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Patch 11/11/2015
Release Date (US) 11 November 2015
API Version 11
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Patch 11/04/2015 Patch 11/18/2015


  • Fixed numerous issues that could cause some players to become stuck when attempting to skip cinematics.


  • Loot bags will now stack.
  • Northern Wastes, Star-Comm Basin, the Bay of Betrayal of Adventure, and the Daggerstone Pass battleground now have level up unlock entries.
  • F interact will now choose mouse over targets if they are within range. If not within range, F interact will choose the closest interactive target. If neither of the above is true, it will choose the player's target
  • Fixed a bug where a player could possibly appear to be flying after resurrecting where they died.




  • Mounts that appear to hover on land (Data Drifter, Osun Cruiser, Bandit Carver and its variants.) now hover over water as well.
  • The Techno-Phage hoverboard flair items will now correctly summon the Techno-Phage flair items.
  • Fixed an issue with the Orbitron Glass Mount that was causing the glass to appear very flat on some graphics settings.



  • Fixed a bug that allowed momentum buffs to proc in PvP
  • Adjusted some telegraph heights so that players cannot hit targets at a greater vertical height than intended



  • Unstable Anomaly
    • Heal Debuff and Shield Overload now properly apply to targets in the splash radius. Fixed the telegraph visuals to show the correct splash radius (5m).
  • Volatile Injection
    • Personal T4 and T8 buffs will no longer be removed when your Volatile Injection buff is overwritten by an ally's Volatile Injection.



  • Illusionary Blades
    • Base damage reduced to 11.77% | 12.39% | 13.05% | 13.74% | 14.46% Assault Power and 8.14 | 8.57 | 9.02 | 9.50 | 10.0 per level, from 13.22% | 13.92% | 14.65% | 15.43% | 16.24% and 9.15 | 9.63 | 10.14 | 10.68 | 11.24
    • Tier bonus damage reduced to 1.01% | 1.06% | 1.12% | 1.18% | 1.24% Assault Power, from 1.27% | 1.34% | 1.41% | 1.48% | 1.56%
  • Telekinetic Strike
    • T4: Damage bonus increased to 34.79% Assault Power, from 15.0%.


  • Build Up
    • Revised Build Up to function more consistently (i.e. additional heal applies upon reaching 3 stacks).
    • Heal amount increased to 21.0% Assault Power and 14.28 per level, from 14.0% and 9.5.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented multiple allies from receiving a stack.



  • Crisis Wave
    • T8: Grants a Beacon for 4s. Beacon: Increases Incoming Healing by 10%.
  • Flash
    • T8: Now restores additional shield when at 0 Actuators, instead of additional health.
  • Shield Surge
    • T8: Increases Maximum Shield Capacity by 50% for 6s.
    • T4: Cast time reduced to 0.75s.
  • Triage
    • T4: Increase charge count to 3.
    • Base: GCD reduced to 0.5s and now has 2 charges.
    • T8: Gain an Efficiency for 4s. Efficiency: Reduces Focus costs by 25%.


  • Armor Coating
    • Now procs off of Multi-Heal.
  • Hypercharge
    • Shield heal reduced to 51.0% Support Power and 33.14 per level, from 88.0% and 57.15.
    • Your direct shield heals grant an immunity to Overload for 3s.
  • Reboot
    • Additional shield restore now triggers off of all direct shield heals.
    • Combat log now prints a unique line for Reboot.



  • Regenerative Pulse
    • Now evaluates the caster as a valid target, and no longer affects pets.
  • Vitality Burst
    • C1 base heal reduced to 28.55% Support Power and 15.2325 per level, from 38.07% and 20.31 per level.
    • C1 heal per tier upgrade reduced to 3.92% Support Power, from 5.23%.
    • C2 cost reduced by 25%.
    • C2 cooldown reduced to 2s, from 4s.
    • C3 cooldown reduced to 4s, from 8s.
    • C3 cost reduced by 33%.



  • Amplification Spike
    • Reduced duration to 5s, down from 6s.
    • T4: Now reduces damage taken by 25% for the duration, changed from 30% increased incoming healing.
  • Nano Dart
    • T4: Reduces the cooldown of Nano Virus by 2s when used.
  • Nano Virus
    • Increased base damage to 13.17*lvl + 30.27% SP + 2.04% SP*tier, up from 9.82*lvl + 22.55% SP + 1.51% SP*tier.
    • Changed the Mark mechanic to damage over time, dealing 2.26*lvl + 5.2% SP + 0.4% SP*tier every 1s for 5s.
    • Now siphons 100% of damage dealt back as health.
    • T4: Now generates 6 Suit Power every 1s for 5s.
  • Steadfast
    • Now grants 100% chance to deflect incoming attacks for 1.5s + 0.125s*tier. This buff is removed if Stunned or Knocked Down. Now starts with 2 ability charges. Regenerates 1 charge every 30s.
    • T4: Increases recharge rate to 2 charges every 30s.
    • T8: Grants a 142% Support Power Absorb Shield for 7.5s.


