flitterflies no longer dismount players that are mounted.
  • The lighting throughout the zone has been improved.
  • Whisperwind Hollow holocrypt has been moved back to Mystwood Forest.

Exile Arkship

  • The Departures areas have been renamed Docking Bay.
  • Turned down bright lights at Exile arkship cryopod opening.
  • The quest summary for "Warbot Worries" now refers to Commander Durek instead of Arwik Redleaf.
  • Set the Warbot Eradicator's respawn time to 30 seconds. Set the Warbot Eradicator's corpse despawn time to 20 seconds. Adjusted the Warbot Eradicator's objective location for the quest "Warbot Worries". Commander Durek will now call the player to remind them to kill the Warbot Eradicator for the quest "Warbot Worries".
  • Players can no longer leave the first area of the Cryo Bay without taking the quest "Cryo Crisis" from Deadeye Brightland.
  • Added direction arrows to the quest "Cryo Crisis" to help players find the tram to the Medbay.
  • Fixed a text issue for the step to "Take the teleporter to the Command Deck" for the quest Medbay Mayhem that was giving bad instructions.
  • Renamed the Dominion Troops in the Greenhouse to be less confusing.
  • Moved the Cryo Engineer to be closer to Deadeye in the Exile Arkship.
  • Adjusted the location of the location link for the Medbay.
  • Commander Durek will now give the quest "Warbot Worries" in person and via Comm Call.
  • Veggies is now capitalized in the objectives for the quest Green Thumb.
  • Updated departure terminal text for 'Nexus, Ho!'
  • Made a number of lighting improvements throughout the ship.
  • Changed the VO for the cinematic that goes to Northern Wilds to no longer mention Thayd.
  • Adjusted the teleport location for the Greenhouse to avoid players getting stuck in props.


  • The Farside Reputation vendor now has an appropriate vendor icon.
  • Big Graw will no longer snap through animations and will aggro players that hang out in his aware radius for too long.
  • Ikthian Behavior Modification Specialist will no longer slide when he enters the world in the Sunder Flat.
  • A new Eldan facility has been uncovered near the location of the Defensive Protocol Unit, chocked full of Eldan constructs ripe for dismantling.
  • A Dominion Researcher spawn is no longer floating in Sikabis Station.
  • Magthar the Meteroborn will no longer cast Splitting Image in combat. He will now use the Staunch Defense combat package.


  • Elementalist Blazewood's spells now all have VFX. Also fixed the tooltip display for Flame Shield.
  • Adjusted bounty board quests to require only 2+ players.
  • Added Junior Xenosociologist Branchgood's corpse in Thundercall Village in accordance with the journal "My Friends the Thundercall."
  • There is a new cave under Stormwing Fortress called Gusthollow Burrow where big, bad, cattle-rustlin' Murgh hide their food. If you're below level 50, keep out!
  • Episode summaries should now correctly reflects events played out in the Stormwing Falkrin quests.
  • Players can now complete both of the quests "WANTED: Stickypaw" and "Kill Stickypaw" rather than only one or the other.
  • The zone map has been adjusted to account for the addition of a world boss.
  • Kill counts have been slightly lowered on "Blow Them Away" in to alleviate combat fatigue.
  • Lowered the kill count requirement on "Taken Away" to improve quest progression speed and flow.
  • The journal count completion has been adjusted from 22 to 20.
  • Journals, TFBTFs, and Datacubes in Galeras is now collectible at all times as intended.
  • The quest summary for "Defeating the Ravager" in Galeras has been rewritten for consistency and to include more information about the quest.
  • Location link for "Stormwing Fortress" during the quest "Storm the Gates" in Galeras now points to the correct area of the map.
  • The Challenge "Supply Run" is now available both before and after the quest "Taken Away" in the XAS Forward Camp in Galeras.


  • All Eldan teleporters in Grimvault should now be uniform. No more guessing!


  • Players can now use the teleporter to leave Exo-Lab Prime without needing to speak with Drusera first for the quest, "Opening Doors".
  • A new Auction House and Commodities Exchange has been added south of the trade district. Make your crafts and sell 'em faster than ever before, Dominion!
  • If players still have the old Illium Tours quest, they can now complete it via comm-call to Malvolio Portius.
  • Merchant Jarala has resumed standing in her appointed place, rather than hiding away in a wall.

Legendary and Elite Champions

  • To help clarify our rare creatures we have come up with the following solution. We will now call our solo elite rares 'Elite Champions' and our group rares 'Legendary Champions'. You'll be able to see this on their affiliation tag and their tool tip when mousing over them. We also updated their target frame to better display them being rare/elite creatures.

Levian Bay

  • The CSI has been removed on the turret scan for scientists.
  • Fixed an issue where an invisible laser beam was casting shadows across the ground in the Levian Bay Adventure.
  • A story panel now tells players that additional content is available on the surface if players enter The Elder Vault before getting the quest Enter the Station.
  • Added a location for the teleporter for the step to "Take the Eldan Teleporter to Security Hub Sigma" during the quest Seizing Control.
  • Added a mini-map marker to the teleporter leading out of the Eldan Lab for the step to "Use the Eldan Teleporter to access the cave to the surface" during the quest Lost in the Fog.
  • The Eldan teleporter at Star-Comm Station now appears off until you complete the quest "Rerouting Power".
  • Players will now receive a comm call for the quest "Lighting the Way" if they run off without getting the quest.
  • A scientist scan of the Star Comm Station is now a little easier.
  • Added more flares to activate for the quest "Lighting the Way".
  • The Skeech in the Elder Vault will now become neutral when the player kills the Skeech Hag.
  • Tooltip text on Gloomshroud debuffs now properly display that Hit Accuracy is reduced by 50%.
  • Malfunctioning Scout Probes now have proper Aware behavior when approached by a player.


  • A tooltip now appears when mousing over the t-spell "Friendmaker's Tazer" for the quest Get Along Little Dawngrazer. Updated the tooltip text for the spell "Friendmaker's Tazer" for the quest Get Along Little Dawngrazer. A buff for the spell "Friendmaker's Tazer" no longer appears on the player when using it for the quest Get Along Little Dawngrazer,
  • Fixed an issue that was causing players to not get the Power Cell or Nanocircuit buffs when picking up a Power Cell or Nanocircuit for the [GROUP 20+] Critical Containment: Breaching The Facility public event.
  • Fixed the location link for the step to "Speak with Deputy G0M3R" for the quest Checking on the Marshal in Malgrave
  • The long objective text for the quest "Darkspur Karaoke" in Malgrave now shows up correctly in the quest log.
  • Added location links to long objective text for the quest "Rescuing the Chief Minerologist".
  • Fairos is no longer improperly marked as a vendor in Critical Containment Facility R-12.

Hellrose Bowl

  • Should consistently look open while running the event.

