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Patch 10/02/2014
Release Date (US) 2 October 2014
API Version 9
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Patch 9/25/2014 Patch 10/04/2014


  • Updated the launcher EULA.



  • The Disabler gadget should no longer break the Stalker's Stealth. The snare from Disabler can no longer proc off of DoT's.

Item Specials

  • Fixed an issue where Specials would not apply if gear was equipped while mounted.



  • Resolved a bug where if a Player logged out with action set 3 or 4 active, when they log back in it will no longer switch player to action set 1.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing spell GCD modification to behave incorrectly.
  • Fixed a client crash that was happening when Players had Hold-to-Continue-Casting on, started to cast Stalker's Tether Mine, but then casted something else while the Tether Mine targeting telegraph was still visible.
  • Fixed a client crash that was happening when a Stalker Player had the AMP ‘Unfair Advantage’, was stealthed, started to cast Stalker's ‘Tether Mine’, and then was damaged and knocked out of stealth.



  • Unstable Anomaly
    • Fixed an issue that caused Heal debuff not to apply if the damage is deflected.



  • Soothe
    • Allies should now be able to see Soothe's telegraph.



  • Gamma Rays
    • The T4 bonus will now simply reduce the cast time to 0.85 seconds.



  • Charge abilities will no longer interrupt other spell casting.



  • Relentless Strikes
    • Fixed an issue where the T8 bonus was not granting a charge for Tremor T4-8.


  • Radiate
    • This will now re-trigger after the cooldown if Players use an ability that generates Kinetic Energy while already at full Energy.



  • Elyona the Mad will now always drop her heart (a quest-granting item) for all players who helped kill her.


  • An antidote has been applied to the "Treacherous Territory" quest so that interacting with the 'Poisoned Spirit Walker' no longer poisons players with grief.


Crimelords of Whitevale

  • Mazzaki Swiftblade should no longer despawn during the third Sons of Ravok mission.


Genetic Archives

  • Phagetech Prototypes
    • Players should no longer take massive falling damage on being sent to the Phase Realm.


  • Contemplations on Perspective
    • Hyper-Accelerated Skeledroid
      • Crush damage increased by 100%
      • Crush target count reduced to 3 (down from 4)
      • The Hyper-Accelerated Skeledroid will now end the encounter in a timelier manner upon going Berserk.
    • Base Population should now stay despawned when resuming from a save state that has fully completed sections.
    • Abstract Augmentation Algorithm
      • Quantum Processing Units should no longer persist after combat.
      • Quantum Processing Units should now always have their shields removed when Amplified.
  • System Daemons
    • Disconnect now targets the highest threat player.
    • Disconnect now ignores line of sight.
  • Volatility Lattice
    • If the player targeted by Mark of Enmity dies before the spell completes its task, a new target will be properly selected.
    • Wall health increased to ~550k (up from 400k) because they can be affected by player spells such as Defense Grid and Field Probes.
  • Maelstrom Authority
    • Increased the damage of Maelstrom Bolt.
    • Maelstrom Bolt now affects 3 total targets down from 4.
    • Crystallized targets are now immune to Freeze effects.
    • Added a telegraph visual for Crystallize to show explosion's radius.
    • Reduced the target count of Crystallize to 5.
    • Reduced the explosion radius of Crystallize.
    • Slightly increased the stun duration of Crystallize.
    • Maelstrom Bolt's bounce damage now deals tech damage.
    • Will now start with the Shatter phase (starting this way was previously a bug, but we liked it). Lowered HP to ~52m to reflect this change.
    • Knockback from Typhoon should no longer trigger the Shatter phase.
  • Gloomclaw
    • A few balance changes based upon feedback.
    • Health reduced to 48 million (down from 54.6 million).
    • Corruption Shield thresholds changed to 100%, 85%, 65%, 45%, 25%, 16%, and 0% HP.
    • For those doing the math, it means 7.68m is the new magic number.
    • Concentrated Essence
      • Pool size increased by 100%.
      • Duration increased to 10s (up from 6s)
      • Pool visual changed to increase visibility.

User Interface

  • Guild Perks show their cost correctly in French and German clients again!
  • Guild influence amounts are properly displayed once again.
  • Updated the client EULA.