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Patch 10/21/2015
Release Date (US) 21 October 2015
API Version 11
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Patch 10/15/2015 Patch 11/04/2015


  • Adjusted in-game cinematics to ensure players can move when they are completed.


  • Fixed a particular cause of client crash.
  • Fixed a world server crash caused by a player trying to mount.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing a few characters from logging in.
  • Fixed a small memory leak that could occur when certain visual effects were attached to dead units.



  • New vendors have appeared in the Appearance Services area of the capital cities. Visit them to trade in tokens for cool rewards!
  • The Character Panel now shows the most relevant information about your character at the top of the window. Title and Affiliations are also now editable from here.


  • Runecrafting Bags can no longer be sold to vendors.
  • The Space Pirate Hat has found itself and is no longer a pair of gloves.


  • The Ice Hunter hoverboard unlock item now displays an appropriate message if already learned.


  • AMP and Ability Tier Points that are dropped from Dungeons are now Bind on Equip, and can be sold on the auction house.


  • Fixed a bug that caused specific AMPs to not generate threat.
  • Attempting to reset an AMP when it isn't possible should no longer charge money.


  • Multi-hit crit heals will now properly proc correctly.
  • Subdue will no longer remove the stats from the weapon disarmed.
  • Multihits will now be properly factored into threat generation.
  • Switching targets while holding to continue cast single target spells (like Mind Over Body) will now properly cast on the new target.
  • When a player is at max health, the combat log will now properly show effective healing, rather than raw healing.
  • Threshold Focus costs will now be properly modified by focus cost reduction and intensity.



  • Fixation
    • Fixed a bug that caused Fixation to proc Mental Overflow erroneously.
  • Illusionary Blades
    • Illusion stacks now persist upon exiting combat.
    • T8 Empower reduced to 1% per stack, from 3%.
  • Mental Boon
    • Now affects allies and not just party members.
  • Pyrokinetic Flame
    • Cannot be Deflected (unless Blinded).
  • Soothe
    • Tooltip now displays Focus cost changes.


  • Follow Through
  • Healing Touch
    • Healing touch will now properly function if the target's health is above 60% after the heal.
  • Mental Overflow
    • Fixed a bug where Mental Overflow would erroneously grant a stack.
  • Reckful
    • Now functions with Blade Dance.
  • Superiority
    • Fixed the tooltip of the buff icon to correctly state the 70% health threshold.



  • Barrier
    • Barrier's HoT component no longer triggers direct shield heal proc events.
  • Dual Shock
    • Cannot be Deflected (unless Blinded).
  • Empowering Probes
    • T4 caster buff is now separate from the base ability, and will not be overwritten by an ally's Empowering Probes.
    • Sound effect now properly plays for T4-8.
  • Quantum Cascade
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Quantum Cascade from being queued during the channel.
    • Base damage reduced to 24.12% Assault Power and 10.49 per level, from 27.49% and 11.96%.
    • Tier upgrade damage reduced to 0.84% Assault Power, from 0.95%.
    • T8 Empower now stacks multiplicatively with other 'increase damage dealt' buffs.
  • Rejuvenator
    • Tooltips across all tiers now read 'Freeform' instead of 'Self.'
  • Shield Surge
    • Cannot be Deflected (unless Blinded).




  • Dual Fire
    • Cannot be Deflected (unless Blinded).
    • T8 tooltip now specifies Empower and Weaken durations.
  • Sustain
    • Tooltip now displays Focus cost changes.
  • Vitality Burst
    • Tooltip now displays Focus cost changes.
  • Void Pact
    • T6 tooltip now displays the correct Empower duration.
  • Wild Barrage
    • Tooltips now display the correct damage tick time.



  • Amplification Spike
    • Fixed an issue that caused visuals and audio not to play.
  • Analyze Weakness
    • T4: Now immediately begins regenerating Suit Power on cast.
  • Impale
    • Base: Increased normal damage to 31.43*lvl + 72.2% AP + 3.8% AP*tier, up from 30.04*lvl + 69% AP + 3.8% AP*tier. Increased stealth/behind damage to 34.573*lvl + 79.42% AP + 4.2% AP*tier, up from 33.044*lvl + 75.9% AP + 4.2% AP*tier.
  • Punish
    • T4: Now displays duration in the tooltip.


  • Cutthroat
    • Fixed the debuff tooltip.
  • Enabler
    • Increased Suit Power regen to 5 per second, up from 3 per second. Can now re-trigger while the buff is active.
  • Iron Man
    • Fixed the tooltip to show the correct Interrupt Armor duration.
  • Killer Instinct
    • The stacking Critical Hit buff can now proc once every 250ms (improved from once per 500ms) to account for fast attacks such as Shred. Fixed the Critical Severity buff to now only trigger from direct critical damage effects.
  • Left in the Dust
    • Now shows a debuff icon on affected targets.