Northern Wilds

  • Northern Wilds synopsis has been revised.
  • Added a reminder that players can double jump into a story panel for the quest Empowered Tower.
  • The Settler depot in Settler's Reach now allows you to build three different improvements.
  • Soldier Holdout 'Conquer the Dominion' is now only one minute long.
  • Added speed boosts between the human and granok starting areas and the eldan tower.
  • Most wildlife in Northern Wilds is now neutral to the player.


  • The Sentry NPCs in the Datascape Logic Gate now correctly show the public event reward pane icon.

Public Event

  • Participation credit for high-level players fighting low-level non-scaling mobs will now be treated the same as Quests.


  • Rewards for public events have been overhauled to be more rewarding.

Southern Grimvault

  • The 5-man episodes "Raxen's Assault" (Exile) and "Shatterforce Assault" (Dominion) have been rebalanced to be both level 50 quests and creatures.

Star-Comm Basin

  • The "Impure Aquaplasm" spell effect can now be removed and will automatically remove if the event ends or players leave the zone.


  • Fixed some location links for the quest Class V Logistics: Weapons.
  • Players can now use the teleporter to leave Exo-Lab Prime without needing to speak with Drusera first for the quest, "Opening Doors".

The Defile

  • The taxi from Hope's Dare to Inspiration point in the Defile no longer flies through giant lasers activated by scientists in the Sonic Plaza.
  • The telegraphs for Fire Burn in the Black Focus area now have the waves appropriate for telegraphs that deal damage over time.
  • Big Mama Mrk III now does roughly 13k-15k technology damage to creatures that spawn, instead of dealing damage based on the maximum health of a given target. This makes it effective against typical creatures, but not exploitative when used against group creatures, like Gargantua.
  • Fixed a scenario where event could become stuck on the second stage.
  • Ashella Sunfell now has more to say during the "Siege of the Lightspire" quest.

Thermlock Lake West

  • Fixed a Gelidar Pearls spawn that was beneath the terrain.

Western Grimvault

  • During the "With Great Power" boss fight, players are now given 50% damage reduction, and, if killed, a significant health regen speed boost upon being resurrected.


  • Players will no longer see strange text in their combat log associated with the quest "A Slight Discomfort".
  • Location links have been updated for the quest "Toxic Test Bed".
  • Merchant Vendor Ketan removed from Wigwalli Village.
  • The 'Walatusk Lungs' buff now properly applies the strongest unlocked version and tooltip accurately describes the benefit.
  • Quests "Topple the Colossus," "WANTED: Exile Ravager," "WANTED: Dominion Warmonger," "WANTED: Vox Strongblock," and "WANTED: The Crazed ZubbleHead" have been changed to Group 2+ quests, down from Group 5+.
  • The creatures around Wigwalli Village have been lowered on average by 1 level. Most creatures around the Eldan Terraformer now have a chance to spawn 1 level higher.
  • The quest 'Truffle Sniffer' now takes into account stealth and void slips.
  • Objective indicators now guide players to the teleporters in the quest Absolute Delivery.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't always complete a southern Whitevale boss achievement.
  • The quest 'An All-Consuming Passion' should be a little easier to understand now.
  • "Where Have the Groomsmen Gone?" should no longer sometimes fail to progress when speaking to the Groomsmen.
  • Location links for quests in Wigwalli Village in Whitevale should now correctly point you back to Wigwalli Village.
  • The quest "Mutually Assured Destruction" in Whitevale has been fully updated with location links.
  • The quest "Krazog's Gutpunch Brew" in Whitevale now has an objective link to help players find Ringtail razortails.
  • The quest "Bot's Eye View" in Whitevale now has location links for all objectives.


  • The taxi splines between Marshal's Haven and Fort Vigilance are now much shorter and more direct.
  • Wildfall Pell and Pell probebots now correctly turn neutral rather than friendly to Dominion players that have completed the episode "Daughter of the Jungle". This fixed an issue with some Dominion players not being able to kill Wildfall Pell for the challenge "Felling the Wildfallen."
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Old Scrappy from respawning after the first time he was killed.
  • Getting interrupted while using the Communication Relay for the quest "Breaking Ground" will no longer display in the combat log.
  • Fixed some of the text for the Imbuement Quest "Tall Drink of Water".
  • Old Scrappy should now have a more appropriate amount of health.
  • Removed an incorrect VO line from the Vigilant Priest Decimus.
  • Added a location link for the Maiden Pool into the completed objective text for the quest "Torine Lifewater" in Wilderrun.


  • Removed the instance discovery requirements for all adventures. Players can now queue for all adventure instances through the group finder as long as they meet the minimum level requirements.
  • All breadcrumb quests to find the Sim Cores are now granted upon entering the vicinity of the adventure instead of on level up.
  • All Adventure completion quests will now be granted while inside of the adventure.

Bay of Betrayal

  • VO has been added.
  • Battery Packs will now be completely drained on a charge up.
  • The tooltip for 'Amplification Spike' now accurately reflects the spell.

Crimelords of Whitevale

  • Bad Cop Skarn will no longer fight his fellow marauders.

Riot in the Void

  • The objectives to Kill Jarak and his mercenaries should always complete successfully.
  • Jarak now has only one interrupt armor.
  • Creature damage has been reduced in several places.
  • Rioting prisoners no longer grant XP.

The Hycrest Insurrection

  • Spotlights will return correctly to their spawn points once players outpace them.

The Malgrave Trail

  • Players will now be transported directly from Uboshwa to Fort Westwatch upon boarding the transport.
  • Bonebreaker Destroyer's Shockwave no longer has an extra shockwave visual effect at the end of the cast.
  • The "Flurry of the Buzzbing" spell as cast by Buzzbings will now play appropriate sound effects.
  • The "Eruption" spell cast by Blisterbone Dreg will now knock people down for a non-trivial amount of time.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the death sky not to display.
  • Blisterbone Junker's will now do the correct damage amount using Mortar Barrage.
  • The ship from Area 77 to Seaview Plateau will now leave after 30 seconds. Any players not on board will be left behind and have to walk. Several hungry Chompacabra have also recently made their home in Seaview Plateau.
  • Increased the speed of the caravan by 10%. Increased the power of armed caravan members' attacks by about 15%. Doubled the bonus resources provided by each Settler player in a party. Sped up the rate at which Fatigue is reduced while camping. Decreased the time necessary to unlock the "Malgrave Speedster" achievement to 55 minutes.
  • The caravan will no longer path through a damaged still in Dusthaven.

War of the Wilds

  • Players will now receive credit for the "Kill Target Champion" objective regardless of how the champion dies.
  • The "Assist Ally" spell will now display a tooltip.


  • The Timer Bonus no longer displays a timer but instead describes how long players have to complete the dungeon for bonus points. The objective is also more clear about how the timer plays into the bonus.
  • Guidance Arrow telegraphs will no longer disappear when players dispell the buff. They now also stack properly and players can no longer have more than 3 at a time.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing certain characters from queuing for dungeons via the Content Finder.
  • Completing all of the optional objectives will now properly grant the point bonus.
  • Reworded the Optional Timer objective so that it more clearly represents how it works.

