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Patch 12/07/2016
Release Date (US) 7 Dec 2016
API Version 13
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Patch 11/16/2016 Patch 03/08/2017

New Feature: Color Shifting Housing Décor

  • Taste the rainbow with our latest feature for WildStar housing!
  • Players will now be able to shift the color of a piece of housing décor via a new action available on the placement controls UI element. Players will also have the option to select a color shift when purchasing a piece of décor from the housing décor vendor window.
  • There are 16 colors available for this feature: Black and White, Rust, Orange, Yellow, Pale Green, Green, Sea Green, Aqua, Teal, Indigo, Purple, Violet, Lavender, Plum, Pink, and Red.
  • Gold or Service Tokens can be used to color shift housing décor. The cost to color shift a single piece of housing décor is 10 gold OR 1 Service Token.
  • Crated décor that has been color-shifted will indicate the color shift used in the crate UI.

New Feature: Account-Wide Unlocks—Dyes

  • Dyes are now account-bound!
  • Any dye that any characters on your account have already unlocked will be retroactively unlocked for all characters on your account.
  • Any new dyes acquired and learned going forward will now unlock for the entire account as well.


  • Fixed an issue that caused players to be disconnected from the world in rare circumstances.
  • Fixed multiple server crashes.
  • Removed the level restriction for using dyes.


  • Claws on the Heavy Winter Shoulders can now be dyed.



  • Fixed an issue causing certain abilities to misfire, while displaying the error \"Illegal Spell Cast\".


User Interface


  • Added an alert icon and tooltip text on costume items that are no longer in the Holo-Wardrobe. Any items with the alert icon must be removed from the costume or re-added to the Holo-Wardrobe before other changes to the costume can be saved.


  • Fixed an issue where the time-limited trading of Soulbound items was not checked for dragging items onto the Trade window.