    • T8: Reduced Suit Power regen to 2 per second, down from 5 per second.



  • Relentless Strikes
    • Increased damage to 7.24*lvl + 22.85% AP + 4.42% AP*tier, up from 7.24*lvl + 20.34% AP + 3.95% AP*tier.
  • Shield Burst
    • T4+ now correctly deals damage when no shields are equipped.
  • Whirlwind
    • Reduced tick damage to 11.52*lvl + 36.35% AP + 2.1% AP*tier, down from 12.66*lvl + 36% AP + 3% AP*tier.


  • Bring It
    • Fixed the stacking buff tooltip.
  • Sure Shot
    • Now guarantees 1 critical hit after a deflect, down from 2.



  • The global achievement "Bombastic Bandit Basher" now gets credit from the Crowe humanoids in Algoroc.
  • The Achievement for Episode Completion: Arrival in Northern Wastes no longer requires the optional quest, From the Wreckage.


  • There is now a memorial for Sadie in Algoroc.
  • Fixed a issue that would keep players from using the bots for the quest "Bots Can't Swim" in Algoroc.
  • Augmented Eldan Weaponry has been removed as a required challenge for Up to the Challenge: Algoroc.


  • Fixed an issue where the crates for the "Munitions Demolitions" quest were not interactive.


  • Nearly all the Settler buff stations can now be used while mounted, with a few exceptions.


  • Several quests in Celestion have had their locations updated.



  • Cryoplex completion now counts towards Arena Contracts.


  • The NPC 'Agent Lex' no longer shows up as 'Unknown' after the quest 'Arrival of the Luminai' in Bloodfire Village.
  • Fixed an issue where players could become stuck in an invisible explosive mammodin during the quest 'Explosive Mammodin.'

Drusera Instances

Drusera 1

  • The Genesis Prime
    • Exo-lab-prime
      • Fixed issue where progression could become blocked by activating the Water and Air Transfer Controls after starting the Earth and Fire event but not completing it.


  • The Ellevar quest 'The Cruel and the Credulous' now has updated location map markers.


  • Location links will now correctly point toward Touchdown Site Bravo for Exile Armorer work order quests.
  • Adjusted the spawn placement of a Desert Terrorclaw that was terrorizing players.


  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause Elite Champions Alpha Guard One and Alpha Guard Two from respawning.
  • Updated location link for quest "Hot Drop Troopers" in Grimvault.
  • Updated location link for quest "Gates of Fire" in Grimvault.
  • Updated location links for quest "Too Late for Mutt" in Grimvault
  • Updated location link for quest "Search and Rescue" in Grimvault.
  • Updated location link for quest "Not On My Watch" in Grimvault.
  • Updated location link for quest "Can't Turn Back Now" in Grimvault.


Shade's Eve

  • The Gallery of Ghostly Goods will now also have a chance to drop Support-based shoulder gear.
  • The Gallery of Ghastly Goods now has a better chance to award its unique Shoulder gear.
  • The Shoulder items provided from the Gallery of Ghastly Goods have had their level requirements reduced.
  • The daily quest "Trick or Treat" should now have more reliable visual effects over the Candy Bowls.
  • The high-end shoulder gear dropping from the Gallery of Ghostly Goods has had its level requirement reduced from 50 to 46.
  • Check out our Shade's Eve decor, mount, costume, and Fabkit offerings!

Legendary and Elite Champions

  • Champions that use the Champions Call combat package will now cast the ability even if they are currently casting a telegraph ability after the completion of that spell.

Levian Bay

  • Fixed objective directions for the challenge 'Construct Crusher' to not point off of the map if you're outside of the Star-Comm Station.
  • The map icon now properly displays form Cambot Z-1n on the quest 'Finding Artemis Zin.'

Northern Wastes

  • Lowered the difficulty of the Rime Hide Matron to be more in line with the quest difficulty.

Northern Wilds


  • Hologram Decoys now correctly display after the Memory Core event.

Public Event


  • The targets of the Imbuement Quest "Highland Beef" have been expanded to include other Oxian creatures in the area.
  • The rewards for Journey into OMNICore-1 have been updated to include Assault options.

Star-Comm Basin

  • Players can no longer spawn an infinite army of Holoparrots as part of the challenge "From Holo to Whole."