Protogames Academy

  • (Normal) Fixed an issue with Iruki Boldbeard's challenge achievement name.
  • Upon reaching level 10 players will receive a communicator message from the Protogames Recruiter to check out Protogames Academy regardless of where they are in the world.


  • Flame wave spawn slightly less frequently. Totems no longer rotate during the final phase.


  • Wrathbone will now jump to the middle of the combat space before engaging with players after each phase transition.

Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden

  • Added new Holocrypts next to Shallaos, Rayna, Ondu, and Skash.
  • Reworked the dungeon progression and randomness. Now players will only encounter 2 of the 3 wing bosses. Either Moldwood Overlord Skash or Darkspeaker Rayna and their corresponding wing will be excluded.
  • (Normal) Zealous Lifesingers, Skurge Tacticians, Lifeweaver Soulbinders, and Corrupted Deathsting Hive Defenders now have 1 interrupt armor instead of 2.
  • (Normal) Blight Moldwood Crawlers no longer cast Blink.
  • The Moldwood Gorgers optional objective has been reworked. It now asks players to pass a Soul Spore to the Gorger.
  • Moldwood Maulers should no longer jump through the platforms.
  • Sundered Armor debuff duration increased to 25s, up from 15s.
  • (Normal) Blademother's Prowess, Blademother's Luck, Vitara's Benevolence and Selene's Tenacity buffs are all more powerful now.
  • (Normal) Autoattack damage reduced by 20-60% for Zealous Battlemaidens, Zealous Lifesingers, Corrupted Deathbringer Dareia, Lifeweaver Soulbinders, Lifeweaver Guardian, Ondu Lifeweaver, Corrupted Veteran Swordmaidens, Moldwood Skurge Tacticians, Moldwood Overlord Skash, and Spiritmother Selene the Corrupted.
  • (Normal) XP and cash rewards have been adjusted to match the new level.
  • Spiritmother Selene's Echo is no longer a teleporter when defeating bosses in Moldwood Corruption, Lifeweaver Terrace or Temple of the Life-Speaker. A teleporter instead appears next to her.
  • Adjusted air orbs in the Sanctuary's hub so that it is easier to bounce from platform to platform.
  • Knockdown effects from Blighted Moldwood Crawlers and Moldwood Skurge Slashers should now be functioning properly.
  • Adjusted a large number of spawns and patrols so that players can progress through the dungeon with fewer 'required' pulls.
  • (Normal) Various minibosses have had their interrupt armor mechanics changed, and many spells have been slightly tweaked for balance purposes.
  • Each optional and main objective now grants xp when it is completed instead of when the dungeon is finished.
  • (Normal) Is now a level 40 dungeon.

Blighted Moldwood Crawler

  • Caustic Barrage telegraph no longer disappears before the missile hits.

Corrupted Elder Priestess/Khalee

  • (Normal) Tainted Radiance - No longer interruptable.
  • (Normal) Tainted Radiance - Increased the angle of the safe zone.
  • (Normal) Tainted Radiance - Increased cast time to 1.5s.
  • (Veteran) Tainted Radiance - Cast time is now 0.5s and no longer has a safe zone in the telegraph.

Deadringer Shallaos

  • (Normal) Removed Acoustic Beacon mechanic. Shallaos now attacks her highest threat target.
  • (Normal) Resonance now increases damage taken per stack.
  • (Normal) If a player hits a Chime with a telegraph, it triggers Dissonant Chord.
  • Clarified the tooltip for Resonance.
  • Reverberation's wave telegraphs no longer have cast waves and now have the dangerous-during texture.
  • Echo now has a brief cooldown triggered at the end of the Reverb phase.

Lifeweaver Guardian

  • Withering Shout is no longer interruptable.

Lifeweaver Warcaller

  • Debilitating Blast is no longer deflectable.
  • Debilitating Blast debuff and buff duration increased to 15 seconds, up from 10 seconds.

Moldwood Overlord Skash

  • Tentacle Wrath now has infinite interrupt armor.
  • Added proper sFX to his abilities.
  • (Normal) Now only spawns a single corrupted egg that drains all five players instead of 5 eggs that each drain a different player.
  • (Veteran) No longer uses Summon the Swarm during the encounter.
  • Should no longer sometimes fail to cast Devouring Strike.

Ondu Lifeweaver

  • (Normal) No longer requires players to attack and kill the totems that spawn.
  • The yellow buff now causes him to spam Plague Smash instead of Plague Splatter.
  • All totem buffs should now display buff icons with tooltips.
  • The player with the absorb shield now has much more obvious vFX.
  • Should no longer sometimes fail to cast Plague Splatter for an entire encounter.
  • Should no longer sometimes fail to trigger a Blight Bomb phase.

Rayna Darkspeaker

  • (Normal) Now casts Flame Leash less frequently.
  • Her Molten Waves now have a green telegraph in the open space so it is more clear where the safe(-ish) location is.
  • Fixed an unintended safe spot during the flame waves.
  • Reduced aggro radius to 20m.

Spiritmother Selene the Corrupted

  • Now talks less frequently during some of her phases.
  • The final phase of the encounter now takes place entirely in the dark.
  • (Normal) Slowed the speed of Nightmare Ripple by ~25%.
  • (Normal) Slowed the cast time of Whirlwind and Engulfing Shadows during the Effigy phase.
  • (Normal) Reduced the number of Effigies by one.
  • (Normal) Fixed the beam vFX for Shadow Whip.
  • (Normal) Effigies no longer shuffle positions. This should allow players to form a clearer strategy to kill each of them.
  • Added vFX for Shadow Meld. Selene is no longer unselectable and now has a buff to help message what is going on during the phases.
  • Added a buffer time for the damage from Nightmare Ripple to help prevent players from taking damage multiple times when struck.
  • Fixed an issue with Selene staying invulnerable after killing all Effigies.

Zealous Lifesinger

  • Vitara's Will no longer deals damage.
  • Vitara's Will is now channeled for the entire duration of the spell.


  • (Veteran) Fixed an issue that was preventing Redmoon Cluster Missile Launchers from functioning.
  • The platform that takes players from Bosun Octog's arena to the next act now travels much more quickly.
  • Map Markers and guide arrows will now direct players to optional objective locations more accurately.
  • Shinies objective now turns on when you enter the cave (instead of turning on as soon as Bosun Octog died).
  • Redmoon Wrestlers will no longer Piledriver targets that their friends have Fixated.
  • Players will now earn experience when an optional objective or a main objective is completed instead of only at the end of the dungeon.
  • Destroying the barrels will no longer grant a group points towards a dungeon medal.
  • Increased cast time of Redmoon Jailor's Enslave spell from 2s to 3s.
  • (Normal) Redmoon Razortail's Pounce no longer stuns.
  • Redmoon Cannoneer now has infinite interrupt armor.
  • Added two new holocrypts--one near Thunderfoot and another near Bosun Octog.
  • Adjusted spawning and spacing in Act 2 and 3.
  • (Normal) Lowered autoattack damage for Redmoon Razortail by 25%.
  • Quatermaster Gruh will no longer be dropping level 50 items on Normal.