  • Iron Man
    • Interrupt Armor now lasts 5 seconds, down from 10s. Swiftness now increases Movement Speed by 7.5%, up from 6%.
  • Regeneration
    • Has been reworked! Now generates 2 Suit Power every 1s for 6s after Deflecting an attack.
  • Stealth Mastery
    • Now shows a buff icon while active.


Alpha Sanctum

  • The Alpha Sanctum now has a zone map.
  • The area of effect of The Curator's "Live Wire" spell has been adjusted.


  • Filthy Exile Spies can now be killed when discovered in "Outing the Mole."
  • Settler Project quests in Auroria updated for stat changes.
  • Lowered the number of kills needed for the quest "Fallow Fields" in Auroria.


  • Alizar Annihilations and Olyssia Obliteraion will now provide Epic Contract Commissions and Protostar Promissory Notes upon completion.
  • Progenitor Access Particles have a chance to be found in Tier 2 and Tier 3 Contract Commission bags.


  • The Marauders Have Landed public event has been removed. Marauders have now permanently landed in the area, and will respawn on normal timers.


  • A teleport discovery will no longer port you to your transmat terminal if you enter it after the event has finished.
  • Discovery pets and chests will no longer disappear if the player's inventory is full.

Everstar Grove

  • Fixed the number of Tales shown in the world map in Everstar Grove.

Exile Arkship

  • Adjusted the teleport location for the Greenhouse to avoid players getting stuck in props.


  • The Farside Public Event "Arm a Geddon" has had its visuals updated; placing beacons now gives credit, as does killing things. Difficulty has also been rebalanced.


  • Replaced a placeholder string in 'Rage Stomp' ability buff tooltip when fighting 'Clone of the Bosun' during the quest "Big Game Hunter."
  • Rapid Transport locations in Grimvault should now unlock at level 43.
  • Fixed a creature that was causing players to crash when they received communicator messages from it as part of the quest "Robo-Maniac.”


  • Players will not be offered Opening Doors quest until they have completed Alpha Sanctum Expedition.


  • Locations for the Malgrave quest 'WANTED: A Deep, Dark Hole' has been updated.
  • Malgrave Rapid Transport has been set to a minimum level of 39.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Hard-Drinkin' Eberhart to become friendly to players after completing the quest Lousy Deadbeats in Malgrave.

Public Event

  • Many Level 50 Public Events now have the chance to award Progenitor Access Particles.


  • The Stormtalon's Lair quest "Don't Stop the Ritual" will no longer provide two items with the same stats.


  • Players will not be offered the Opening Doors quest until they have completed Alpha Sanctum Expedition.
  • The objective to obtain Novice's Capstone Treads will now show in the codex for the work order Novice Capstone Armor.
  • The objective to obtain Novice's Capstone Striders will now show in the codex for the work order Novice Capstone Armor.

The Defile

  • Black Focus in The Defile is now set with the same minimum level and recommended levels as the rest of the zone.


  • The objective to obtain Apprentice's Capstone Striders will now correctly display that in the quest tracker text.
  • The collars on the inmates at Deadrock Prison in western Whitevale have been updated.


  • Adjusted XP from objectives in Kel Voreth and Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden.
  • Users will properly get loot notifcations for Loot obtained from Dungeon lockboxes.
  • Progenitor Access Particles now have a chance to drop upon successful completion of a Veteran Dungeon.
  • Guild Gold achievements are now functioning properly.

Protogames Academy

  • (Veteran) The Deathless in the Dungeon challenge now properly appears in the UI.
  • The Interrupt Armor and Moment of Opportunity tutorials have been updated to reflect new UI changes.

Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden

  • Two waves of corrupted enemies can no longer spawn at the same time during Selene's Ritual in the Inner Sanctum.


Mordechai Redmoon

  • Slowed down the missile speed slightly for the Molten Gold pools.
  • Reduced the size of the vFX for Molten Gold pools to better fit in the telegraph.
  • Added a wave to the telegraph for Molten Gold pools.
  • Should no longer sometimes reset floating over the lava pit.
  • Spaced out Molten Gold pools slightly.

Ultimate Protogames

  • Players can no longer get the instance stuck when Void Slipping or Stealthing during Bubbles' fight in the Squirgnasium.