The Defile

  • Tessa will no longer patrol the Dread Traverse. This should prevent her being killed by other creatures making it difficult to complete the "I Like it Rare" achievement for Dominion players.


  • The breadcrumb quest from Thayd to Whitevale has been updated to be easier to complete now.


  • The Pell of Windfall Commune can no longer be set to friendly when completing the quests "Ask the Pell" and "Servants of the Torine".


The Malgrave Trail

  • Players who obtain the Journey to Malgrave quest will no longer be prompted that Malgrave is too difficult for them when boarding the ship in Illium and Thayd.


  • The Exiting a Dungeon tutorial now properly triggers at the end of Protogames Academy

Protogames Academy

  • (Veteran) Fixed an issue that was causing the Scrapyard Cleanup challenge to fail incorrectly.
  • A blank tutorial will no longer appear while playing the Protogames Academy.
  • Wrathbone
    • (Veteran) The challenge achievement and immortal achievement will now be properly granted upon Wrathbone's death.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing Wrathbone to drop too much loot.
    • Should now be far less likely to become stuck in Wrathbone's spawn area.

Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden

  • Rebalanced dungeon medal points to properly account for fewer optional objectives.
  • If the Dodge the Flame Totems challenge is active but the associated Flame Totems optional is not, the challenge will now auto-succeed upon killing Rayna.

Stormtalon's Lair

  • Skyborn Tempest's Tornado Alley no longer affects pets.

The Ruins of Kel Voreth

  • Moved a couple of Eldan Data Storage spawns that were inside a wall. They should now be accessible when that optional objective is active.


  • Certain expedition missions were missing their black and white look. This has been fixed.

Deep Space Exploration

  • Fixed rare issue where event would not update after killing the end boss.

Outpost M-13

  • The abnormal spike in gravity on Outpost M-13 has been resolved, and players will once again feel the effects of low gravity on the asteroid.

Rage Logic

  • The Expedition Rage Logic will no longer attempt to restart in an instance where it has already completed.

Space Madness

  • The objective to capture the creatures of madness is now optional.

They Came From Fragment Zero!

  • The speed boost, health regeneration, critical chance, and damage absorption buffs will no longer persist outside of the instance.



Daggerstone Pass

  • Bomb damage is now consistent and no longer distance dependent.

Halls of the Bloodsworn

  • Debuffs are now removed at the end of a round.


  • The Titan's Assailing Hauberk now has the correct color appearance.
  • Loot bags earn from Battlegrounds for levels 6 - 49 have had their rewards updated. Bags earned from winning will guarantee a piece of PvP gear from the level bracket in which they were earned, while loss bags will have a chance to provide gear.
  • Runecrafting materials are now be offered in PvP battleground / Warplot / Arena reward bags across the board for all levels.


  • Matrix drops have been increased on both bosses and minibosses.


Abstract Augmentation Algorithm

  • Data Deconstruction damage taken debuff increased to 20% per stack (up from 15% per stack).
  • Data Deconstruction damage reduced by ~30%.


  • Fixed an issue that was causing Datacore Augmentation Clones to not take on the appearance of the player they were cloning.

Elemental Pairs

  • Hydroflux and Pyrobane
    • Engulfing Flames and Drenching Tides now tick every 4 seconds (up from 3 seconds).
    • Magma Vent Eruption damage reduced by 20%.

Glacial Fortress

  • Frostbringer Warlock
    • Frost waves no longer hit pets.

Hyper Accelerated Skeledroids

  • Crush damage reduced by ~9%.

System Daemons

  • Power Enhancement now increases damage dealt by 10% (down from 15%) per stack.
  • Reduced the tick damage of Overload by ~25%.
  • Reduced the tick damage of Power Surge by ~18%.
  • Reduced damage of auto attacks by ~15%.

Genetic Archives

Phage Maw

  • Laser Blast damage reduced by 23.33%.

Initialization Core Y-83

Prime Evolutionary Operants

  • Reduced the damage of Degeneration by 20%.
  • Reduced the damage of Digitize by 15%.
  • Disintegration Resistant Coating now increases Deflect Chance by 5%.
  • Disintegration Resistant Coating now increases Crit Severity by 20%.
  • All abilities now use purely Assault Power for damage (was using AP and stats).


  • The Public Event tutorial now points to the Events section of the Objective Tracker instead of the Objective Tracker as a whole.
  • Path tutorials now point to the Path section of the Objective Tracker instead of the Objective Tracker as a whole.
  • Player will no longer get a white screen and be unable to proceed after completing the Cryo-Awakening Protocol in rare circumstances.