  • Adjusted basepop spawning. The same number of pulls are still available; however, they have been moved so that it is easier for players to pick and choose which packs to pull based upon the active optional objectives.
  • (Normal) Reduced basepop HP by 15-20%.

Bosun Octog

  • (Normal) Lowered autoattack damage for both Bosun Octog and Razooki by 20%.
  • Squirg adds' telegraph no longer grows in over time and now has a cast wave that better shows when they will explode.
  • Squirg adds now have visible nameplates, better showing that they are kill-able.
  • Squirg adds' explosion now more accurately matches the telegraph size.
  • Squirglings during his ink phase will no longer all target the same player.
  • Squirg now stop chasing players at the end of his Ink Shield phase.
  • Added an emote after his Ink Shield phase before resuming his normal attacks. This should give players a moment to re-organize themselves for the battle.
  • (Normal) Lowered the Interrupt Armor for Shred from 3 to 2.
  • Removed the threat wipe after his Ink Shield phase.
  • (Normal) Removed stun from Shred.

Molten Chasm

  • (Normal) Removed Knockdown from Laveka's Fireballs.

Mordechai Redmoon

  • Now has infinite interrupt armor except when casting Vicious Barrage or Big Bang.
  • The vignette between Mordechai and Laveka is now shorter and starts at the beginning of the hallway before the terraformer room.
  • Vicious Barrage is now enabled after the second Terraformer phase.
  • Fixed an issue with some of his spell cooldowns.
  • (Normal) Increased the damage of Combustion to 5-6k.
  • (Normal) No longer uses turret grenades.
  • (Normal) Vicious Barrage now rotates more slowly.
  • (Normal) Lowered autoattack damage by 30%.

Quartermaster Gruh'ar

  • (Normal) Kneecap now has infinite interrupt armor.
  • (Normal) Increased the cast time of Dead Eye by 1s.
  • (Normal) Molten pools now heavily snare players instead of stunning them.
  • (Normal) Lowered Interrupt Armor from 2 to 1.
  • (Normal) Lowered auto attack damage by 33%.
  • No longer has shields.

Redmoon Crusher

  • (Normal) Lowered autoattack damage by 15%.
  • (Normal) Now has infinite interrupt armor.
  • (Normal) Concussion Blitz no longer Disorients.

Redmoon Furyspitter

  • (Normal) Gold Swell no longer stuns.
  • (Normal) Now has infinite interrupt armor.
  • (Normal) Lowered autoattack damage by 20%.

Redmoon Sniper

  • (Normal) Increased cast time of Dead Eye by 1s.
  • (Normal) Lowered auto attack damage by 25%.

Redmoon Wrestler

  • Added cluster cooldowns so that they cannot both cast Fixate at the same time.
  • Fixate initial cast time increased from 1s to 2s.

Stew Shaman Tugga

  • Now has infinite interrupt armor. Only Molten Rain and Devour Flesh can be interrupted.
  • (Normal) Feeding Frenzy now produces 5 food immediately.
  • (Normal) Feeding Frenzy no longer produces food over time.
  • (Normal) No longer gains increasing interrupt armor when interrupted during Feeding Frenzy.
  • Molten Rain telegraphs now all display at the beginning of the cast.
  • Fixed the telegraph visual and hitbox for the totems' Magma Plume.
  • Eating the food now gives a stacking buff that increases outgoing damage and healing by 15%.
  • Added a shared cooldown between Molten Rain and Magma Totem.
  • Feeding Frenzy now occurs on 85% and 35% HP thresholds, instead of on a 60s timer.
  • Increased attack frequency by 0.25s.
  • Reduced the cast time of Magma Totems.
  • Increased Tugga's size slightly.
  • Increased the cooldown of totems from 13s to 15s.
  • Reduced the ticking damage in the pot.
  • (Normal) Removed the subdue from Blast Force.


  • Pulverize and Thunder Pound will no longer deal damage to pets.
  • (Normal) Lowered autoattack damage by 25%.
  • Will no longer leap on pets.

Stormtalon's Lair

  • Replaced the Thundercall Storm-Watcher cluster before Invoker with the patrolling Storm-Weaver. There is no longer a patrol.
  • Removed the Storm-Weaver in the cage before Aethros and spaced out the stationary clusters in that room.
  • Spaced out the early clusters in the hallway between Aethros and Stormtalon.
  • The Holocrypt between Invoker and Aethros now automatically activates when you begin fighting Aethros (can still be manually enabled early).
  • Removed the Skyborn Tempest from the ledge with the Holocrypt and moved the Pell + Vulcarrion cluster.
  • Adjusted the patrol path of Overseer Drift-Catcher to be slightly farther from the ledge.
  • Removed a couple of basepop pulls from the corridor leading from Aethros to Stormtalon.
  • Removed the ability to manually activate the holocrypt before Aethros.
  • Thundercall Shaman no longer have any interrupt armor.
  • Added a Holocrypt before Invoker and Stormtalon.
  • Increased the cast time of Gust Convergence from 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Lowered HP of Skyborn Tempests by 5%.
  • Stormtalon's damage bonus from Static Charge has been reduced to 5% per stack (down from 10%).


  • Changed the telegraph shape of Lightning Strike to be visually distinct from his other abilities.
  • (Normal) Slightly reduced the rate of Lightning Strikes during the Tempest phase.
  • (Normal) Reduced the auto attack damage of Gusts by ~10%.
  • (Normal) Reduced the auto attack damage by ~20%.

Arcanist Breeze-Binder

  • (Normal) Reduced auto attack damage of him and his Skyborn Gusts by ~20%.
  • Gust Convergence's cooldown is now 20s.
  • Manifest Cyclone aura now lasts 15s (up from 2s).
  • (Normal) Now only has 1 Interrupt Armor.


  • (Normal) Lightning Strike now applies a Moment of Opportunity and deals less damage to the Channelers.
  • (Normal) reduced auto attack damage by ~20%.
  • (Normal) Static Discharge no longer applies Subdue.

Overseer Drift-Catcher

  • (Normal) Reduced auto attack damage by ~20%.
  • (Normal) Reduced Interrupt Armor from 2 to 1.

Skyborn Tempest

  • On both normal and veteran, the charge for Tornado Alley now more consistently goes toward the correct player.
  • Manifest Cyclone now damages and snares properly.
  • Tornado Alley fields now last 10s.
  • (Normal) Reduced auto attack damage by ~15%.
  • Tornado Alley field now functions properly.
  • Tornado Alley no longer prematurely disappears.
  • (Normal) Now has only 1 interrupt armor.
  • Tornado Alley's damage has been reduced.
  • Tornado Alley's damage now ignores 75% armor.
  • Tornado Alley can no longer crit.


