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Patch 10/15/2014
Release Date (US) 15 October 2014
API Version 9
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Patch 10/04/2014 Patch 10/23/2014


  • Megaserver technology has been brought online. Players will now have access to a single realm of their choice for PvP and PvE play. With this architectural change, we have introduced a new surname system and players will be prompted to rename their characters with both a first and last name upon entry to the character selection screen.


  • Guilds, Circles, Arena Teams, and Warparty's that were renamed by server mergers will have an opportunity (one time only) to rename themselves.
  • Fixed an issue where translated strings with a length of one were displaying the English version of the string in all cases.
  • Addressed some causes of network latency on crowded realms.
  • Added French and German channels for Zone and Advice.
  • Character select can now display more than 6 characters.



  • ​If a player logs out with action set 3 or 4 active, when they log back in it will no longer switch player to action set 1.



Elemental Pairs

  • Hydroflux & Aileron
    • Kiting Aileron will no longer prevent him from beginning the "Eye of the Storm" event.


  • Characters with path abilities reset to base tier should now have the tier auto-adjusted to the correct value.

User Interface

  • Many UI elements have been reworked to accommodate first and last character names.
  • The Guild Influence window should now display numbers properly in all languages.