World Bosses

  • The drop rates in World Boss loot bags have been increased to compensate for the change to World Boss tagging.
  • World Boss encounters no longer use Closed Tagging. Reward bags will be given to all players of the appropriate level that participate in the event.
  • Pets rewarded from world boss kills are now Bind on Equip rather than Bind on Acquire.



  • Fixed Scientist ScannerBots to not always overlap with other flying followers when standing still.


Auction House/Commodity Exchange

  • Some placeholder and test items have been removed from the menu. Additionally, the two "Dye" subcategories have been consolidated.
  • The Auction House will now display the proper stats in the filter.


  • "Maskerade" imbuement now has an objective count of 1 down from 10.
  • "Maskerade" imbuement now updates on a capture OR assist of a Moodie Mask.

In-Game Store

  • Pressing Escape to leave the store will now close all other windows within the store.


  • Item buy and repair costs have been reduced.
  • Two different violet colored dyes had the same name, which were "Ultraviolent." The duplicate dye has been renamed to its intended name "Zero Gravity."
  • AMP and Ability Points were dropping far too frequently in the world. Their drop rates have been adjusted accordingly.


  • Updated AP/SP food buffs to read "Assault Rating" and "Support Rating."


  • Updated the purchase requirements for dungeon level Glory gear, making Veteran Sanctuary of the Sword Maiden a requirement instead of the Normal version.


  • Updated a handful of quest rewards that were flagged as Bind on Equip instead when they should have of been Bind on Pickup.
  • Dangerous Highlands
    • The quest rewards being offered from "Dangerous Highlands" in Ellevar should now all be of similar quality,

Raid tokens

  • Armor Exchange will no longer be available from the raid token vendors as all items that had previously used this feature have been removed from the game.

Rune Sets

  • Fusion rune
    • Venom
      • DoT no longer stacks.
      • Damage increased to 5.6295 Item Budget and 5.625% Assault Power, from 1.251 and 1.251%.
  • Mecha Shield
    • Mecha Shield tooltip now appears correctly on the buff icon.
  • Quickening
    • Medic Innate and Shield Healing AMPs now proc the rune set.
  • Resource probes
    • Probes can now only re-apply to party members.
  • Surge life
    • Buff icon now displays the proper tooltip.
  • Unstoppable
    • Buff tooltip now displays the correct amount of Health.


  • Mountain
    • Reduced the armor bonus to 1% of Max Health, down from 2%.
  • Onslaught
    • The Onslaught Runes on the Set Rune Exchange vendor are now under the correct tab.

Vanity Pets

  • Vanity pets should always properly reappear when stalkers stealth is broken by taking damage.
  • Left clicking a hostile player will no longer command pets to attack that player when the pet is in assist mode unless already in combat.


  • Runecrafting material bags are now available through Renown and Glory vendors.


  • Tier 6 crafted items now have more diverse visuals and icons.
  • The Tradeskill Trainer's descriptions of the tradeskills have been updated.
  • Removed some text from two of the tradeskill introduction quests to make them consistent with other quests.
  • The Harvesting Multi-Tool no longer incorrectly states that it is used to harvest plants.
  • The sell prices for power core schematics have been reduced.


  • Updated capstone armorer work order quests to properly display the Dominion Victory Commission instead of the Exile Craftsman's Brigade in the completion summary.


  • Location links will now correctly point toward 'Touchdown Site Bravo' for Exile Outfitter work order quests.


  • Fixed the objective of 'Protostar Hazard Training Course.'
  • Fixed the extraneous housing error spam that occasionally occurred when not on a housing property.


  • Made the decor NPC names display consistently in the Housing Crate interface.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from being able to delete decor.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to select the decor on another player's property even when they didn't have permission to edit.
  • Fixed an issue where players were being erroneously charged for decor when rapidly placing multiple decor from their crate.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause decor to randomly rotate or scale when translating the decor.


  • The "Elegant Floral Arrangement" shoulders have been renamed and given an appropriate icon.



  • The "Uplift" gadgets now properly grant Support Rating.

Volatile shield

  • Should no longer break stealth on cast.


Eldan Gauntlets

  • The Item Specials on the Eldan Gauntlets for Tanks and Healers have been swapped.
  • Now displays the correct shield healing value in the tooltip.

User Interface

  • Players are once again able to place macros on their side bar.
  • Fixed a issue which would cause the PvP ratings displayed to sometimes be from a different season.


  • Moved the interface for changing the currency displayed on the HUD. It can now be found next to the inventory icon.

Account Inventory

  • Items in the Inventory now have consistent names when compared to items in the Crate.