  • Removed the story panel for gaining a stack of static charge.
  • His non-auto attacks should no longer be able to crit.
  • (Normal) Reduced auto attack damage by ~10%.

Thundercall Shaman

  • (Normal) Increased Rejuvenate's delay for the first heal tick to 2s from 1s.
  • Thundercall Shaman's auto attack is now a melee attack.
  • Rejuvenate now triggers a story panel.
  • Increased the VFX for Rejuvenate.

Thundercall Storm-Weaver

  • (Normal) now has 1 interrupt armor instead of 2.
  • (Normal) DoT no longer stacks.

The Ruins of Kel Voreth

  • (Normal) Voreth Darkwitches now only have 1 interrupt armor.
  • (Normal) Voreth Darkwitch autoattack damage decreased by 40%.
  • (Normal) Voreth Battlesworn now have 1 interrupt armor instead of 2.
  • (Normal) Voreth Battlesworn autoattack damage lowered by 20%.
  • (Normal) Voreth Battlesworn's Seismic Trample no longer has infinite interrupt armor.
  • Added new holocrypts outside of both Slavemaster Drokk and Forgemaster Trogun's arenas.
  • (Normal) Increased the hitpoints of Voreth Darkwitches and Battlesworn by 15%.
  • (Normal) Voreth Darkwitch's DoT now deals less damage and ignores armor.
  • XP and cash rewards have increased to match the new level.
  • (Normal) In order to lower the average clear time for the dungeon, basepop creatures have had their hitpoints lowered by ~10-15%.
  • Adjusted spawning in the Blood Pit to slightly reduce the chances of multiple packs being aggro'd.
  • Lowered auto-attack range of Bloot Pit Necromancers from 30m to 15m.
  • Cleaned up a couple of locations where players could rez in the incorrect location.
  • Upon defeating Grond the Corpsemaker and Slavemaster Drokk, Guidance Arrows that give a speed boost appear to help players get to the next area more quickly. Entering combat will remove the buff.
  • When the Voreth Darkwitch casts Impending Doom, there will no longer be 2 buff icons present.
  • Is now a level 25 dungeon.

Darkwitch Gurka

  • Darkwitch Gurka's objective is now always active.
  • Darkwitch Gurka now has a more staged spawn area.
  • (Normal) Lowered interrupt armor from 2 to 1.
  • (Normal) Blinding Dark no longer deals damage if players are not facing Gurka.
  • Her spells should no longer interrupt one another and she now has some non-combat vFX to help sell that she is a mini-boss.
  • (Normal) Reduced autoattack damage by 25%.
  • Now has infinite interrupt armor.
  • No longer patrols while spawned.

Forgemaster Trogun

  • Fixed timing of Trogun's volcano attack telegraph and damage to match the projectiles impacts.
  • (Normal) Essence of Primal Fire no longer increases the damage dealt by Trogun.
  • (Normal) Removed the Exanite Shards from Phase 2 Trogun's Forgemaster's Call.
  • (Normal) Exanite Shards now deal 10% less damage.
  • (Normal) Essences of Primal Fire now also heal players for 10% of their max HP and increase incoming healing by 5%.
  • Now has awesome beams to the Spheres of Primal Fire (should help make it easier to find collect for players).
  • Exanite Shards now ignore 75% armor, adjusted damage accordingly. Flame Orbs now despawn when Trogun casts Exanite Weapon.
  • Essence of Primal Flame is now removed when Trogun casts Exanite Weapon.
  • Added a brief buffer protection to being hit by Exanite Shards.
  • Exanite Shards now ignore 75% armor; adjusted damage accordingly.
  • Flame Orbs now despawn when Trogun casts Exanite Weapon.
  • Essence of Primal Flame is now removed when Trogun casts Exanite Weapon.
  • Added a brief buffer protection to being hit by Exanite Shards back to back.

Grond the Corpsemaker

  • Bellow now has infinite interrupt armor.
  • (Normal) Lowered autoattack damage by ~20%.
  • Shrunk his autoattack's cleave from 60 to 40 degrees.
  • (Normal) Doubled the duration of Grond's self-disable for Scratch Itch. Also gave him significant damage reduction during the cast.
  • (Normal) Increased the duration of the MoO when Thrash is interrupted from 4s to 6s.

Slavemaster Drokk

  • (Normal) Suppression Wave no longer has a knockdown component.
  • (Normal) Lowered autoattack damage by ~40%.

Voreth Darkwitch

  • Lowered duration of Dread to 8s (from 15s), added a 1.5s cast time (up from instant), and increased the recast to 20s (from 15s).
  • No longer casts Rupture.

Ultimate Protogames

  • Several of the zone maps have been adjusted in order to remove some odd seams.
  • Players will now receive a comm-call at the end of the dungeon that reflects the medal they earned.


  • Will now properly reset and begin combat in his Vend-bot position.

HMS Phineas

  • Marauders will now show their Giant Orange Weakspot debuff telling players how to make them vulnerable to smashing.

Lost and Found

  • Time Warp bubbles now display a debuff icon on afflicted targets.

Expeditions (Formerly Shiphands)

  • Each Expedition's quest has been placed within the instance itself. Separate quests that lead players to each Expedition's entrance have been created for their respective zones.
  • Now all have opening and closing cutscenes.

Deep Space Exploration

  • The quest level for the normal version of this expedition should now be consistent with the expected level for the instance.
  • The Cryo-Tranquilizer can now be used without having to wait as long for it to recharge.


  • Pilot Taboro will no longer be tongue-tied when first speaking to him about his quests.
  • Fixed the spotlight effect after beating the Dance Off so it ends when the player can move again.
  • Dying in arenas with a penalty box will now fully heal the player before returning them to combat.
  • Lengthened the duration of the Dance Off prompt from 3 seconds to 8 seconds.
  • "Brick" Braggor has stopped unnecessarily repeating himself.


  • (Veteran)The final boss of the medbay holdout will always properly spawn.

Outpost M-13

  • With Captain Milo at his new location in Ellevar, his quest has been updated to be offered at the same level as the Deradune quest.

Rage Logic

  • Added guide arrows to objectives that were missing them.

Space Madness

  • Security Cameras in Space Madness can no longer be damaged.

They Came From Fragment Zero!

  • Fragment Zero's Project "Matron" has gotten a makeover and she now looks more like her fellow Skeech.
  • Fix for speed increasing buffs breaking the instance flow, rendering it impossible to complete.
  • Adjusted experience rewards.


