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Patch 12/09/2015
Release Date (US) 9 December 2015
API Version 11
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Patch 11/18/2015 Patch 01/14/2016


  • Corrected the count for Lore Collectibles in Housing plots from 3 to 2.
  • Made the numbers of Journals and Datacubes available for Expeditions display correctly in the Lore UI as 3 Datacubes and 16 Journals.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented some items from refunding properly.




  • Weapon appearances used in the Holo-Wardrobe will now check restrictions upon loading into the world. Weapon appearances that fail those restrictions will be removed from the costume, but remain available in the Holo-Wardrobe to classes that pass the restriction check.



  • We've made improvements to the way Raid and Dungeon bosses will position themselves relative to their target. You should see an improvement in responsiveness in the way bosses reposition themselves when reacting to changes in player position.
  • Abilities will now take the player's Focus Cost Reduction into consideration when attempting to activate a cast.
  • Resource cost will now be calculated at cast time rather than application time.



  • Calm now procs the Rune Set: Quickening.
  • Crisis Wave
    • Base heal increased to 90.01% Support Power and 39.17 per level, from 82.88% and 36.08.
    • Base Focus cost reduced to 66 Focus, from 80.
  • Emission
    • T4: Focus threshold changed to 25%, from 250 Focus.
  • Rejuvenator
    • Base Focus cost reduced to 88 Focus, from 100.
  • Shield Surge
    • Base Focus cost reduced to 99 Focus, from 123.


  • Attrition
    • Timer reduced to 60s, from 120s. Focus recovery reduced to 20 Focus/s, from 40.
  • Running On Empty
    • Cooldown for Shield Surge and Crisis Wave reduced to 5s, from 15s.



  • Steadfast
    • T4: Now recharges 1 per 15s, rather than 2 per 30s.



  • Sure Shot
    • Has been replaced by Kinetic Amplifier: Building Kinetic Energy grants you 5% Multi-Hit Chance and 5% Glance Chance for 5s. Can only trigger every 1s.



  • Several quests in Celestion have had their locations updated.


  • The "SWAT: Repulsive Conduct" mission for soldiers in Grimvault will now correctly credit the player for using the grenades.


  • Thayd turrets will no longer follow players on PvP realms.



  • Added Arena Rated Cosmetic Weapons to the PvP Seasonal Vendor and adjusted the rollout of cosmetic gear on the vendor.
  • Players will no longer lose rating for PvP match losses until reaching the first rating floor. For Arenas, that floor is at 800 rating.
  • PvP Season 1 costume weapons are now class restricted and can no longer be equipped or placed in the holo-wardrobe by classes that do not meet the requirements.


  • Killing blows in battlegrounds will no longer sometimes cause massively negative numbers on the scoreboard.
  • Overhealing using shield heal effects will no longer count on the public event scoreboard.


  • Certain spells will no longer proc or be able to be cast in raids.
  • The weekly raid lockout has been adjusted to match our new maintenance window on Wednesdays.


Elemental Pairs

Visceralus and Mnemesis

  • Fixed an issue where Essence of Life could fly back into the air after landing.

Limbo Infomatrix

  • Fixed an optimization issue that was causing significant performance degradation.

World Bosses

  • The brief delay before a world boss spawns has been normalized to two minutes for all world bosses.
  • Fixed an issue where teleport pads were behaving incorrectly for mounted players.




Rune Sets

  • Waller T8: Reduced Stealth cooldown bonus to 0.5s per tick, down from 1s per tick.
  • Furor T4: Changed to: Exiting Stealth restores a charge of Steadfast and increases your Threat Generation by 25% for 5s. Can only occur every 10s.
  • Furor T8: Changed to: Frenzy and Nano Field reduce the active cooldowns of Nano Virus and Bloodthirst by 0.5s per tick.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing T8 Contender from regenerating Suit Power.



  • The Datascape cooking recipes will now drop more frequently.


  • Remodel options are now disabled when you're inside of a non-house interior.


  • The 'crate all' function in the Decor List will no longer lock up the client when crating a large number of decor.
  • The Cassian Welder (Female) decor can now be purchased from the housing vendor after claiming the item to the character's inventory.
  • Added 11 new winter themed decor items to the housing vendor, including icicles and a snowy hill.
  • Fixed an issue that caused decor to not appear properly for players who own a lot of decor.



  • Bloodscent - Increased boosts to 12 IB Lifesteal Rating and 2 IB PvP Power Rating, up from 6 IB Lifesteal Rating and 1 IB PvP Power Rating. Reduced duration to 5s, down from 10s.
  • Recovery - Now instantly restores 3.6 IB Focus and grants 93.75 IB Absorb for 5s, changed from granting 6 IB Focus Recovery Rating and 178.125 IB Absorb for 10s.
  • Gadgets provided in instance lockboxes should now all be relevant to the classes that receive them.
  • Joint Defense - Now properly increases PvP Defense.
  • New Season 2 PvP gadgets have been added to the PvP Seasonal Gear vendor.
  • Flagged a number of PvE gadgets to be disabled while in PvP.

User Interface


Account Inventory

  • Gifted items will be sorted to the top of the list in account inventory. There will be an indicator displaying the time remaining until the item will be returned to sender.


  • Clicking on the "View" button on the achievement notification window will now take you to the correct category in the Achievement UI.

Automatic Mouselook

  • Fixed an issue that caused tooltips to stick to the mouse when entering Automatic Mouse Look mode.


  • Fixed an error that could occur when the Character addon was loaded.

Content Finder

  • Fixed an issue that prevented some Expeditions from showing in the Content Finder.

CREDD Exchange

  • Fixed an issue which caused C.R.E.D.D. Logs to appear empty.

Holo Wardrobe

  • Fixed an error that could occur when trying to load certain items in the Holo-Wardrobe.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed invalid dye channels to be selected after changing an item's visibility.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when toggling visibility of costume slots.


  • Fixed an error when opening Remodel UI when there is no house plug set. Tabs that have no items to display will be disabled.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when the Decor List was opened.

HUD Alerts

  • A Signature Player banner has been added to the HUD to remind players if their Signature status is active or inactive.
  • Added a highlight to the Madam Fay button to remind players when they have unspent Fortune Coins.
  • The Interact button will now show up even if there is no binding set.

Interface Menu List

  • Fixed an error that disabled the Interface Menu List when using certain addons.
  • Removed the sound that plays whenever an addon sends an alert to the Interface Menu List.

Need VS Greed

  • Updated the item tooltips on the Need vs. Greed window so that it shows the players current rallied stats.

Public Event Scoreboard

  • Fixed an error that occurred when a player healed during an event that did not track healing.
  • Custom Stats can no longer be moved from their location in the window.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented every member from appearing on the Public Event Scoreboard.


  • Cosmic Reward tooltips no longer flicker.
  • Fixed an error caused by selecting certain banners.

Window Management

  • When pressing the reset buttons on window management, both the location and options will return to their default states.