Auction House

  • Players can now see the maximum number of auctions they can post when selling an item on the Auction House.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the "Bid: Low to High" from being selected.
  • Updated the item level filter to go up to 300.
  • Added the stack count to the item display when setting up an auction.


  • The Bank window is now resizable.
  • Fixed an issue that caused bank bag slots to appear outside the Bank window.

C.R.E.D.D. Marketplace

  • Fixed an issue where the first C.R.E.D.D. the player sells sends a blank message to the chat window.

Challenge log

  • Fixed an error caused by viewing a completed challenge.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Challenges UI to show the incorrect amount of Challenge Points that were earned.


  • Fixed an error caused when opening the Character panel in a PVP instance.
  • Fixed a lua error when interacting with costumes.

Character Creation

  • Fixed an issue where characters would would wear the opposite faction's costumes during character creation.

Character Panel

  • Fixed an issue that caused costume items to appear broken if they were equipped on the character.

Character Selection Screen

  • Double clicking or pressing Enter while a character is selected will cause players to enter the game on that character.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Realm Queue UI to hide if the player switched realms.
  • Fixed an issue where character select could be visible when creating a character.

Commodities Exchange

  • Commodity Exchange Buy and Sell orders are now listed separately in the listings window to clarify their separate quantity limits.
  • The separate caps for Buy and Sell orders are now listed in the tooltip for the button that displays a combined order limit.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Store to appear when the player tried to close the "Cancel Order" confirmation window.

Content Finder

  • Fixed an issue that let the Instance Controls section stay after selecting the "Leave Match" button while outside of an instance.

Coordinate crafting

  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect schematics to appear in the Variants list.

Daily login rewards

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Daily Login Rewards to re-appear when the player had no rewards to claim.

Friends list

  • Fixed an error that occurred if only one player was in the Friends List.


  • Fixed tutorial positions for action bar buttons.


  • Fixed some localization issues with sprint modifier dropdown strings.

Marketplace listings

  • Fixed a graphical issue that occurred when opening the Marketplace Listings window multiple times.


  • Fixed an error that occurred in the MiniMap when the saved data and default data were out of sync.

Objective Tracker

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Nav Points section of the Objective Tracker to overlap other sections.
  • Fixed an issue that caused quest numbers in the Objective Tracker to be different from the ones on the Zone Map and MiniMap.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when reloading the UI while a Nav Point was active.
  • Re-added contracts to the objective tracker


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Scientist Scanbot UI from showing if the player has no path missions.

Public event scoreboard

  • Fixed an issue with the Scoreboard's size.


  • Fixed an issue where imbuement quests would not be removed from the quest tracker when the item was unequipped.


  • The Rapid Transport Nodes for Snowfade Grounds (Exile), Locus Dawn (Exile), and Inception's Stand (Dominion) now requires the player to be level 20 or above to utilize them, rather than level 19.


  • Removed the tooltip status of "Bind on Equip" on Runes. Adding Runes to an item causes it to bind to the player, but the Rune's bind status does not change.


  • Added sheathed option when previewing costumes on the player.


  • Rapid Transport nodes now use the player's actual level, even when they are mentoring other players.


  • Item Tooltips now indicate that a set rune is unique per item and that only one rune with a special can be added per item.


  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to remove items from the Trade window.


  • Brought the Scientist path intro tutorial up to date.
  • The tutorial text for Tradeskills have been updated.


  • New Function: GetInventorySlotsInUseCount() - Counts the number of inventory slots that are already in use.


  • Costumes will no longer count as junk in the vendor.

Zone Map

  • Fixed a bug where Navpoints were persisting after the player cleared them.

Apollo API


  • OnCombatLogFallingDamage now contains information on whether or not the unit falling was killed


  • BuffAdded will now fire for all party members.

Automatic mouselook

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Automatic Mouse Look to re-enable when the player used the Store, Madame Fay's, Interface Menu List, or Options.

Character Creation

  • Fixed some zooming animation bugs.


  • Pets will now have damage variance.
  • Multi-hits will no longer cause enormous combat floater numbers to be displayed.

Content Finder

  • Fixed an error that occured when accepting a Warparty or Arena Team invite.


  • Creatures will now display the proper localized name when splitting.


  • The Deflect Lua Event (or attack missed) will now fire for everyone in the party.


  • Fixed an issue where a network error would be thrown in the client when logging in through the launcher and waiting a while before starting the client.


  • Certain props that had changing textures on ultra low settings have been fixed.

Design Systems

Reward Systems


  • We have retired combat shields that received imbuement item specials.
  • The vendor prices for Weak Power Cores have been adjusted.