Rage Logic

  • Players now have much more time to hack the signal relay before it fails.


  • Welcome to the Start of PvP Season 2! All Ratings have been reset.
  • PVP enemies on mounts now tint red the same as those not on mounts at distance.
  • Several of the PvP vendors have been renamed to better indicate their purpose.
  • Prestige cap has been increased to 12000. This allows players to get items valued at 10,000 prestige without losing Prestige for hitting the 10,000 cap.


  • The Cryo-Plex has arrived in the fullness of its glory!


  • Overhealing will no longer count towards the healing stat in Battlegrounds.

Daggerstone Pass

  • Increased Prestige earned for winning by ~157% and participation by ~140%.
  • Increased XP earned for winning by ~92% and participation by ~61%.
  • Bombs should now properly disappear after exploding.

Halls of the Bloodsworn

  • Increased XP earned for winning and participation by ~35%.
  • Increased Prestige earned for winning and participation by ~12%.

Walatiki Temple

  • Increased XP earned for winning and participation by ~67%.
  • Increased Prestige earned for winning and participation by ~100%.


  • Lesser Inspiration of the Aggressors have made their way back into PvP loot bags and the PvP General Goods vendor.
  • Season 2 Arena Rated items can now be found on the PvP Season Gear vendors in Thayd and Illium.
  • Fixed an issue with the Warrior and Engineer Arena Season 2 Rewards. Their armor models have been swapped to properly represent their class.
  • Adjusted Rune Fragment drop rates for leveling battleground bags.


  • Made the tooltip for Warparty member permissions consistent with the others.
  • Added better visual messaging when a Warplot deployable was out of range or otherwise couldn't be placed.



  • The current legacy ilvl 120 weapon variants haven been added back into Avatus' loot tables.

Genetic Archives

Kuralak the Defiler

  • Her cooldowns should now properly reset when exiting combat.


  • Fixed an issue where the vehicle action bar tutorial would also display a separate blank tutorial window.
  • Several tutorials in the Cryo Awakening Protocol have been moved around or condensed to create a less cramped learning experience.
  • Fixed a race condition in player audio notifications that could cause messages to get "stuck" or abnormally delayed.
  • The social window call-out tutorial will no longer be cut off at the top of the window.



  • The Explorer mission "Derelict Silo E23 Control Room" has updated directions.
  • The Explorer mission 'Unearthly Scavenge' in Galeras has been updated to be a little clearer on when you need to dig for a relic or when you need to kill an augmented creature for one.


  • Earth's Brutality has been adjusted to only grant 10% Critical Hit Chance and can no longer exist in PvP or PvE instances.


  • "Health" Booster has been renamed to "Defense" Booster, and now reduces Damage Taken by 5% (previously increased Armor by 5%).


Auction House/Commodity Exchange

  • Some placeholder and test items have been removed from the menu.

In-Game Store

  • Store bundles containing multi-redeem items already owned by the player can now be bound to the player's account.



  • Players who have used a Flask of Fame will no longer be able to achieve friendly status with certain neutral factions. Players who have already gotten into this state and cannot complete content will eventually have their reputation reset with these factions so they may get out of this state.
  • Fixed a bug that could potentially cause flasks to drop off sooner than expected.

Rune Sets

  • Fixed an issue where bot ability cooldowns blocked resummoning with the Technician Class Rune Set.
  • The Vindication tooltip now specifically states Charged Shot C2+.
  • Contender
    • T4: Increased PvP Defense buff to 2% per stack, up from 1% per stack.
    • T8: No longer grants Interrupt Armor.
  • Resource Probes
    • (8) Power buff stacks are now properly removed when an ally leaves the instance.


  • Runes can now be extracted for gold.
  • Rune Specials
    • Fixed a bug that allowed PvP rune specials to proc in PvE.


  • Stormtalon's Eye, Forgemaster Trogun's Burning Ember, Mordechai Redmoon's Ammunition, and Spiritmother Selene's Heart can now be upgraded to item levels 100 and 120.
  • Two new vendors have arrived in Illium and Thayd. Runecrafter Darkbrand and Runecrafter Alta can help you upgrade your low level Rune Fragments, into higher level Fragments. Located in the Tradeskill area of the Capital Cities, stop by today and upgrade!
  • Runecrafting bags and loot tables have been adjusted to give more rune fragments.


  • Increased drop rates for survivalist materials.
  • The quest directions for the quest "Bramble Basics" have been fixed.
  • The epic mining node's Giant Harvest Wurm will now perform the correct combat actions.


