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Visit every destination in the Malgrave Trail adventure 25
 •  Circle the Wagons
 •  Braithwait Ranch Remembers
 •  Stomp the Yard
 •  Whoa Nelly!
 •  Scrapper
 •  Empty Nest
 •  Teleporter Technician
 •  Still Smokin'
 •  Draken in a Haystack
 •  Clue Clone
 •  Chomp Chomp
 •  Not the Bings!
 •  Ob'mar Comin'
 •  What a Twist!
 •  Tastes Like Burning
 •  Belly of the Beast
 •  Kingmaker
 •  You Shouldn't Have Come Here
 •  Junkyard Dog
 •  Double Impact
Title: Pathfinder

Pathfinder is an adventure achievement earned for visiting every destination in The Malgrave Trail on normal mode.