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Patch 11/09/2016
Release Date (US) 09 Nov 2016
API Version 13
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Patch 10/26/2016 Patch 11/16/2016

Redmoon Mutiny

  • ​The second phase of the Redmoon Terror raid—Redmoon Mutiny—will be available on November 16! In addition to a dozen mini-bosses, three new challenging boss encounters await well-prepared groups, including the insidious final boss—Laveka the Dark-Hearted.

Cross-Faction Grouping

  • ​Players of the opposite faction can now be invited to all social systems, including Friends, Guilds, Circles, Neighbors, and Arena teams.
  • ​Players of the opposite faction can now be invited to groups, allowing for cross-faction raiding and other premade grouping.
  • Adventures and World Story instances aren't currently supported for cross-faction groups.
  • ​Players of the opposite faction can now be added as Neighbors, which will enable them to visit your housing plot.

PvP Leaderboards

  • ​Players will now have access to Leaderboards that can be found in the System Interface Menu.
  • ​Players will have in-game viewing access of the top 3v3 Arena teams and top-rated Battleground players, according to region and current PvP season.
  • ​Battleground rankings are separated by class.
  • ​Arena team entries also show all individuals on the team.
    • ​In order for players to contribute to team rank, they must: play in at least 30% of the team's matches if the team has played 20 or fewer matches; or play in at least 10 of the team's matches if the team has played more than 20 matches.
  • ​Both the Arena and Battleground Leaderboards show overall rank, player/team name, and rating.
  • ​The Leaderboards refresh hourly and an up/down arrow icon reflects ranking trend from the previous hour's rankings.

Class Abilities

  • ​Fixed an issue where cooldown modifications to in-progress cooldowns were incorrectly multiplying the base CooldownReductionModifier every time they were updated.
  • ​Fixed an issue where grouped players of the same class with the same abilities on their Action Set—but different Amps—would sometimes display incorrect charge rates (for the shared abilities) due to the other player triggering certain Amps.


  • ​Fixed an issue that caused some events in Arcterra to not clean up properly and get stuck in a broken state.


Initialization Core

  • ​Y-83 Increased the number of décor drops provided upon raid completion.
  • ​The Techno-Phage Cache now has a small chance to provide some of the more exclusive raid décor drops.


  • ​The Exile Commander's costume no longer has a faction requirement and can now be worn by both factions.



  • ​Fixed possible Lua error when getting a killing blow on a creature.




  • ​Fixed a bug that gave too little time to capture a Frazzling for the Exile version of the Scavenger Hunt: Frazzling Chase mission.


  • Boreal Ice has had its quality updated to white, from gray.