  • The Housing Research and Warplot Research tiers have be re-implemented into a new Master Architect tier. Prototype blueprints have been replaced with consumable blueprints, 1 new decor with 2 variants has been added, as well as 2 character titles for the Architect.


  • Set Focus drops from salvaging have been adjusted.
  • The number of rune fragments received from salvaging items has been corrected.


  • Capstone Crafts will now point towards the Apprentice's Capstone Runners schematic instead of the Apprentice's Prototype Runners schematic.


  • Updated some of the Technologist Formula names that were using old stat names.


  • Standardized housing decor syntax.
  • Players now receive the same Rest XP bonus both outside and inside their houses while logged off on the housing sky map.
  • Added safeguards to prevent users from accidentally creating infinite loops when linking decor.
  • The 'crate all' function in the Decor List will no longer lock up the client when crating a large number of decors.
  • The housing music playlist "Things That Go Bump In The Night" now plays the correct music from Shade's Eve.
  • Removed the upkeep cost and added three new locations for planting seeds on 'Epic Garden' plot.
  • The achievement for purchasing a Cozy House will no longer refer to buying your first home.
  • Added Music Remodel option 'Holiday Cheer, For Money!' for purchase during Winterfest.
  • Fixed an issue where selected interior remodel options would revert to a previous setting.


  • Numerous Decor names updated for style or consistency.
  • Fixed an issue where a change to decor would later revert if the player changed only the size of the object without also changing either the position or orientation of the decor.
  • Housing: Users will no longer encounter an invalid decor visual when attempting to place 51/50 special decor items.


  • Protostar Mini-House is now a consumable item that unlocks permanently for a single character.
  • Made the format of the title of the FABkit 'Webbed Wood' consistent with the others.


  • Tact Gloves will now use an appropriate glove icon.
  • The Explorer's Shoulder Armor shows up with the proper texture now.
  • Hycrest Elite Chestguard has been renamed to Hycrest Elite Leg Guards to keep the name appropriate to the item type.
  • Fixed an issue with the tooltip of the gadget Joint Defense.
  • Chlorophant Kickers have been renamed to Chlorophant Chestwrap to keep the name appropriate to the item type.
  • Weapon Attachments and Support Systems being sold by the Polaris vendors will now have icons.


  • Severity
    • Now disabled while in PvP instances.

User Interface


Action Bar

  • The Action Bar buttons no longer appear disabled while trading with another player.

Automatic Mouselook

  • Fixed an issue that caused tooltips and telegraphs to be stuck on the screen when the player toggled Automatic Mouse Look mode on.

Challenge Tracker

  • The Challenge Log will now open to the zone that the player is in.

Character Panel

  • Updated the tooltips for the stats displayed under the character model.

Circuitboard Crafting

  • Fixed an issue that allowed the player to change their overcharge values before they set a power core.


  • Fixed an issue that allowed windows in the Pets window to be moved.

Content Finder

  • Added the number of games played by a Warparty and Arena Team to their respective parts of the Content Finder.
  • The recommended item level for expeditions, adventures, and dungeons are now shown in the Content Finder.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a player from being able to queue for a match.
  • The Content Finder's Suggested tab will now update when the player levels up.


  • NPC's dialog windows for quests now support displaying multiple currencies for rewards.

Group Frames

  • Added a display for dispellable debuffs on players in your group.

Guild Roster

  • Fixed an error that occurred when interacting with guild roster controls when no guild member selected.

Holo Wardrobe

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from unlocking dyes while the Holo-Wardrobe was open.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from interacting with costume slots.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the housing controls to be hidden while the bar was docked to the Action Bar.

HUD Alerts

  • The “Interact” button will now appear when there is no keybinding set.


  • Fixed an issue that caused mail to not be marked as read.

Match Tracker

  • Fixed that annoying sound that plays at the end of PvP matches.


  • Updated the Content Finder to get a new set of “Suggested” content every time the window is opened.

Objective Tracker

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Explorer Cartography missions from appearing in the Objective Tracker.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when completing a Settler Scout mission.
  • Spells that are granted by Public Events now appear correctly.


  • Selecting the "Hold to continuously cast" option now requires the "Press and Hold vs Double Tap" option to be selected.
  • Fixed an issue where Low and Ultra Low video presets would not save correctly.


  • Players can no longer use rapid transport while in combat.

Ready Check

  • The default Ready Check message will now be in the receiving player's language.


  • Players will now receive an error if they attempt to change a rune slot type multiple times before the first request completes.


  • Updated model animations when previewing costumes.
  • Players will no longer be kicked for being AFK while browsing the Store.
  • Limited time offers will now be labeled as such.


  • Fixed an issue in the Launcher that caused some textures to be patched unnecessarily.