  • Season 1.5 has come to an end. PvP Rewards have been mailed to participants and winners. Thank you all for a wonderful season.
  • Players will no longer receive rating on a loss in any PVP bracket.
  • The map labels Exile Base Camp and Dominion Base Camp have changed to Blue Team Base Camp and Red Team Base Camp respectively.
  • The PvP reward vendors in capital cities have contracted their cousins to set up shop by the PvP daily hub. Getting your rewards just got more convenient!
  • All PvP instances below level 50 will now clamp player stats to the max level for their bracket. For example, in a level 30-49 battleground, player gear will be rallied up to item level 49 and capped at that level.
  • All PvP instances at level 50 are now capped at item level 100. For example, in a level 50 battleground, player gear will be rallied down to item level 100, but not rallied up if below that level.
  • All PvP rewards have had their item levels adjusted to coincide with the new system going forward.
  • Contract rewards have been adjusted to coincide with the item level changes associated with Season 2.
  • PVP Rating floors--except for the floor at 800--have been removed.
  • Contribution from PvP stats were adjusted to account for the increase to player survivability.
  • A new PvP specific runecrafting bag is now available on the PvP consumables vendor.


  • Updated the Arena type name in the Group Finder UI.


  • Leaving a battleground will no longer automatically trigger the PvP cooldown timer upon returning to the player's previous location.
  • Removed Open battleground match types from level 50 content.

Daggerstone Pass

  • Can no longer pick up a bomb dropped on the enemy team's generator.
  • Increased the damage the bombs deal to players.

Halls of the Bloodsworn

  • Fixed an issue that would cause tether mines to display incorrectly on the second capture point.
  • Secondary control points now have a 25 second initialization period before they can be activated.
  • "Maskerade" imbuement should now advance correctly.

Walatiki Temple

  • Moodie Mask vFX will now display properly while on Ultra Low graphics settings.
  • When a match ends, the UI will now properly display the correct number of flags for each team.

Imbuement Items

  • We've reduced the count required for PvP Imbuement objectives
    • Hall Monitor down to 5.
    • All You Can Carry down to 3.
    • Smart Bomber down to 10.
    • And I Helped down to 5.
    • It Belongs in a Museum! down to 5.
    • No Respect for Tradition down to 2.
    • The Blood of My Enemies down to 30.
    • The Warrior down to 30.
    • A Bit of a Torrent down to 8.
    • It's the Bomb down to 3.
    • Dropping a Bombshell down to 6.


  • A number of Datascape gadgets will no longer function in PvP.
  • Updated PvP items to function under the new stat systems. PvP Season 2 Items have been created.


  • Descriptions and tooltips for Factory plugs now match functionality.
  • Warparty rank permissions no longer incorrectly display settings for 'Editing Guild Holomark', 'Vote', or 'Bank Tab Log'.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from being able to place Deployables during a Warplot match.


  • Drop weights have been re-adjusted to account for the larger number of assault rolls present in raids.


  • The Genesis Key quest line has been simplified.
    • You now need to complete The Bronze Age, Over the Gorge, Ohmna-Potent, and The Datascape Opens to unlock access to The Datascape.
    • The Genesis Key will be updated to a new version.
    • Players who already completed any of these stages should be automatically advanced based on existing achievements.
    • Players who are in-progress should be able to continue based on where they are relating to the 4 quests of the current attunement.


  • The Guild: Double Helix achievement has been removed from the game.


  • Spinning Trip Lasers in the Danger Room are now jumpable.

Elemental Pairs

  • Megalith
    • Added a 10s delay at the start of the encounter before Momentum begins stacking.
    • Modified the telegraph shape for Fierce Swipe.
    • Fierce Swipe no longer proxies Cower.
    • Fierce Swipe is now castable while moving.
  • Megalith and Aileron
    • Tornadoes should now much more reliably travel toward Megalith.
  • Mnemesis
    • Snake no longer focuses on Mnemesis if the current Snake Snack target dies.

Limbo Infomatrix

  • Reduced the radius of Death Wail to prevent it from applying to players that are not engaged with the Keeper of the Sands.
  • Small Sandworms should be much less likely to target players that are engaged with a Keeper of the Sands.
  • The guild achievement for defeating the encounter should now be awarded correctly.

Maelstrom Authority

  • Conduction should now be dispelled from players when the boss begins casting Shatter.

Volatility Lattice

  • Avatus no longer appears to have Interrupt Armor (he still cannot be interacted with directly in any way).

Genetic Archives

  • The Guild: Double Helix achievement has been removed from the game.

Dreadphage Ohmna

  • Fixed a tooltip error with Might of the Dreadphage.

Fetid Miscreation

  • Molecular Deformation is now correctly classified as a debuff.

Initialization Core Y-83

  • The guide arrow for the first two objectives in the raid now point to the proper locations.
  • Strain Incubation now clears at the start of the Mass Transmission phase.
  • Added the Smooth Operator and Evolutionary Revolutions guild achievements.


  • Added a new optional tutorial area (Cryo Awakening Protocol) before the Arkships for players who are unfamiliar with standard MMO conventions.
  • Fixed a bug where hitting escape at the beginning of the last movie in the arkship could cause a stall on some machines.
  • Enemies on the Exile and Dominion Arkship will no longer deflect attacks.
  • The quest Nexus Ho now give a Protostar Revolutionary Rucksack as a reward.
  • Arkship zone maps have been adjusted to adhere to the new player experience flow.
  • A quest has been created to give players who have completed the Arkship a Protostar Revolutionary Rucksack.
  • The challenge tutorial has been updated to reflect the new reward track system.

World Bosses

  • Added holocrypts and teleporters at various locations on the main continents to assist with quest flow and accessibility.
  • Most of the large scale 20-man bosses on Nexus now have a system in place that allows players to force spawn them.
  • Old world boss achievements have become Galactic Hotshots and a new suite of achievements has been created. All associated titles are still accessible in game as well.
  • World bosses will now properly grant players world boss achievements.


  • Lethargic debuff now functions properly.

King Honeygrave

  • Will no longer leave his encounter space.

King Plush

  • There is now a swank dust devil in Galeras potentially leading to a showdown with a deadly plushie-obsessed Murgh.

Metal Maw

  • Removed Afterburner ability.
  • No longer uses breath attacks.
  • Laser field now lasts longer, casts twice in a row, and is more frequent.
  • Leap attack now triggers an additional damage AE that can be avoided by jumping.
  • Metal Maw's cage no longer makes it appear as though two Metal Maws are breaking out.
  • Removed a rock near Metal Maw that could be used for exploitation.
  • Metal Maw is now a level 50 encounter.
  • Foot Stomps now targets 5 players with a grenade that spawns an add.


  • The wildlife around the entrance to Sanctuary of the Sword Maiden is now five-man group content.
  • Zoetic's Primal Sacrifices are no longer required to spawn him.
  • Encounter has been updated and he is now always level 50.


  • Hoarding Stemdragon has been renamed to Dreamspore
  • The encounter has received a major update.



  • Spell for using the Ikithan Data Panel during the Explorer mission "OPERATIONS: Ikthian Probe Data" no longer appears in the chat log.
  • Players will no longer see any strange messages in their combat log associated with the mission SCAVENGER HUNT: Ascendant Antiques.
  • Updated tutorial text to remove references to old systems.


