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Patch 11/16/2016
Release Date (US) 16 Nov 2016
API Version 13
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Patch 11/09/2016 Patch 12/07/2016


Redmoon Terror

  • The second phase of the Redmoon Terror raid—Redmoon Mutiny—is now live! In addition to a dozen mini-bosses, three new challenging boss encounters await well-prepared groups, including the insidious final boss—Laveka the Dark-Hearted.
  • Base population kills will now contribute towards The Bloodied reputation.
  • Item-level boosts granted by class set imbuements have been adjusted to better coincide with the desired power level of players engaging in Redmoon Mutiny.
  • The Plundered Chest awarded from the Mordechai Returns quest now has a chance to provide players with their very own Corsair's Cranium pet!




  • Changed the interaction with Steadfast due to changes to the ability. Steadfast grants an additional stack of Evasion.

Quick Feet

  • Speed buff is now replaced by a fresh speed buff if a Dash is used again while it's up.

Déjà Vu

  • Now triggers off of Mind Bursts cast with 3 or more Psi Points.


  • Boosts have had their shared cooldown adjusted to be more consistent.


Jury-Rigged Threat Analyzer

  • Fixed an issue in which this would not become available at 25 stacks.

Item Special



  • A number of head-slot items have had typos in their names addressed—"Crowns" not "Frowns"!


Medix Safety Shield

  • Fixed an issue in which Volatile Discharge would be triggered instead of Protective Discharge.



  • The patching process has been updated in effort to reduce the occurrence of a "Client/Server Mismatch" error.




  • Kinetic Fury
    • 750+ Kinetic Energy Damage bonus increased to 9%, up from 8%.
  • Fury
    • No longer requires direct damage.
    • Can only trigger once per second.
  • Bloodlust
    • Triggers on targets below 20%, up from 15%.
    • Fixed a tooltip issue to indicate only direct Critical Hits trigger Bloodlust.
  • Laceration
    • Now only triggers from Sword Attacks.
    • Trigger chance is reduced to 15%, down from 25%.
    • Internal cooldown removed.
    • Ticks immediately on application (5 ticks, up from 4 ticks).
  • Radiate
    • Now increases your Technology damage dealt by 5% while you are radiating damage.
  • Cheap Shot
    • Now affects targets that are under a control-impairing effect (Stun, Knockdown, Subdue, Blind, Tether) and Vulnerable NPCs.
    • Increases all damage you deal to the target by 6% for 6 seconds.
    • Cannot reapply to a target already under the effect.

Class Abilities

  • Fixed an issue where Ability Charge skills were sometimes not being modified correctly by Cooldown reductions.




  • Unsteady Miasma
    • This skill has been adjusted to be a defensive skill gated by resource.
    • Now places a 3-second Aura at the target's location or the end of the telegraph that deals damage every 1 second, and reduces damage dealt to you from foes affected by it.
    • Costs 35 Volatility.
    • Deals 6.14 damage per level.
    • Deals 19.39% Support Power damage.
    • Additional 2.31% Support Power per tier.
    • While in the aura, foes deal 20% reduced damage to you.
    • T4: Particle Ejector deals an additional 25% damage to targets affected by your Unsteady Miasma.
    • T8: Volatility cost removed. The skill now has 2 charges and fully recharges every 12 seconds. The effects of your Unsteady Miasma now stack twice.



  • Antidote
    • Focus cost is now 30 at all tiers.
    • Cooldown is 6 seconds, down from 8 seconds.
    • GCD is 0.5 seconds, down from 1 second.
    • Range is now 25 meters, up from 15 meters.
    • Focus cost is now 30 at all tiers.
  • Catharsis
    • Focus cost is now 30 at all tiers.
  • Flash
    • T8: The benefits are now gained if below 2 Actuators.



  • Reaver
    • T4: Damage decreased by 20% for 3 seconds, up from 2.5%.
  • Ruin
    • Cost is now 40 Suit Power.
    • Refunds 5 Suit Power per target hit.
    • GCD is 0.75 seconds and has a 0.75-second cast time.
    • Deals 6.42 damage per level.
    • Deals 14.77% Assault power per tick.
    • Damage increased by 2.16% Assault Power per tier.
    • T4: Increases the damage dealt by Neutralize to any target affected by Ruin by 10%.
    • T8: Increases damage dealt by 3% per target hit with Ruin for the next 3 seconds. Caps at 5 stacks.
    • Stealth Bonus: Increases Ruin damage by 50%.
    • Updated visuals to more easily distinguish it from Neutralize.
  • Steadfast
    • Base Cooldown is now 26 seconds.
    • Grants 3 Stacks of Evasion on use.
    • Recharge time is reduced by 1 second per tier.
    • T4: Reduces incoming damage by 20% for 3 seconds.
    • T8: Charge count increased to 3.


  • Nano Skin: Evasive
    • Reduced Armor gain to 20%, down from 25%.
    • No longer grants 10% to deflect at base.
    • Now grants Evasion on receiving direct damage. Evasion increases Deflect chance by 7.5% per stack and is removed on a successful deflect.


  • Fixed issue where pre-dyed items on mannequins were not preserving the dye.

IP Authentication

  • You can now input your verification code in the Launcher when logging in through Steam.



  • The Blood Moonshine quest can now be turned in via Comm Call.

User Interface



  • Added an alert icon and tooltip text on costume items that are no longer in the Holo-Wardrobe. Any items with the Alert icon must be removed from the costume or re-added to the Holo-Wardrobe before other changes to the costume can be saved.

Combat Log

  • Fixed an issue where certain types of Combat Logs would fail to display if caused by a creature rather than a player (Deflect, etc.).
  • Fixed an issue where CCState-related Combat Logs would only display correctly the first time after logging in; after that they would display text incorrectly.


  • Fixed issue where time-limited trading of soulbound items was not checked for dragging items onto the trade window.