  • The Grimvault mission SPECIMEN SURVEY: Creatures of the Strain has had its text updated to be more specific.
  • Fixed an exploit where the cooldown on the summon group path ability could be reset.


  • A name column has been added to the improvement list control.
  • Tech-Totems have been changed to Assault Power, Health Regeneration, and Resistances. Also the visuals have been updated.
  • Hovering over the vendbot icon when creating a settler improvement on Crimson Isle now gives an appropriate description.
  • Added Settler built banks to the first Settler Depots in Northern Wilds, Everstar Grove, Levian Bay, and Crimson Isle.


  • Holdouts (and other affected decals) display correctly.
  • Weapon Lockbox items have been tweaked, the text has been updated, and the visuals improved.
  • The telegraph for Cave Thumper in the Caving In mission should now display properly display.


  • Currencies will now auto-vacuum in Dungeons, Adventures, Shiphands, and Raids.

Auction House/Commodity Exchange

  • The maximum number of auctions and bids a player can place is now based on their account type and whether they have purchased extra slots.
  • The maximum number of commodity orders a player can place is now based on their account type and whether they have purchased extra slots.
  • The Auction House and Commodities Exchange no longer appear to be disabled.


  • The "Eldan Transformer" item is not correctly a white quality item.
  • Fixed a bug that caused "Protostar Item Exchange" to ignore the original stack count of the item when exchanging the item.
  • Removed all Amp Ability Unlock items from world loot, bosses, and vendors.


  • Updated quests rewards with new stats and changed what reward options are presented to players.
  • Quest rewards have been adjusted so that their item levels more closely represent the challenge level of their associated quests.

Rune Sets

  • Rune Sets and Rune Set bonuses have been adjusted. Please visit a Runecrafting station to view all of the changes.
  • Rune Set specials will now properly obey map constraints.


  • Players can now receive a new training quest at level 5 to introduce them to the concept of runes and runeslots.

Vanity Pets

  • Standardized the tooltips for the Rowsdower and Holoparrot.

World Loot

  • Updated all world loot to follow the new stat system.


  • Updated the Omnibits balance tooltip to display the correct amount of bonus OmniBits remaining.
  • Omnibits earned will now be displayed in the "Loot" channel in chat instead of the combat log.


  • Several Architect and Technologist work order quests in Grimvault have been updated for consistency.
  • Circuit board crafting can now benefit from bonuses to failure rate reduction given by sources such as Signature status or Loyalty unlocks. Failure rate reduction applies to both chance of failure and maximum failure rate, so the amount of power an item may be overcharged by remains the same.
  • All tradeskill introduction quests have been modified to work with the new Circuitboard Crafting system.
  • Added introductory crafting quests to Thayd and Illium in the event that these quests were missed in the starting zones.
  • The introductory work order quests now grant a Basic Power Core for a reward instead of a Quartz Power Core.
  • The Novice Harvesting tools are now White quality items.
  • Added colorized text links to all work orders to linked schematics.

Relic Hunter

  • The Relic quests in Algoroc, Celestion, Deradune, and Ellevar have been relocated closer to Illium and Thayd respectively.


  • Salvage loot is now being properly rewards for items ilvl 50+.


  • The momentum buff mechanic has been removed and drop rates have been increased.
  • Added more Tier 4 nodes to tract 1 of Malgrave.


  • Access to create a guild or invite other players to a guild is now restricted to accounts that have Signature status or the "Full Guilds Access" entitlement.
  • Access to create a guild or invite other players to a community is now restricted to accounts that have Signature status or the "Full Communities Access" entitlement.
  • Guild Perk Bonuses granted are now 10%, up from 8%.Guild Flask Bonuses| |Flask bonuses are now 10%, up from 8%. This excludes Flask of Speed, which did not change.


  • Center Phantom Vind in the Crate preview window.
  • Housing materials assigned are now working correctly.
  • Housing doors can now be activated with the F key.
  • More interesting lighting in the interiors.
  • Mannequin decor limit increased to 10.
  • More than one 'Chua Guard (Style 1)' decor can now be placed.
  • Housing Job Boards removed from housing plot.
  • Added Marauder's Cove housing plug. Yarrr!
  • Added Pumera Matriarch Den to the housing plug offerings. Watch your fingers!
  • Fixed all housing plugs to work appropriately with metal texture options.
  • Ground, sky, music, and placed decor will no longer temporarily disappear when placing a new House.
  • Fixed a number of decor placement issues related to the Underground Bunker house, copy and pasting position and rotation values, moving grouped decor, and manually entering position and rotation values in the Advanced Control Panel.
  • New players may place 500 decor items inside and outside their house (1000 total), and store 1000 decor items in their crate. Players may purchase an allowance of up to 2000 additional decor items placed inside and outside their house (4000 total), and store 4000 decor items in their crate. Existing players who have applied a retail WildStar key to their accounts will start with 500 decor allowance applied to their accounts automatically, leaving 1500 more decor allowance available for purchase.
  • Ellevar, Celestion, Drusera's Dream, Asteroid, Eldan Tech, and Osun Plates added as ground remodel options for housing.
  • The 'Book of Elements' no longer displays a gear interact icon below the Osun props.
  • Fixed a lua error in the Housing addon when adding a decor item from the inventory to the crate.
  • Rocky outcropping intersecting the housing interiors has been adjusted accordingly.
  • The daily housing buffs have been removed to make space for something special.
  • Purchase of Exile and Dominion houses are no longer restricted by faction.
  • Added an option in the Sky remodel options to toggle the visibility of "neighbor" Skyplots.
  • The Desert Flowers and Bones item has been renamed to Crimson Bonebloom.
  • The Strainmaw, Boxing Gym, and Blasted Landscape plugs have been revamped.
  • Public events removed from the Dueling Arena plug. The achievement Pit Fighter can still be achieved by dueling inside the arena.
  • Fix for the housing action bar not disabling properly when the player visits another residence they don't have permission to.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from entering the Underground Bunker, Spacious Cassian, Spacious Chua, and Spaceship houses.
  • Fixed manually typing in a scale value for decor in the Advanced Panel to override the default max scale values.
  • Fixed the "Send All to Crate" button in the Housing List panel for visiting Roommates.
  • 50 new decor pieces are available from the Housing Vendor.
  • Fixed a bug where decor placed around the center house plot wouldn't load correctly for certain players.
  • Interactive decor will no longer be enabled after being moved while in edit mode.
  • The 'Exile Guard (Female, Style 1)' decor is now correctly categorized in 'Characters and Creatures'
  • The housing tutorials have been updated to reflect the current UI and functionality.
  • The housing zone map has been adjusted to account for its increased size.


  • Added Housing Decor rewards for World Bosses and Rare monsters.
  • A new decor category "Special" has been added to limit the number of computationally expensive decor placed for performance purposes.
  • 'Standard Window' no longer available from the Housing Vendor because it was a duplicate of 'Thin Arch Window'.
  • Six new pieces of decor are available from the Housing Vendor after completing Alpha Sanctum Expedition!
  • Decor items can no longer be salvaged unless crafted by an Architect.


  • The 'Explosion' spell now has sound effects on the Prospector Plot.
  • The Protostar Hazard Training Console on the Protostar Hazard Training Course can no longer be activated while in a Raid and no longer becomes permanently disabled if used by a raid member.
  • 'Hobo' residents will no longer chase disguised players when another player leaves the 'Hobo Train' area.
  • The Eldan Statue housing plot no longer offers a Regeneration buff because it cannot persist between worlds.
  • Casting Phantasmal Armor on a sprouting or adolescent plant on a garden plot will no longer affect the plant's display.
  • Fixed issue where player could feed the pumera matriarch multiple times without advancing the pumera's level in the Pumera Matriarch Den.
  • Fixed a 'Celebratory Incense' on the Lopp Party plug that could not be selected.
  • The Target Dummy on the Training Grounds plug always spawns at level 50.
  • The portal on the Wilderrun Biome plot disappears when the plot decays.
  • 'Tower Defender' challenge abilities are more responsive when cast around the Osun Forge.
  • Meteor Crater no longer displays a 1x2 construction area while building.
  • The beam from the Bone Pit's 'Spirit Zapper' now persisits even while sprinting.


  • Runecrafting fragments can now be obtained from salvaging.
  • Created new tutorial panels for runes and runecrafting to explain the changes to those systems.


  • A pass was done on all gadgets in the game. End-game gadgets in particular have seen a number of changes, and a number of new specials were created and distributed throughout the game.
  • Spells associated with gadgets should now scale properly along with the item level of the gadget. should now scale properly along with the item level of the gadget.


Artifact Weapons

  • Redesigned specials as Holo-Smash (DPS), Data Restore (Healer), System Slap (Tank).

Eldan Gauntlets

  • Rebalanced damage and heal values. Tank special redesigned to be an absorb.

Protogames Mantle

  • Replaced Money gain with Movement Speed. Tank special now grants Armor in addition to Support Power.
  • Officially Licensed Ultimate Protogames Mantle will now advance for any optional objective achievements players have earned. Three of the optional objectives did not have associated achievements, so these are now added into the game.


  • Free players are now limited to joining one Circle and may not invite players to join a Circle.

User Interface


  • Added a confirmation window when the player attempts to equip an item that has a limited time refund.
  • Visual spell effects are now on item and character models in multiple UIs
  • Attempting to use skills when dead will now shows the correct messages.
  • Replaced the transparent background on some item icons with a black background.
  • Death visuals properly apply when players die in an interior.


Account Inventory

  • Moved Entitlements from the Account Inventory addon to the Character panel.
  • Updated the icons and tooltips in the Account Inventory to clarify the difference between single and multi-claim items.

Action Bar

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the currently held down spell to continue casting after the action bar was changed.

Character Customization

  • The option selection indicator is no longer hidden after toggling the 'Hide Helm' option.

Chat Log

  • Loot alerts are shown in the chat log again.
  • Incorrectly using the /chinvite and /chvote commands will now display more informative error messages.
  • The Chat Options window now closes properly when the red close button is pressed


  • Disabled zooming on pet preview windows.


  • Resolved an issue some players experienced where a Communicator message would appear with "Text" as the header and body instead of a relevant message.
  • Pressing the Communicator button will now prioritize calls that allow the player to turn in quests

Group Finder

  • The Group Finder UI Panel has been renamed to Content Finder to reflect its expanded functionality.

Guild Bank

  • The Log tab in the Guild Bank is now disabled for players without the correct permissions to view it.

Guild Roster

  • The Guild Roster now displays the correct text length restriction when adding a new Rank.

Holo Wardrobe

  • The buttons for changing an item's visibility in the Holo-Wardrobe are now disabled for the "No Costume" option.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from purchasing changes if they have exactly enough money.
  • The currency values displayed in the Holo-Wardrobe now update when the player obtains currency.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when the player tried to swap costumes while swapping was on cooldown.


  • Added support for a "Special" decor limit category for computationally expensive decor items.
  • Fixed a lua error in the Housing addon when adding a decor item from the inventory to the crate.

Interface Menu List

  • The Interface Menu will now inform players of any live events that are currently active in the world.


  • Fixed an error that occurs when a player leaves Walatiki as a flag is being picked up or dropped.
  • Adding a label that tells players which team they're on. The player's team's flags in Walatiki Temple will always appear on the left side of the UI.


  • Quest markers on the mini map will now update properly when changing zones.
  • City Direction NPCs are no longer tracked on the minimap by default.

Objective Tracker

  • Fixed an issue where the key that is bound to path mission abilities was not appearing.
  • Fixed an issue where PvP and Public Event scoreboards could not be opened from the Objective Tracker.


  • Removed Video Options that are invalid for 32 bit clients if the player is using that client.
  • The Options window can no longer be open during cinematics.
  • Players will now receive a prompt when a video option requires a game restart to take effect.


  • Added new better performing addon that consolidates the four paths ObjectiveTracker parts into a single addon.


  • Right clicking on a quest that is already selected will show the context menu again.
  • Fixed issue where quest objective spells would throw a lua error when being setup.
  • Made performance improvements to the Quest Tracker.
  • Fixed a lua error that occurred shortly after creating a new character.


  • Added an option to sort items by quality.


  • Item tooltips have undergone significant changes to reflect the new stat and runecrafting systems.
  • The PvP or PvE Item Requirement for Runes is now displayed on their tooltips.
  • Updated the Creature Difficulty markers on unit tooltips
  • Fixed an issue where NPC names would overlap other parts of their tooltip.
  • Item Tooltips now indicate if an item cannot be deleted.


  • "Callout" style tutorials now close when the window they're pointing at closes.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Vendor UI to close when the Vendor Settings window closed.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when closing the Vendor window.

Zone Map

  • Re-positioned drop down menus.
  • Point of Interest sprites should once again be properly aligned with their text labels.
  • Several discoveries across Nexus have had zone maps created for them.


  • Creatures no longer have their damage mitigation split between Armor and Resist Ratings. Creatures now gain all of their base mitigation from Armor Rating, similar to players.
  • Webwood Widow, Deadrock Inmate, Corrupted Cankerqueen, and Massive Mauler will now correctly drop world loot.
  • Pathing NPC's will no longer have their paths interrupted when a player stealths after aggroing them.
  • Added a cast bar for the ability Fire Dance in Pell's non-combat behavior.
  • The Spell Fire Storm cast by Pell in non-combat situations will now have sound.
  • Outfit and display groups for Indignant Dominion Soldiers has been corrected.
  • Osun Warhound Boss now have access to the following spells; Sonic Maul, Flea Bag, Stone Breaker and Savage Leap.


  • A few Bounty Boards had lost their voice, they have now found it.
  • Pew Pew SFX is now able to have the volume change by sliding the SFX slider in the audio options.